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2015 ESA Mini Mag

  1. 1. extended stay living Sunny Anderson, Food Network™ Host, dishes on a kitchen, a great price, the hotel that’s just right SM stay productive on the road with Savve Traveler Marcey Rader help save a life how travelers can help cancer patients in need instant rewards! no points required save up to $2500 a year responsible renovations diverted millions of cubic ft. of material from landfills
  2. 2. Each year, Americans take more than 405 million long- distance business trips. Many of these travelers spend countless nights at hotels across the country and at times are missing the conveniences and comforts of home. With 631 hotels throughout the U.S., Extended Stay America offers more than 69,000 guest rooms with kitchens, making it the largest owner/operator of extended stay hotels in North America. The company aims to make travel as comfortable as possible by delivering a friendly “home away from home” experience with practical amenities at an affordable rate. Whether traveling for short or long-term job assignments, “road warriors” and corporate clients can count on great service from a welcoming and professional staff. Extended Stay America your key to a betterstay For the Productive Business Traveler Extended Stay America understands that optimal service means adapting to better serve an ever-changing client base. Today’s “road warriors” spend significant time traveling for business and seek convenient and functional amenities. Extended Stay America’s large hotel rooms feature dedicated workspaces with ergonomically designed desk chairs and free wi-fi, perfect for travelers who rely on their hotel room to serve as their “home away from home office.” The Home Away From Home The ability to maintain eating habits and preferences is a major contributor to increased on-the-road productivity. Extended Stay America’s in-room kitchen allows guests to prepare their favorite meals and maintain dietaryrestrictions.Italsodramaticallyreduces spending on dining / eating out, an important consideration point as many corporations transition to a model which allows employees to keep a percentage of total per diem saved. yy Fully equipped kitchens yy On-site laundry facilities yy Free in-room wi-fi yy Free grab-and-go breakfast yy Flat-screen TVs with premium channels yy Pet-friendly rooms available feel right at home with these key amenities Extended Stay America exists to take care of the people who are building a better future for themselves and their families with a place and a price designed to help them do that.
  3. 3. Spiraling Effect The project leaders did not foresee how big of an impact the effort to donate and recycle would have. To date, nearly 113,000 furniture items have been donated. “We’ve done more than we ever thought we could,” Simmons remarks. “We’ve been able to team up with some very great contacts at Habitat for Humanity and The Salvation Army. No matter where we go in the country, we’re able to reach out to local affiliates and partner up with them by coordinating pickups for some of the recycled furniture items.” Renovating an entire hotel chain’s properties in North America is no small undertaking, especially if it involves salvaging and recycling as much as possible from each location. Extended Stay America began a brand-wide refresh of its 631 hotels across the U.S. In 2012, and with just more than 62 percent of the hotels completed, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based hotel chain has already diverted an estimated 25 million cubic feet of material from landfills. Insatiable Appetite While markets for recycling can vary from region to region, Extended Stay America is having no difficulty finding outlets for its materials. “It seems like we have a good market for the material working with charity organizations and churches,” says Simmons. The company still has about 250 more hotels to renovate before the entire brand-wide refresh is complete. By then, the hotel chain will have diverted thousands more tons of material from the landfill. Simmons says the ability to donate and recycle so much material is rewarding. “It is a great feeling to know that those furniture items or really anything we pull out of those hotels is getting a second life and being able to be utilized somewhere else than going straight into the dumpster then straight to the landfill.” standard room features renovating responsibly The recycling and donation aspect of the project, describes Ben Simmons, facilities project manager for Extended Stay America, came together somewhat organically. “I think we all realized that we had an opportunity to do something good,” he says. “Extended Stay America’s culture is really focused on giving back to the community, and we definitely thought that being as environmentally friendly and as environmentally conscious as we could was a great way of doing that.”
