What causes diabetes


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What causes diabetes

  1. 1. What you didn’t know
  2. 2. First Did You Know…First what is It’s the third fatal Diabetes?  disease after heart -Diabetes is a disease and cancer. defect were the dncon body can’t turn  glucose into energy. Its when your pancreas fails to produce insulin.There are 2 types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. -type 1 is when you
  3. 3. The symptoms to look for…. You are always tired You always have to go to the restroom Losing weight faster than usual More hungry than usual More thirsty than usual and more
  4. 4. WHAT CAUSES DIABETES? The main • Genetics cause for diabetes • Obesity is when the • Age Increasing pancreas stops • Diets( eating too functioning much protein, fats, and correctly and carbohydrates) making less insulin • Virus infection or sugar for the • Emotional stress body. • smoking
  5. 5. ONE OF THERESULTS OFDIABETESCharcot Foot – bones in thefoot are deformed and beginto break
  6. 6. The EFFECTS OF DIABETES Diabetes can effect • The eyes many parts of our • Kidneys body. Diabetes can cause vision lost or just • Nerves make your vision blurry. • Skin Another result of the eyes is cataracts were the eye lens becomes cloudy. The kidneys can be damaged from high blood pressure. The nerves are also caused by high blood pressure. The skin is caused by nerve damage.
  7. 7. INSULIN Insulin is from the pancreases of a cattle or a pig, or sometimes both. Number one fact is that insulin MUST always be injected, it can not be swallowed. If you swallow it the stomach acids will destroy it. There are 3 different types of insulin :• Short acting• Intermediate acting• Long acting
  8. 8. Short Acting Insulin - It works in 30 - 60 minutes, it begins to work its best 2 -4 hoursafterwards, then its over after 6 - 8 hours.Intermediate Acting Insulin - Works in 1 – 3 hours after injections, it really starts to work its bestin 6 – 12 hours after, and last 18 – 26 hours. - A form of intermediate acting insulin is NPH, this means NeutralProtamine Hagedorn. Protamine is a protein that is added to insulin tomake the effect of the insulin last longer, and Hagedorn is the name of theman who made this insulin.Long Acting Insulin - works in 4- 8 hours; it doesn’t have a point were it works its best itsjust meant to work longer.
  9. 9. HOW TO PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING TO YOU One of the main ways to prevent diabetes is to have a daily exercise and eating healthy. As you get older your body begins to slow down and you become less active. Get checked to know if you are on the border line to have diabetes and see if you can do anything from getting it.
  10. 10. TREATMENTS Many diabetics have to take multiple numbers of pills such as blood sugar control, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetic medication. There is also the regular insulin. All of these are the regular medication a general diabetic would have to take and some may have to take more pills for other things. But there really isn’t a cure for diabetes, once you get it the only thing you can do is live your life and try and take care of yourself the best you can.
  11. 11. Also…. Didyou know that young children can get or be born with diabetes too..
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