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Induction presentation for Azad University Library and Information Service

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Library induction

  1. 1. AUO Library and Information Service Induction Presentation
  2. 2. Welcome to Azad UniversityLibrary and Information ServiceThis induction presentationprovides a brief overview of thelibrary, its facilities and theservices that are available toyou.
  3. 3. Essential Information• Location and opening hours •What the service offers •Membership •Floor plan
  4. 4. Location and Opening HoursWhere are we located Opening hoursThe library is located on the The Library is currently openground floor of the main during the following days anduniversity building. between the following hours: Mon – Thurs 9am – 5pm (The library may be closed on certain days of the year. Details of any closed days will either be sent to students and staff via e-mail or posted on the library web pages)
  5. 5. What the Service OffersAccess to a continuously growing physical collection of over 3000booksAccess to a selection of hard-copy journalsAccess to a wireless networkA dedicated reading room7 open access computersSupport by a professionally qualified librarianDedicated website Library pages containing information on theservice and links to e-ResourcesA printing, copying and scanning serviceAccess to prospectuses and other related publications from ourpartner universitiesA document supply service
  6. 6. MembershipMembership of the library is open to all staff and students atAUO. To become a member you first need to have an AUOcard. This can be obtained from the Registrars office. Onceyou have this card you then need to complete a simple libraryregistration form to become a member.(To make things simple your university card is used as your library card)
  7. 7. Floor Plan
  8. 8. The Physical Collection and Related Aspects •The physical collection•Finding items in the physical collection •Borrowing information •Returning loaned items and fines
  9. 9. The Physical CollectionThe physical collection consists of hard copy books on a rangeof subject areas. The main subject areas in the currentcollection are shown below:ArchitectureBusiness and Business ManagementComputer ScienceEngineeringEFL (English as a foreign Language)Graduate Studies (Includes research methods)
  10. 10. Finding Items in the Physical CollectionThe physical collection is arranged in the Dewey Decimalsystem. To find items in the collection you can search using thecatalogue or you can browse the collections using the DeweyDecimal System. General Dewey classifications are listed on theends of the book cases and more specific subject locations canbe found by browsing the Dewey Decimal hand lists, which arelocated at the help desk.
  11. 11. Borrowing InformationHow to borrow itemsTo borrow items from the physical collection you need topresent them at the Issue/Help desk where they will bechecked out to your account.Borrowing rightsStudents are allowed up to 3 booksStaff are allowed up to 5 books
  12. 12. Borrowing InformationLoan typesThere are three main loan types available and are listed belowStandard Loan 21 daysShort Loan 1 weekOvernight Loan(All items that currently fall outside these categories are referenceonly.)
  13. 13. Borrowing InformationRenewing ItemsTo renew items that you have on loan you need to contact thelibrary either by coming in person to the issue/Help desk orby sending an e-mail or telephoning the library via thefollowing:Tel+44 (0)1865 884350 – 884352 Library Ex No 209The Librarians e-mail address: requests will be confirmed by e-mail.(Please note that it will not always be possible to renew an item on everyoccasion that it is requested
  14. 14. Borrowing InformationReserving ItemsTo reserve items you need to contact library staff in the same waythey would for renewing items. Once an item has been reservedit will be held for the user at the issue/Help desk.(Please note that the item will only be held for a period of 7 days.)
  15. 15. Returning Loaned Items andFinesFines Returning Loaned ItemsAll library users are liable for All items should be returnedfines and all fines must be to the library in the mainpromptly paid. university building.Fine RatesDetails regarding the amountscharged dependent on thetype of loan period are listedbelow:Standard Loan 20p per dayShort Loan £1 per dayOvernight Loan £3 per day
  16. 16. The Library and Information Service Web Pages •Library web pages
  17. 17. Library Web PagesThe library pages of thewebsite have been designedto be easy to use and this isthe primary place to findup-to-date library relatedinformation.
  18. 18. Library Web PagesThe library pages of the website contain many guides andlinks to resources. All the links to resources on the websitehave been carefully selected to provide you with access toservices and resources that are in the main freely available.(Please note: in some cases certain resources only allow access to a limitedamount of content)
  19. 19. The Library and Information Service Bulletin Board •Bulletin board
  20. 20. Bulletin BoardWe have a bulletin board outside the library and you will beable to find key information related to the service on thisboard. Therefore, this is another good place to check forup-to-date library information.
  21. 21. Further Information• Finding further information
  22. 22. Finding Further InformationFurther Information about the Library and Information Servicecan be obtained from the library web pages at the followingweb address: more detailed information on the service and on the rules and regulationsplease consult the library guide book, which is available as a PDF download fromthe ‘Library Guides Online’ web page that can be found from the library section ofthe University’s Website.)