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Ten easy steps to a properly optimized website


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Azenith Lawas compiled these ten easy and simple steps to a properly optimized website. Check out her website at for more of her SEO related talks.

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Ten easy steps to a properly optimized website

  2. 2. Do you think that your website is getting enough traffic? Are people getting all the information they look for? If there's really no room for improvement?
  3. 3. how exactly are we going to do that?
  4. 4. TEN EASY STEPS to a PROPERLY OPTIMIZED WEBSITE 1. What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is a way of making your website visible to search engines. 2. Are you talking to your intended audience? You should know who and where your real audiences are. Keep in mind that understanding your audience plays an important role in a successful search engine optimization strategy. You need to address your website to your real audience and not just to a bunch of people who might not find your website helpful.
  5. 5. 3. Use the right keywords and phrases Keywords are used to tell search engines (SEs) what your website is all about. These are what people typed in search engines to find relevant sites and hopefully, with proper optimization and all, your website will be displayed in SEs once people use or typed in your keywords. 4. Add your keywords and key phrases in your content and source code The more visible your keywords and key phrases are, the easier you will be found. However, you should not be adding these on all of your contents though. Adding your keywords on almost all of your pages and contents is called 'keyword stuffing' and SEs don't like it. Most likely they will just disregard you, rank you lower than everybody else and/or worst is, you will penalized.
  6. 6. 5. Write quality content Content is king, as they say. Compelling content in your website is the most important key to a good search engine ranking. There are other reasons to rank higher in SEs but having quality contents on your site is not just loved by search engine but for people as well. 6. Use title tags One of the most significant factors in search engine's ranking process is the title tag. Although the title tag is kind of an old fashioned method, it's still as important as other methods as Search Engine Optimization is concerned. Work on your title tags and you will see how it’ll makes a difference.
  7. 7. 7. Use meta tags These tags are being used by SEs in displaying your website in their search results. Although for some it's okay to miss or just disregard this but, for me, every little bit counts. Optimize your meta tags and help search engines to index your website better. 8. Search engine website design Choose or create a design for your website that is Search Engine friendly. There are tons of website templates that are already SEO optimized and some are free to use as well like
  8. 8. 9. Submit your website to search engines and directories This method strongly applies to start-up websites. If you are creating good and quality contents regularly, SEs will automatically notice you even without having to go through this process. However to make it more easier and help SEs to notice and index your website ASAP, then submit your website to a search directory. 10. Lastly, wait for the results After you've done your part, it is time to sit back and relax. Although it is a must to keep on doing updates on your website like adding relevant contents, you will see the results you are looking for in proper time. The question on how long you will have to wait to get the results you wanted, the answer is different for every site and most likely, there is no definite time for that.