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Disney institution presentation


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Media Coursework

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Disney institution presentation

  1. 1. Question 3- What kind of institution might distribute you media product and why? Why did I chose Disney? - I chose Disney as my production company for main reasons. Number one they are the company that produced the movies Cinderella (1950 and 2015) and all the Princess Diaries! My research planning has mainly been based on these two movies from many reasons such as they are well known and I feel that I can follow the same theory in making a transformation movie of my own. I also chose to do my research and planning on these two movies as I feel as these movies have been something that I have grown up with therefore know the movies inside and out with out a fail and can remember the simple narrative and what type of transformations they both go through and feel as if I can portray the simple concept to my movie.
  2. 2. Kenneth Branagh’s 2015 Cinderella In deliberation of both movies, I have chosen to go with the non animated Cinderella movie to justify as per why I think Disney should be the institution to distribute my movie. The reason why I have chosen to do my main research on the non animated Cinderella is due to many reasons: 1. Cinderella is a Disney classic whether it’s the animated or non animated version. 2. It holds the key conventions of a transformation movie. 3. It is a non realistic (due to the overload use in magic) concept which I then interpreted into a realistic version of an ordinary girl. 4. The target audience for Cinderella (2015) is PG which is a lower rating than what my movie is going to be as my target audience is going to start from 15 as the type of transformation that my main character is going to undergo contains explicit scenes and also is more relatable to people that are aged 15 to 22.