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FAQ for AZlocal NPO


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FAQ for AZlocal NPO

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FAQ for AZlocal NPO

  1. 1. [PicktheDate] AZLOCALTRIP COMPANY Founder from AZlocaltrip Supporter: +84 96 519 22 51 Email: FAQ For Free Tours By AZlocal NPO Is it really free? Is there any hidden cost? Our tours are free, you only need to pay for the taxi, tickets, foods the tours. The Expenses during the tours are mentioned in each tour Are all the tours by AZlocal NPO? Normally, the guides are AZ Local NPO guides, but in some case, because of the high number of free tour requests, the guides are by other volunteer Organizations in Hanoi that we are cooperating with. All the guides by all organisations are well selected, so we are sure about the similar quality of these free tour services The list of organization we are cooperate with  Hanoi Etrip  Hanoi Free Local Tours  Hanoi Ebuddies  Hanoi Free Private Tour Guides What we ask for you? Be open to our local guides :) If possible, travellers can donate us (every amount will be appreciated) this will help us run the organization (Not compulsory, depending how happy you are during the tour) How much do we pay to have the tour guides? Is there a set rate etc? Not sure of the etiquette? Our university student guides are doing the volunteer jobs to improve their English skills, so no tip expected during the tour. It is 100% guaranteed. Please be open with our guides – travel mates. Can I do more than one tour? Sure? You can do more than one tour, all you need is book a tour on our site and mentions another tour on the message box. How do I Book a tour and know if my booking is accepted? Please book our tour on the Booking Form
  2. 2. AZlocaltrip Company You will receive an email clearly confirming the time and place for us to pick you up and we will expect a reply of confirmation from you. Please stay in touch until we reach a final agreement. For those bookings by the online booking form: Please note that you will receive an automatic replying e-mail immediately. This does not mean that your tour has been successfully booked. It just confirms that we have received your booking and we will contact you as soon as possible for all acceptance and arrangements of your tour. THANKS OUR BELOVED CUSTOMERS Pham Van Khai Founder from AZlocaltrip