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presentation on DTSI technology

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presentation on DTSI technology

  1. 1. Presented By: Ayush Khare 12BTMECH065 B.Tech ME(SHIATS)
  2. 2. DTS-i Technology DTSi stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition. Digital Twin Spark Ignition has two spark plugs that use to ignite the charge in the combustion chamber. Twin spark plugs at either ends of the combustion chamber help in faster and better combustion. It only use in the petrol engine.
  3. 3. Use of DTS-I in 4-stroke Petrol Engine In 4-stroke petrol engine at ignition time the air and fuel mixture does not burn completely. But when DTS-i system use in engine the rich mixture completely burn and the ignition time decrease and power of engine increases.
  4. 4.  DTS-i use in 4-stroke petrol engine . And each cylinder having two spark plugs.
  5. 5. Working of DTS-I system  When the rich mixture of air and fuel enter in the combustion chamber , the two spark plugs fixed at opposite end of engine cylinder generated spark and this spark burn the mixture that burned mixture gives power to the 4-stroke engine. Here spark generated by the microchip .
  6. 6. The working of Digital twin spark ignition in 4-stroke petrol engine shown in diagram
  7. 7. Various functions of DTS-i Technology  It use to increases the efficiency .  It use for faster and better combustion.  It has two spark plug , so it burns the complete rich mixture (air and fuel) in 4stroke petrol engine.  It use to increase the power output of engine.
  8. 8. Combustion Process In both CI engine and DTS-si Engine
  9. 9. Combustion Process with DTS-I Technology  The fresh charge that entered the cylinder during the suction stroke is compressed during the compression stroke.  Then a spark will be ignited by one of the Twin spark plugs and the flame front begins to expand like an inflating balloons.
  10. 10. Advantages of DTS-I Technology  Ignition time decreases.  The rich mixture (air and fuel) completely burns in combustion chamber.  Power produced by DTS-i more compare to single spark ignition system.  Increase the pick up of engine
  11. 11.  Less vibrations and noise.  Long life of the engine parts such as piston rings and valve stem.  Decrease in the specific fuel consumption.  No over heating.  Gradual increase in the pressure.
  12. 12. Disadvantages of DTS-i Technology  There is Nox emission.  If one spark plug get damage then we have to replace both.  The engine tends to overheat and loose power at higher speeds as compared to a single plug engine.  There may be a kind of knocking sound on the machine.  DTS-i is actually a simpler, cheaper and low-tech alternative to making more power and burning less fuel. However owners mistakenly think it is high-tech.
  13. 13. DTS-I Technology used by company It is a BAJAJ Auto Tredmark. In india bajaj has patented for dtsi technology . At present platina,xcd125,135,discover150,pulsar 135,150,180,200,220 are using the dtsi (digital twin spark ignition system). which means the petrol enters into the cylinder burns more efficiently.
  14. 14. BAJAJ BIKES
  15. 15. Advancement of DTS-I Technology Engine can be further turned to deliver exhilarating performnce or exceptional mileage. The further advances of DTS-I technology are :  Digital Twin Spark- Swirl Induction (DTS-Si)  Digital Twin Spark- Fuel Injection (DTS-Fi)
  16. 16. Digital Twin Spark Ignition- Swirl Induction (DTS-Si)  The Swirl Induction Concept, which is meant for producing high turbulence in the combustion chamber  Swirl Induction is nothing but imparting a swirl motion to the fresh charge that enters the combustion chamber.
  17. 17. Digital Twin Spark Ignition-Fuel Injection (DTS-Fi)  DTS-Fi is another advancement of parent DTS-I Technology.  This technology is a combination of both DTS-I and fuel injection.  This technology is meant for increasing the fuel efficiency in power bikes.
  18. 18. Conclusion…. Hence it can be concluded that the application of these technologies in the present day automobiles will give present generation what they want i.e power bikes with fuel efficiency. Thank you…..

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