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Zulu Embedded Introduction


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If you're developing Java for devices or embedded applications, you have a new Java runtime option. Zulu Embedded offers 100% open source, fully customized builds of OpenJDK (certified for Java SE 8, 7 and 6) with world-class support and flexible licensing.

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Zulu Embedded Introduction

  1. 1. Z U L U E M B E D D E D ® OpenJDK Configured Your Way ™ D e d i c a t e d S y s t e m s | E m b e d d e d A p p l i c a t i o n s | M o b i l e | I o T Certified Builds of @azulsystems
  2. 2. Licensing and support too expensive? Redistribution licenses too restrictive? Thinking that Java won’t work for your project? Standard ‘embedded’ builds don’t fit
  3. 3. Or designing devices or systems that use Java-based embedded software but… Want full standards compliance and world-class support? Need Open Source? Want to customize the Java footprint?
  4. 4. OpenJDK Built Your WayGet Zulu Embedded
  5. 5. Increased Developer Productivity Faster Time to Market Easy Redistribution and Flexible Pricing Lower Required Component Costs Zulu Embedded Delivers:
  6. 6. (and counting)Over 2 million devices can’t be wrong
  7. 7. Customizable footprint Flexible pricing models Open source Java for the Internet of Things High-Function Devices That Require Easy redistribution Robust Java SE implementations
  8. 8. It’s Easy!
  9. 9. Choose Your Configuration  Java  OS  Hardware  Packaging  Footprint  32- or 64-bit
  10. 10. Azul Tests and Certifies the Custom Build  Verified with OpenJDK TCKs  Full Azul QA suite  Any specialized testing you require
  11. 11. Integrate Zulu Embedded Into Your Device and Test
  12. 12. Azul Maintains and Supports Your Zulu Embedded Build For the full product lifecycle
  13. 13. Customizable builds Expert, long lifespan support Flexible pricing models Open source Zulu Embedded Your Best Choice for Java Easy to redistribute
  14. 14. Azul Systems Global customer base Member of the JCP Executive Committee 12+ year history The industry’s only company exclusively focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  15. 15. Contact Us Download and test a Community build of Zulu +1 650.230.6500 @AzulSystems