Resort Development Overview Ne Brazil


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6 star Resort Development project overview - Bahia, NE Brazil

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Resort Development Overview Ne Brazil

  1. 1. Flair, Privacy, Luxury & Exclusivity in NorthEast Brazil
  2. 2. The Resort Area The estate covers an area of 1.716 hectares, including a tropical Atlantic forest with a unique wildlife, mangroves, a river twisting through the land approx. 2kilometers or 1.25 miles of river front andapprox. 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles of virgin sandy beaches and in one of the most beautiful and virgin regions in south Bahia coast – NE Brazil
  3. 3. The Resort Masterplan Hill Villas Farm Villas The resort will offer 126 top- Country Club designed luxurious villas with private pools surrounded by tropical gardens and coconuttrees, some with 100 meters / 130 ft private beach. The Resort willalso feature its own state of the art golf course, a country club withequestrian facilities and a marina. A six-star hotel composed of 50 Marina & luxurious bungalows (average River Villas area: 80 sqm. or 860 sqf.) with private swimming pools, beach club, spa and restaurant facilities will also be part of the development. Resort Spa Hotel Beach Villas
  4. 4. The Resort Spa Hotel A six-star hotel composed of 50 luxurious bungalows with private swimming pools and restaurant. Thehotel bungalows (average area: 80 sqm / 860 sqr.ft.) will form a small village, where facilities such as reception and service area as well as a health clubfeaturing a first-class Spa centre with 10 treatment rooms, fitness center, tenniscourts and a beach club will be situated. Hotel guests are also welcome to enjoyother activities on site, such as the state- of-the-art golf course, the country club with equestrian facilities and the Resort Marina. Features: 50 bungalows Fitness center Restaurant & Beach Club Spa with 10 treatment rooms Reception, village and service area The Resort Facilities: Yacht Club / Marina Gulf Course Country Club / Equestrian Facilities Organic Farm Tennis / soccer Courts
  5. 5. The Resort Villas The Resort will offer 126 top-designed luxurious villas, strolling along the river / beach among the coconut trees.The villas will feature 500 sqm. or 5,500 sqf. average area, consisting of four exclusive suites with en-suite bathroomand private pools surrounded by tropical gardens and coconut trees, connected with a large deck terrace and a main building featuring a lounge, a dining room and a kitchen. Each Villa hasprivate road access and is situated within one hectare plot. The Residential Villas: 86 beach villas 20 river villas 9 hill villas 11 farm villas
  6. 6. Beach Villas
  7. 7. River Villas
  8. 8. Farm Villas
  9. 9. Hill Villas
  10. 10. The Beach Club Villa
  11. 11. The Resort Location The area is located south Salvador, the capital of the Bahia region. The area is virtually still unexplored, with a few oil palm andcoconut farms along the area. The sea is rather calm, thanks to the many sandbanks located a couple of hundred meters from the beach shore. The local village is very small with about 1000 inhabitants, situated next to the river. The idea is to use a sea plan to take the guests from the Intl. Salvador airport directly to the resort (20 min flight) The closest national airport to the resort is located about 50km. This airport will receive in the next future some investments in order to receive direct flights from Europe and North America. Resort
  12. 12. operator will manage and maintain Real estate investment is growing due to the increasing popularity of Bahia as thethe public areas within this area. Bahia -Stunning Location pristine favourite holiday destination of Brazilians because of its year round climate, beaches and the excellent infrastructure already in place. It has excellent accessibility with flights into Salvador from Europe and the USA yet is still underdeveloped as a PIAUI PERNAMBUCO tourist market internationally and is predicted to grow exponentially. There is a huge Juazeiro Bahia is a tropical paradise covered with dense vegetation of coconut and banana trees. tourist accommodation and the property market is booming with foreign demand for It is one of the 26 states of Brazil, situated on the northeastern Paulo Afonso ALAGOAS Barra Jeremoabo Atlantic coast and enjoys there are no restrictions climate with little seasonal investment increasing as a year round tropical on foreign ownership and inward SERRA GERAL DE GOIÁ Ribeira do Pombal SERGIPE temperature is being actively encouraged and complimented Brazil is alsosoft investment variation, averaging 27°C by the Government. by warm, hosting CHAPADA breezes. The coastline with its calm seas is considered to be one of the most Serrinha DIAMANTINA BAHIA the 2014 World Cup. Barreiras Alagoinhas beautiful in Brazil. International Airport Bom Jesus Luis Eduardo Magalhães da Lapa PICO DAS ALMAS Santo Antônio de Jesus Salvador Salvador, the capital of Bahiabelieves that Brazillargestexcellent investment destination Harlequin Hotels & Resorts State, is the third is an city in Brazil and wasGOIAS Guanambi Brumado Bafa de Todos os Santos the first colonial capital of Brazil, renowned for its 5cuisine, music and that will experience huge capital growth over the next years. architecture. Each February it is home to a week long Carnival which is Itapetinga considered to be the biggest street party in the world. 2 million people MINAS GERAIS Canavieiras celebrate throughout 15 miles of streets, avenues and squares and an average of 800 thousand visitors descend on the city to participate. PARQUE NACIONAL DE MONTE PASCOAL ESPIRITO ATLANTIC OCEAN With its tropical unspoilt coastline, forests and mountains, Bahia is shrouded in history. Bahia is already popular with Brazilian tourists but, as yet, is Caravelas SANTO relatively undiscovered by North Americans, Europeans and Asians. The area is the centre of Brazil’s tourism expansion programme. Growth is supported by both local and national government. Home to Salvador, the original capital of Brazil with its tropical unspoilt coastline, forests and mountains, Bahia is shrouded in history. It has something to offer everyone from tranquil unspoilt beaches to the colorful carnivals, friendly people, delicious cuisine and dancing - Brazil has it all. The tropical splendour and pace of life create an unforgettable and unique life experience.
  13. 13. The most Exclusive 6 star Resort Development Bahia - Brazil