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Tuning Exchange 2010 Webinar


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As an experienced IT Professional you may feel up to the task of installing the new Exchange 2010 release but it’s another thing altogether to think about tuning it for best performance on your network. Join Azaleos on January 24th, 2010 from 8 - 8:30am PST for some tips and tricks for how to think about making Exchange 2010 really hum. Azaleos’ Director of Architecture and Exchange Ranger Lee Dumas dives deep into Exchange 2010 and discusses the following areas: Sizing for Different Environments and Workloads, Virtualizing Exchange, Large Mailbox support, Exchange and Blades/Super Dense Solutions, and Backups and Storage Strategies.

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Tuning Exchange 2010 Webinar

  1. 1. Tuning Exchange 2010:Sizing, Virtualization, Large Mailboxesand Super Dense SolutionsAzaleos WebinarFebruary 24th , 2010
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Introductions & The Azaleos Solution  Scott Gode, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing, Azaleos• Tuning Exchange 2010  Lee Dumas, Executive Director of Architecture, Azaleos• Topic Focus Areas:  Sizing for Different Environments and Workloads  Exchange and Blades/Super Dense Solutions  Virtualizing Exchange  Large Mailbox support Stick Around to the End of the Webinar to be  Backups and Storage Strategies Eligible for a FREE E‟10 Assessment• Q&A PLEASE SAVE YOUR QUESTIONS TO THE END
  3. 3. Azaleos Corporation Who We Are What We Do Who We Serve• Founded in 2004, HQ in Seattle, • Remote management and monitoring • Companies looking to reduce cost WA on-premise Exchange, Active and complexity around Directory, OCS and SharePoint messaging & collaboration• Microsoft heritage --- Exchange , – Email and Data Archiving systems while maintaining OCS, AD and SharePoint experts – Business Continuity visibility and control• Geographically dispersed NOCs – Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam • On-Premise and/or Co-Lo (Seattle, Charlotte) – Mobile device management Datacenter infrastructures – Storage management• One of Microsoft‟s Top 35 – Microsoft BPOS • Performed services for 400+ Partners nationally – Managed Hybrid Services companies, ranging from• Software + Services company midmarket to Fortune 500 • 24/7/365 proactive service and expert• Award-winning solutions profiled support • More than 2M mailboxes by Gartner, eWeek, Windows migrated • 99.9%+ (min.) service uptime ITPro and others • Projects ranging from 250 to • Turnkey physical or virtual systems 30,000+ mailboxes/users based on industry standards • 24/7/365 support for customers • Professional Consulting services for ranging across 5 continents Exchange, SharePoint, OCS, Active Directory and Microsoft Online • 98% Customer Retention
  4. 4. The Azaleos Solution1. Remote Managed Services  Staffed by Exchange/SharePoint/OCS experts 24X7 (MCA/Ranger certifications)  Proactive Monitoring specific to the messaging/UC environment (Exchange, SharePoint, OCS, AD, ……Server Stats, Storage, Network, etc.)2. Microsoft Application Server “Appliance”  On Premise, Turnkey Microsoft Exchange, OCS & SharePoint  Delivers and Integrates Windows, AD, Exchange/SharePoint/OCS and Management/Monitoring/Reporting software on a single platform  Can be delivered as a physical or virtual infrastructure3. Full Consulting Services  Introductory Assessment or HealthCheck services  System architecture planning  Deployment & Migration Planning & Execution • MSFT to MSFT (Exchange „03 to ‟07; WSS to MOSS; LCS to OCS) • Competitive (Notes & Groupwise) to Microsoft
  5. 5. How We Do It: ViewX Technology Summary of all systems monitored 1 2 6Real-time Alertview of Summary: System logs allserver alert records by 3 status, available forhealth by 4 Tickets & Cases: viewing anytime in 70% of cases resolved by techlocation who answers the phone real-timeMonitored 24/7/365by certified Microsoft Status of 95% of issues resolved in 4technology experts current hours or less alerts 7Full Patch andService Pack Over 7000 dataManagement, Bug points monitored Best-in-Fixes per minute Class:QA testing of Hotfixes System 5 Full R&D departmentand Patches on send/receives dedicated to ensuringidentical hardware product meetsprior to rollout in data every Real-time view of load and capacity growing customer minute- we‟llcustomer know about by server needsenvironment Automated daily backup and snapshots issues before Options for business continuity and disaster recovery your users will!5
  6. 6. Chiquita Brands Matt Cain, Gartner• “While relatively new, the Azaleos approach to e- mail deployment offers an alternative to a premises- based or hosted provisioning model.”• “… organizations should examine Azaleos if premises-based Exchange servers are required and if Exchange management skills are absent.”• “Uptime has been perfect…”• “Chiquita believed it would have had to hire an additional head count to manage Exchange, which it avoided since Azaleos is managing the servers.”• “The Azaleos approach to server deployment and management works.”
  7. 7. Exchange 2010 and You7
  8. 8. Topics for Today • Sizing for Different Environments and Workloads • Virtualizing Exchange • Large Mailbox support • Exchange and Blades/Super Dense Solutions • Backups and Storage Strategies
  9. 9. Exchange 2010 Sizing• Large Mailbox Load  Smaller is more expensive• Multiple Database copies  DB Copy Impact• Backup Intervals  How often is to often• BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server)  Still a big impact• Third Party Applications  Outlook Plug-ins• Online Mode  Huge impact
  10. 10. Super Dense Solutions• Blades combined with Virtualization  Multi Core / Large Memory  Consolidate Power  10Gb Ethernet• High Density Disk  2TB disk  No need for RAID  Disk is a database  Linear Growth  Small footprint• Gotcha  Power and AC  Single point of failure ?
  11. 11. Virtualizing Exchange• Good Idea for Small to medium size servers  Hyper-V vs. Vmware• HUB/CAS Roles  Great Candidate for Virtualization• Live Migration / VMotion  Multiplelayers of clustering is bad  Just because you can doesnt mean you should
  12. 12. Large Mailboxes • What is a “large” mailbox  1GB is the entry point  10GB will be common place • Limiting Factors  OutlookOST file  Re-sync times  Backup infrastructure • Does Archiving help ?
  13. 13. Backup and Storage Strategy• Get rid of tape  Old technology, not reliable, too slow  Streaming backup does not exist in Exchange 2010• Consider disk-disk replication  Off-site storage  Pseudo-DR• Storage Strategy  Stay low cost  Large Mailboxes on SATA  Don‟t throw away your SAN
  14. 14. Questions and OfferThe Azaleos Advantage• Low TCO: Azaleos scales across hundreds of systems and thousands of seats to keep costs low• Decreased Complexity: 7x24 Remote Monitoring, Management & Expert Support• Exchange Expertise: No other provider can monitor & manage like Azaleos• No Risk, No Lock In: Earning your business every month OFFER: FREE Exchange 2010 Assessment • The perfect way to jumpstart and explore your entry point to Exchange 2010 --- a $10K value • Random Drawing of 3 winners from Webinar Attendees • Submit your entry by filling out the Contact Form at ( and writing “FREE Exchange 2010” in the comments field