  4. 4. equal to the volume of 8Olympic Size Pools RECYCLED OVER Empire State Buildings or the height of 3139,253 ft. of lumber 12,633 HEADBOARDS 189 to the square footage of Single Family Homes 15,324 CHAIRS 10,604 RECLINERS automobiles 12,445 11,496 BAR STOOLS Almost the height of Mt. Everest! DONATED OVER 100,000pieces of furniture to Habitat For Humanity and The Salvation Army 300tractor trailer truck loads4,190 SLEEPER SOFAS DONATED TO LOCAL CHARITY IN TOTAL, AN ESTIMATED 25,000,000 1171 LUMBER LIGHT BULBS 18,602 1.302,140 KILOWATTS enough to power 111.3 homes for an entire year 437,400 speed boats 4374 football fields or 210 acres 9,145,368 SQUARE FEET OF CARPET 168 CARPET CARDBOARD LIGHTBULBS FURNITURE MATTRESS AND BOXSPRINGS DONATED OVER DONATED OVER RECYCLED OVER DONATED OVER RECYCLED OVER RECYCLED OVER RECYCLED & DONATED OVER MATRESS SETS CARGO JETS FULL OF MATERIAL national recycling & donations During each phase of Extended Stay America’s national hotel renovation program, everything from the carpet, to the furniture and mattress sets are either recycled or donated to charity.
  5. 5. Sunny Anderson, Food Network™ Host and Best Selling Cookbook Author To help business travelers enjoy home cooked meals on the road , Extended Stay America and Food Network™ Host, Sunny Anderson, have teamed up to create “Away From Home Cooking” recipes and tips that are simple to make, easy on the wallet and big on taste. The recipe book and website feature hundreds of delicious meals, which can be found on: a kitchen, a great price, the hotel that’s just right Extended Stay America’s full-sized kitchens give travelers the freedom and choice to eat healthy and cook while on the road Crunched for time and needing to fill up for a long day on the job, many business travelers turn to fast food chains or packing old standbys such as sandwiches, chips and sodas. However, according to a recent survey released by Extended Stay America, 89 percent of travelers would rather cook in their hotel room than eat out. Freedom to Master Home-Cooked Meals When guests stay at Extended Stay America hotels, they’re given the freedom to be the master of their own meals. Each spacious hotel room offers a fully equipped kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, cooking utensils, pots and pans, dishes and silverware. Sunny’s Easy Panzanella Salad MAKES 4 SERVINGS READY IN 10 MINUTES 1 Italian baguette, cut into slices to fit into toaster 3 beefsteak tomatoes cut into large chunks 1 small red onion, thinly sliced 1 cucumber, seeded and chopped 1⁄4 cup Italian flat-leaf parsley, chopped 1⁄4 cup Italian dressing kosher salt and black pepper Sunny’s Easy Toasted Strawberry Shortcake MAKES 4 SERVINGS READY IN 10 MINUTES 1 loaf poundcake 2 cups whipped cream 1 pint strawberries, hulled and sliced 1. Toast each slice of bread to a light golden color. Dice the toasted bread into 1-inch cubes. 2. In a large bowl, add the bread, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, parsley, and dressing. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 3. Use your hands to mix and massage the salad until the bread begins to soak up the tomato juice. 4. Serve at room temperature. 1. Cut the poundcake into 8 slices (½-inch thick) and toast until golden brown in the toaster. 2. Layer half of the toasted cake with strawberry slices in a single layer. 3. Spread whipped cream to cover. 4. Layer with another slice of toasted cake, and repeat the layering again, topping with strawberries at the end. 5. Repeat for the remaining 6 slices. SM You can find more of Sunny’s great recipes on: On the Bright Side
  6. 6. How To Avoid Pound Packing p Chose hotels with fully equipped kitchens and a full-size fridge so you can store your own groceries. p Find movement opportunities throughout the day like taking the stairs vs. the elevator. You can squeeze in five-minute, mini workouts when a “trigger” happens; for example, after you take a phone call, do 10 lunges. Or try doing sit-ups during commerical breaks on TV. Visit for demonstrations on her easy workouts as well as Yoga, a quiet and relaxing way to unwind, stay flexible and gain strength. p Utilize free Wi-fi to find hotel-friendly workouts. p Bring your running shoes for a walk or jog after work. staying productive on the road with Marcey Rader Marcey Rader, the Savve Travel Expert for Extended Stay America Hotels, specializes in helping business travelers climb the professional ladder without sacrificing health and productivity Marcey Rader, a former corporate road warrior with degrees and certifications in health, wellness and productivity, coaches individuals and businesses so that they can Work Well and Play More®. She has a holistic approach that focuses on: p eating for energy p finding movement opportunities during hectic days p efficiently controlling the email inbox p managing the calendar Don’t Eat Your Per Diem A shocking 86 percent of travelers reported gaining an average of up to