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Offdays tuto mode user-EN


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Offdays is a Time Off & Absence Management software that simplifies and automates the Time Off Process. Create time off rules and manage all time off requests, approvals, scheduling and accruals.

This web-based solution will help you to control efficiently employee time off, from anywhere at anytime, thanks to the ESS (Employee Self-Service) and its automated notifications: requests, approvals, refusals, corrections, etc.

You can create unlimited time off types and balances, with their own color code. Offdays is easy and user-friendly. No need for substantial documentation or heavy training sessions, you will be able to set up and use the software by your own self.

Offdays will definitely improve your workforce productivity and allow you to save time and money. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, paid sick leave in March 2009 cost private-sector employers 23 cents per employee hour on average across all occupational groups. Don’t deprive yourself of a good absence management!

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Offdays tuto mode user-EN

  1. 1. OffDaysGetting StartedUSER ModeApril 2013
  2. 2. Managing absence2DashboardAbsenceAccount Graphic view Dynamic view Calendar view Apply an absence request Edit an absence request Setting up your accountMain Menu
  3. 3. Main Menu3The main menu provides access to various toolsfor managing leave and holidays.Main MenuFilters allow you to select workers, teams andsites to view in a given period.Filters Menu
  4. 4. Dashboard – Dynamic view4Dynamic view enabledThis view allows you to view the status of leave balances: Type of leave credit basis, hours used, hoursawaiting validation, vacation hours still available and their availability
  5. 5. Dashboard – Graphic view5Graphic view enabledThis view allows you to view status of leave balances: Leave Type (color), basic credit, hours used, hoursawaiting validation, hours of leave yet available in graphical form.
  6. 6. Absence – Calendar view6Pending requestRequest refusedRequest acceptedEdit request
  7. 7. 7Absence – Apply an absence requestComment the absence requestSave the requestSelect the leave typeSelect the start dateChoose 1 for a full dayand ½ for a half-daySelect the end date
  8. 8. 8Comment your requestAbsence – Edit an absence requestSelect the end dateSave comment and changesSave commentsSave changesSelect the start date
  9. 9. Setting - Setting your account9Change your account settings. Fields (*) are required