Exploring Community Engagement with OpenTreeMap


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On Tuesday, June 12, we hosted "Exploring Community Engagement with OpenTreeMap," a webinar that provided an introduction to the public engagement features in OpenTreeMap, the open source system for collaborative tree inventory. Kelaine Vargas from Urban Forest Map and Phil Silva from TreeKIT joined us to discuss their experiences with community urban forestry initiatives, particularly in terms of the accuracy of citizen generated data and encouraging long-term engagement in tree care.

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Exploring Community Engagement with OpenTreeMap

  1. 1. Exploring Community Engagement with OpenTreeMap 340 N 12th St, Suite 402 Philadelphia, PA 19107 215.925.2600 info@azavea.com www.azavea.com/opentreemap
  2. 2. About Us Deborah Boyer OpenTreeMap Project Manager dboyer@azavea.com 215.701.7506 Carissa Brittain Software Developer cbrittain@azavea.com 215.701.7716
  3. 3. About UsPhilip SilvaTreeKITCo-Founder & Co-Directorphilip@TreeKIT.org Kelaine Vargas Urban Ecos/Urban Forest Map Project Manager kelaine@urbanforestmap.orgLiz BarryTreeKITCo-Founder & Co-Directorliz@TreeKIT.org
  4. 4. Agenda• Welcome• Public engagement features in OpenTreeMap (Deb)• The accuracy of citizen generated data and ideas for large-scale community outreach (Kelaine)• Encouraging ongoing public involvement in tree mapping and tree care (Phil and Liz)• Questions
  5. 5. An open source tree data management systemfor collaborative, geography enabled urban tree inventory
  6. 6. OpenTreeMap History• Urban Forest Map• USDA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant Phase 1• PhillyTreeMap and Greenprint Maps• Released as open source project• USDA Phase 2 Grant
  7. 7. Partners and Funders
  8. 8. About Azavea• Founded in 2000• 30+ people• Based in Philadelphia – Also Boston & Minneapolis• Geospatial + web + mobile – Software development – Spatial analysis services – User experience
  9. 9. Public Engagement
  10. 10. Tree Detail Page • Tree Info • Tree Images • Satellite Imagery • Google Street View Integration • Eco Benefits • Recent Contributors • Editing Option
  11. 11. Adding and Editing Data
  12. 12. Stewardship
  13. 13. Searching for Trees• Location• Species• Advanced Filters – Diameter – Dates – Missing Data – Species Characteristics – Other Options
  14. 14. Adding Stewardship Search• Add ability to search by public actions, not just tree attributes• Use settings that let the public explore stewardship actions• Display results with design that emphasizes action or inaction
  15. 15. Planting Sites and Trees• Search can apply to trees or planting sites• Customizable stewardship activities• Add time element• Takes other search parameters into consideration
  16. 16. Quick Detail View
  17. 17. View Stewardship Activity
  18. 18. Adding Activities
  19. 19. Simple as a Few Clicks
  20. 20. Add Activity
  21. 21. Activity for the Tree or the Site
  22. 22. Visible and Searchable Online
  23. 23. Mobile and Tablet Options
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Contact UsDeborah BoyerAzaveaOpenTreeMap Project Managerdboyer@azavea.com Liz Barry TreeKIT Co-Founder & Co-DirectorCarissa Brittain liz@TreeKIT.orgAzaveaSoftware Developercbrittain@azavea.com Philip Silva TreeKIT Co-Founder & Co-DirectorKelaine Vargas philip@TreeKIT.orgUrban Ecos/Urban Forest MapProject Managerkelaine@urbanforestmap.org
  26. 26. Up Next…Exploring Urban Forestry Modeling and Prioritization Tools June 28, 2012 at 1pm ET Visit us at http://www.azavea.com/blogs/atlas for a link to register for this free webinar on using heat maps and projected growth to identify key tree planting locations.
  27. 27. Exploring Community Engagement with OpenTreeMap 340 N 12th St, Suite 402 Philadelphia, PA 19107 215.925.2600 info@azavea.com www.azavea.com/opentreemap