"Prepackaged & Customized Mailing List and Email List By SIC Code"


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"Prepackaged & Customized Mailing List and Email List By SIC Code"

  1. 1. Prepackaged & Customized Consumer ListsBuy Prepackaged & Customized Consumer Lists, Consumer Mailing ListAnd Consumer Email List By SIC Code That Let You Reach TargetedMarkets In The USA, UK, Canada Europe & Australia!Forming the backbone of your direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing efforts, consumermailing lists are both economical and powerful tools. Giving you access to more than 230million households, Thomson Data has consumer databases that cover the whole of NorthAmerica and the UK. Ideal for product launches that cover a wide area, Thomson Datasconsumer mailing lists give you much more than just lists of potential customers.As a premier provider of consumer marketing list, we offer you fully customised lists, createdusing your product and campaign specifications. Our analysts review your marketing campaignand fine-tune every list so that you achieve maximum response rates.Does your strategy revolve around a specific region or city? Do you think your product wouldsell better if marketed toward a rigidly defined demographic group?Or would you prefer a melange of individuals from different backgrounds to achieve maximumpenetration across a wide swath of consumers? Are you likely to only employ email or will youmarket through multiple channels? At Thomson Data, no matter what your requirements are, wecan create the perfect list for you.All consumer mailing lists provide complete marketing information such as – · First name, Last name, Title · Phone number, Mobile number, Fax number · Email · Postal address and Zip code.Professional and industry mailing lists may include SIC codes.
  2. 2. Handpick Your Target AudienceDemographic selects are powerful tools that help you build the ideal customer profile and directly marketto a specific audience. This sort of focused marketing allows you to narrow down your market to theindividuals that are most likely to require your products, which translates into more sales and reducingselling costs. With access to the most comprehensive consumer databases in the market, Thomson Datadelivers more options for demographics and psychographics than any other list company does. Just a fewof the selects we offer in compiling your lists are, · Affluent Households · Age and Date of Birth · Credit Card Holders · Ethnicity · Education · Hobbies · Homeowners or Renters · Home Value · Home Age · Income · Length of Residence · Lifestyle Categories · Mail Order Buyers · Marital Status · New Homeowners · New Movers · Grandparents · Occupation · Pet Owners · Special InterestsSourcing Your ListsWhen you buy consumer mailing lists from Thomson Data, you receive data that is absolutelyaccurate and current. Our research teams work tirelessly, constantly verifying and updating bothcontact information and marketing data.Contact Thomson Data Today!www.thomsondata.com29 Heinrick WayBridgewaterNew Jersey - 8807USAPhone : 800-385-8221Email : sales@thomsondata.com