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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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  1. 1. By Azim Rahman
  2. 2.  Microsoft PowerPointFor research and planning towards my media product, I made a PowerPoint presentation on Star image and Artist biography. This helped me analyse conventions of real indie music artists. Microsoft WordFor my shooting schedule I used Microsoft word as it is a simple way to plan out any type of schedule without my schedule being too complex. iMovieiMovie by Apple was one of the major softwares used as I used it to edit my music video and any focus audience interviews. I was able to edit each scene corresponding to the instrumental with precision. Adobe PhotoshopWith the use of Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS5, I was able to create and manipulate images. I created the Digipack and Advert with Photoshop utilising all the edits and effects which are available on Photoshop and made my ancillary texts look professional. Cyber link DVD Similarly to iMovie, I used Cyberlink DVD from home to edit some of the focus group interviews. Using this software made me more aware of different video editing softwares and their functions.
  3. 3.  MacUsing the Macintosh has given me wider knowledge on this operating software and giving me the ability to differentiate between a PC and a Mac. On the Mac I was able to use softwares such as iMovie in order to increase the quality of my media product. PCBy using a PC, it gave me the chance to update my blog and work on my digipack and other research for my media product. ScannerWith the use of a scanner, I was able to scan in my class work notes to my BlogSpot account to show progress and proof of my class work progress.
  4. 4.  PreziWith the use of this zooming presentation site, I was able to present my ideas and research in an advanced and creative way. Such as Artist case studies and audience research. YouTubeWith the use of YouTube, I was able to upload any videos I had created and embed the video onto my blog to allow viewers to see my video without having to go onto the actual site. BlogSpotBlogSpot has been one of the most important sites that has been used throughout my Media Coursework as it involved frequently updating my progress. All my work has been showcased on my Blog as proof of my work so BlogSpot is a very important site to mention. FacebookFacebook has been used as a form of audience feedback. Once I posted up images of my digipack and advert, people had commented and told me their thoughts and any improvements I could make.
  5. 5.  CameraThe camera was a key tool used to record my music video. The camera was utilized in many different ways and angles to make sure that I have recorded each scene to the best of my ability using the camera. TripodA tripod was used to maintain the camera stability to achieve recording the best steady angled scenes. Stationary toolsStationary tools such as pens, pencils, rulers and rubbers were used for designing drfats of my digipack and making any class work notes. Mobile phoneA mobile phone was used to keep in contact with my group. The phone was also used to quickly refer to as my story board was saved onto my phone. It was a much easier and efficient way of referring to it rather than pulling out the sheet of paper.