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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. INE Why reinvent the wheel over and over again?
  2. 2. INE
  3. 3. INE
  4. 4. get in touch,be connected, INEshare ideas INE
  5. 5. INE we succeeded in closing the gap bet ween innovators in the heritage sector!
  6. 6. INE closing the gap we succeeded in closing the gap bet ween innovators in the heritage sector!
  7. 7. INE Do the physiscs when you connect enough people you don’t need parachutes to land deu to friction force the power of a net work! Connect!
  8. 8. INE INE 60
  9. 9. INE INE 60 Museum 51%
  10. 10. INE Misc. 24% INE 60 Museum 51%
  11. 11. INE Misc. 24% Archive 22% INE 60 Museum 51%
  12. 12. INE Library 3% Misc. 24% Archive 22% INE 60 Museum 51%
  13. 13. INE IN E= IN E ho =p m enhomeless and penniless is elthat a problem? n es ileNo! sbetter and more creative sssessions, activeparticipants
  14. 14. INE intro brainstorms pitches breakout sessions backstage
  15. 15. INE INE RULES
  16. 16. INE not institutions
  17. 17. INE not institutions individuals
  18. 18. INE No hierarchy
  19. 19. INE Ideas:
  20. 20. INE Ideas: are free!
  21. 21. INE Whenever you
  22. 22. INE Whenever you INE = voluntary but committed
  23. 23. INE Recipe for a network :
  24. 24. INE Recipe for a network : sia sts en thu on line of bu nch Fin da
  25. 25. INE Recipe for a network : schedule regular off line meetings
  26. 26. INE Recipe for a network : Aim for concrete Goals
  27. 27. INE Recipe for a network : Have Drinks!
  28. 28. INE Looking back on one year INE So were do we stand? after a year?
  29. 29. INE “Innovation is a necessity in these times of budget and subsidy cuts. INE has provided me with the ideas and ammunition that allow me to bring change to my organization”. “INE meetings are perfect for keeping a finger on the pulse regarding “innovation” and projects [...] INE helps you to gather ideas and take them back and implement them into your work place.” “The meetings are a nice, informal way of keeping up-to-date with your colleagues from the cultural heritage field. And of course the drinks afterwards are fun.” “Most useful meeting of the month.” “Young dogs unite! INE is a unique way of sharing knowledge and learning from each other. Keep it up!”
  30. 30. But there’s one thing nagging in the back of our heads:“It is a great platform, but the meetings do need to become more concrete in order to sustain the idea.”
  31. 31. INE 2011 mission: going beyond just drinks
  32. 32. INE The future of INE Organize Advice Produce
  33. 33. In the spirit of INE
  34. 34. musefeed
  35. 35. musefeed
  36. 36. musefeed
  37. 37. +
  38. 38. INE Bart Grob (@Redtlx)Erik van Tuijn (@erikvantuijn)