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B2B CFO Overview for SMEs - Jon Deiter


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Jon Deiter a Partner in B2B CFO talks to SMEs about B2B CFO and how they can help SMEs in growing their business.

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B2B CFO Overview for SMEs - Jon Deiter

  1. 1. Escape the Danger Zone
  2. 2. Benefits of The Game Plan™
  3. 3. B2B CFO® is Different
  4. 4. Discovery and Exit StepsThe Discovery Analysis™-Confidentially meet with the business owner(s), then interview staff-Look at the companys financial information and computer systems-Benchmark financial information against industry averages-Create a confidential report of our findings in The Strategy GamePlan™-No Charge/No ObligationThe Exit Strategy™-What is your business worth?-How do we increase the value of your business?-Are you and the business ready to sell?
  5. 5. How to Spot a Business Owner in Need of a B2B CFO’s Services Inventory is No Budget or ExpensesBusiness is Never know going up Financial are out ofExpanding when they’ll faster than Forecast control need cash sales Plan to Lack of Don’t know how much sell or Frustrated time to Cash flow money they’ve made transition withwork ON problems until they receive their business Accountingbusiness tax return Staff