three pounds when away from home for two weeks or more, a term dubbed “pound packing.” With data collected from nearly 2,000 respondents, Extended Stay America found frequent business and leisure travel causes ballooning belt sizes with “limited access to healthy options” and “fast food” reported as the top two contributors to away from home weight gain. Marcey has compiled tips for staying active and skipping empty calories during extended trips. “Most business travelers make the mistake of eating like they’re on vacation. Use your hotel kitchen to cook nutritious food and enjoy it throughout the week. ” Healthy Work Productivity p Don’t be a slave to your email! The first hour of your workday should be spent on your most important tasks, not checking email. Set specific times of the day to check your messages, and then immediately move them to specific folders: Delegate, Respond, Wait, Delete. p Don’t mindlessly accept meeting requests. Ask yourself, “Can I send someone in my place or review the meeting notes instead?” p Invest in a stand up desk (shown below). Studies show you burn 60% more calories standing in lieu of sitting; your posture will improve, and it promotes creativity! “Business travel isn’t part of your job, it’s a lifestyle.™ ”
  7. 7. “As cancer impacts so many lives, it’s humbling to have the ability to help in this capacity.” Leave a Key, Help Save a Life National Cancer Survivors Day in New York City In honor of National Cancer Survivors Day, Extended Stay America and the American Cancer Society hosted a Hotel Keys of HopeSM reuniontocelebratecancersurvivors and to support those recently diagnosed andstillfighting.Thepartnershostedfamilies for a fun-filled weekend in New York with an array of activities, including a keynote presentation by Good Morning America host and cancer survivor, Amy Robach. Amy shared her powerful testimony, which included her courageous and public battle with cancer, and extended messages of inspiration to families. The event succeeded in connecting individuals whose lives have been touched by cancer and who have benefited from the Hotel Keys of HopeSM program. Cancer Suvivors Day group picture The Hotel Keys of HopeSM program with the American Cancer Society saves cancer patients $1.2 million in lodging costs during treatment With a total donation of more than $3,000,000 in hotel value, our goal is to provide lodging to over 15,000 cancer patients over the next two years Hope Away From Home Withapassiontosupportacharitablecauseso close to the hearts of its employees, Extended Stay America formed a lasting partnership with the American Cancer Society, forever impacting and changing the lives those in need. Donating 40,000 hotel stays throughout the brands 631 U.S. locations, Extended Stay America and American Cancer Society are helping patients overcome the financial stress of traveling for treatment. Extended Stay America’s Hotel Keys of HopeSM program offers cancer patients free hotel room lodging, as well as incredibly discounted rates of $12 per night. Extending A Helping Hand There are an estimated 1.6 million Americans diagnosed with some type of cancer each year, and of those, thousands have to travel away from home for treatment. Extended Stay America’s Hotel Keys of HopeSM has become the flagship program of an unprecedented multi-year collaboration. As Extended Stay America and the American Cancer Society continue to work closely for ongoing donations by means of room donations and corporate-wide fundraising, patients and their families will continue to save nearly $1.2 million in costs associated with traveling for necessary cancer treatments via Hotel Keys of HopeSM and receive the best treatment for their cancer diagnoses. “Givingbacktothemanycommunitiesinwhich we operate is one of Extended Stay America’s greatest commitments. Working alongside American Cancer Society to provide even the slightest peace of mind, and more importantly support, to patients battling cancer has been extremely rewarding,” said Rick Canale, Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Planning at Extended Stay America. SM ACSdoesnotendorseanyproductorservice. – Rick Canale, Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Planning Extended Stay America Our Partnership Moving Forward Extended Stay America is more than doubling its previous contribution of free and deeply discounted rooms to an unprecedented 50,000 rooms per year and launching a new, nationwide donation program available at all Extended Stay America hotels. Guests are encouraged to leave their room keys in a dropbox in each hotel lobby, and Extended Stay will donate $1 per key up to $1,000,000 for the American Cancer Society. On behalf of our guests, we thank you for your ongoing support of our business. It’s because of your patronage that we areable to make such a significant contribution in the fight against cancer. Tom Seddon, CMO of Extended Stay America (left), greets survivors and their families.