Diaroak pigs


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Diaroak is a scientific blend of herbal extracts that maintains and restores the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) functions thus preventing and arresting the episodes of diarrhea. The Ingredients of Diaroak contain mucopolysacchrides that: Prevents the loss of water and nutrients o Increases the transit time of ingesta in gut o Adsorb and inactivate enterotoxins o Captures bacteria irreversibly.

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Diaroak pigs

  1. 1. DIARRHOEA: ETIOLOGY• Infectious: • Non infectious: Bacterial -Dietary abnormality Viral a. High fiber content Parasitic b. High Ca content Fungal c. Change in diet -Non specific
  2. 2. DIARRHEA: CONSEQUENCES• Loss of water• loss of nutrients• low availability of nutrients• Less weight gain• Low productivity
  3. 3. DIARRHOEA: CONTROL PROGRAM• ESSENTIAL FOR BETTER SURVIVAL AND RATE OF GROWTH – Optimize the peristalsis – Limit the growth & progression of pathogens – Adsorb the enterotoxin – Normalize fluid secretion DIAROAK IS EMBODIED WITH ALL THE ATTRIBUTES
  4. 4. DIARRHOEA: THERAPY• ANTIBACTERIAL AGENTS: – Hamper the intestinal microflora further hampering the digestibility – Narrow spectrum of activity – Physical disturbances not taken care – Anti-microbial resistance INCOMPLETE SOLUTION
  5. 5. DIAROAK: THE UNIQUENESS– Reduces transit time of ingesta– Decreases intestinal secretion– Increases absorption of intestinal absorption– Inactivation of enterotoxin released by bacteria
  6. 6. Andrographis paniculata– Inhibition of enterotoxin induced secretion– Interference with adenylate cyclase stimulation– Non-specifically increase in intestinal absorption – Int. J. Crude Drug Research, 1990, 28(4), 273-283
  7. 7. Berberis aristata– Effective in controlling diarrhea in bacteriologically positive and negative patients– Reduction in volume & duration of diarrhea, period of hydration and the convalescent period – Journal of Indian Medical Association, 1967, 48(1), 1-17
  8. 8. Punica granatum– Stops castor oil induced diarrhea– Decreases rate of flow of ingesta thus controlling diarrhea – Int. J. Pharmacognosy, 30, 1968, 289
  9. 9. Holarrhena Antidysenterica– Consessine, an alkaloid present in plant is responsible for treating chronic Amoebic dysentery – Int. J. Pharmacy 30, 1968: 289
  10. 10. DIAROAK: BENEFITS• Control irrespective of etiology• Assists the repair of damaged GI mucosa• Corrects the malabsorption syndrome• No damage to friendly microflora• Devoid of resistance & residues THE THERAPY WITH MULTIPLE BENEFITS
  11. 11. Effect of Diaroak in ControllingDiarrhea Due to Digestive Disorder Groups Sub 6 wk Feed FCR Mortality Groups body consumed (%) wt. I A 1483 2803 1.89 1.25 B 1491 2848 1.91 1.25 II A 1338 2970 2.22 8.75 B 1412 3036 2.15 6.25 C 1350 2970 2.19 7.50 D 1386 3049 2.20 8.75 Diet 1 - Fiber 6% A - Control Diet II - Fiber 8% B - Diaroak (Preventive) C - Diaroak (Therapeutic) D - Antibiotic - (Therapeutic)
  12. 12. Effect of Diaroak in Controlling Diarrhea in RabbitsParameter Treated by Diaroak ControlNumber of weaning 174 184Rabbits (On 6th week)Number of Rabbits in 165 15310th weekMortality % (Number) 5.2% (9) 16.8% (31)Parameter Treated by Diaroak ControlNumber of weaning 764 1241Rabbits (6th week)Number of Rabbits 738 1142(10th week)Mortality % (Number) 3.5% (26) 8% (99)
  13. 13. DIAROAKPROTECITVE, ADSORBANT, ANTIDIARRHOEALIndications:Controls diarrhea irrespectiveof etiologyDosage•To be mixed in feed @ 0.25%For 5-7 days as curative•0.1% as preventivePresentation:1 kg and 15 kg pack
  14. 14. DIAROAK PROTECITVE, ADSORBANT, ANTIDIARRHOEALPigs -Upto 10 kg body wt. 5g10-40kg body wt. 10g40-100 kg body wt. 20g100 kg and above 30gMix the granules with approximately five (5)timesthe quantity of water, shake well tohomogenoussuspension and administer orally, twice daily.In severe cases repeat dose six hourly. Or asregular feed supplements in feed regularly asper the prescribed dosage