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Digital magazines


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Digital magazines

  1. 1. Digital Magazines with Adobe InDesign Publishing with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Preparing magazine for Preparing magazine for another publishing vendor Presented by Tim McKenna | @AzraelGroup
  2. 2. What are digital magazines? Digital magazines (or more generally digital publications) are web and mobile based formats for content delivery. Unlike a responsive website, digital magazines usually are fixed content and they work offline. Many digital magazines mimic traditional print media, with the inclusion of page turning effects. Unlike traditional media, digital magazines can include rich media, such as videos, animations, audio files, etc. Digital magazines can be a powerful tool in the hands of creatives, as they have multiple uses.
  3. 3. Digital magazine vs. Responsive Website With the advent of the responsive web and mobile first thinking, there are some unique differences that distinguish the two formats. • Works offline (DPS version) • offers better subscription • No coding • Still require internet connection for embedded video • Some services still require Flash Player (though most are moving to HTML5) • Requires work to setup for multiple devices Pro Con
  4. 4. What can they be used for? • Interest magazines (skateboarding, food, music) • Product user’s guides • Sales presentation tools • Retail catalog • Internal newsletters/organization magazine • Trade magazines (restaurant industry/farming industry) • Design portfolios • Textbooks and manuals • and many, many more
  5. 5. Method 1: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is their own publishing platform that allows you to build Ipad ready apps for your readers. The DPS components can be added to your InDesign installation by running update. If you are Creative Cloud user, you already have them installed. There are several levels of the DPS; Single Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition
  6. 6. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite • iOS compatible • App like behavior • Published on the Apple App Store • Completely encapsulated experience • Works offline (all rich media ) • Easy to monetize • Expensive ( CC subscription + DPS subscription + Apple Developer Program subscription ) • Only Mac based • Single Edition - only iPad device • Published only through app store • Not readable on iPhone Pro Con
  7. 7. Method 2: Issuu Issuu is a social newsstand that allows people to upload and publish their digital magazines for anyone to read. While it lacks some of the rich media features that DPS can offer, it makes up for being available on any device and any platform.
  8. 8. Issuu • Works on any device/web-based service • highly embeddable (socia media/website/email/API) • Easy to use analytics • Free up to 5 magazines. • Somewhat expensive, $40 a month once you go beyond 5 magazines • Pay to activate addons ($10/month branded portal, $30/month customized reader) • Cannot embed rich media natively, you link out to it • Does not work offline Pro Con
  9. 9. Method 3: Dedicated Publishing Platforms Dedicated publishing platforms offer the best of both worlds. Like DPS, you can embed rich media natively and like Issuu, you can view it on all devices since it is web based. There are many different dedicated publishing platforms and the offer different features and pricing plans.
  10. 10. Dedicated Publishing Platform • Some can embed rich media • Some offer branded portals and readers • Some work online and offline • Some offer better ecommerce solutions • Some offer great subscription rates • Price range varies wildly • Some have really wonky interfaces and are not intuitive • Some still run on Flash • Some of real bad customer support • Most do not offer a wide audience pool Pro Con
  11. 11. Which service is best? It really depends on what you are looking to acheive and what your market is. The one thing that stays the same is having complete creative control over the design, and that’s why building your publication with Adobe InDesign is the best option to create stunning magazines.
  12. 12. What about... epub format, iBooks, Interactive PDF’s, Javascript frameworks, Adobe Flash, even formatted responsive web templates.There are many, many ways to create digital publications. Some can created with Adobe InDesign, Got a question and would like some help? Email me and let’s talk.