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ayvee resume


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ayvee resume

  1. 1. RESUME AYVEE E. AURON A-19 Riyadh St., Multinational Village, Parañaque City, Philippines ayveeauron (63) 9496555465 RELEVANT SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE Position: Systems Operator (November 2011 up to present) Company: China Banking Corporation Properties and Computer Centre, Inc. Responsibilities: Systems Operator -Performs start-up (IPL – Initial Program Loading) of the computer hardware and ensures operational function of its peripheral equipment. -Responsible for the proper initiation, execution of production jobs and assurance of timely start and completion of production workload. -Process the validation of inward check and other ATE (Alternative Transactions Entry) interface input files. -Performs first and second level problem analysis by determining the cause and if possible, apply the possible solution to the problems encountered. -Process all batch jobs both in production and test region. -Informs shift supervisor and notifies the respective support groups of irregularity in operations. -Resolves and logs errors and problems encountered in daily operations. -Coordinates with other systems operator to ensure completeness and continuity of work in progress during shift turnovers. -Perform other duties that may be assigned by the shift supervisors. -Professionally operates the computer mainframe and its application software in accordance to the standard procedures to meet the demands of the bank’s operational requests. Position: Data Controller (Dec. 2007 to Oct. 2011) Company: China Banking Corporation Properties and Computer Centre, Inc. Responsibilities: Data Controller
  2. 2. -Ensures that all input and upload files are correct and all printouts are properly distributed. -Revise and update the checklist for the proper execution of the daily jobs. -Check the completeness of the daily reports needed by users. -Validates payroll files using PC based validation program before uploading to host computer. OPERATING SYSTEM: Z/VSE SYSTEM SOFTWARE : ICCF (Interactive Computing and Control Facility) VSE Power (Spooling System of Z/VSE) VTAM (Virtual Telecommunications Access Method) CICS (Customer Information Control System) VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method) CA-DynamT (Tape Management System) RMS (Reports Management System) FAQs job scheduler Computer Science Courses: Programming in Java (1 year), Data Structure and Algorithm in Java, Automata Theory, Assembly Language, Database Management, Networking, Operating System, Analysis of Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Theory of Computation, Computer Architecture, Graphics and Animations, System Analysis and Design, Computer System Organization and Troubleshooting, Artificial Intelligence, System Hardware and Software interfacing EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND COLLEGE: Sacred Heart College, Lucena City Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2003 – 2007 (PAASCU Accredited) SEMINARS AND TRAININGS . ATM Swift Seminar ( May 2014, Chinabank Savings Bldg. ) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (April 29, 2006, Sacred Heart College AVR)
  3. 3. PERSONAL DATA Birth Date: November 3,1986 Birth Place: San Narciso, Quezon Age: 27 Yrs. Old Citizenship: Filipino Civil Status: Single Language: English and Tagalog Father's Name: Cesario J. Auron Mother's Name: Victoria E. Auron REFERENCE Shirley S. Legaspi Assistant Manager CBC - PCCI 09193684730