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Salt Substitute - VEGE SALT™ - Vegetable Salt by


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Vege Salt™ is the Essential Substitute of Salt, for the Hypertensive Patients.

» 100% Vegetable
» Low Sodium
» Contains no Additives as naturally free flowing
» Contains Natural Micro Nutrient such as Fe, Zn, Cu
» Better taste
» Has natural minerals
» Research Product of India.

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Salt Substitute - VEGE SALT™ - Vegetable Salt by

  1. 1. Salt Substitute | Vegetable Salt | Vege Salt™ Get 32 Boxes of Vege Salt™ at 15 USD worth $800 Value!Vege Salt™ is the Essential Substitute of Salt, for the Hypertensive Patients Salt Substitute | Vegetable Salt | Vege Salt™
  2. 2. So, what is Vege Salt™?Salt and HypertensionStudies have shown that sodium can play a role in hypertension or “high blood pressure”development in many individuals. Some factors that may influence salt-sensitive hypertension areobesity, advanced age, diabetes and kidney dysfunction. Hypertension is associated with a higher riskfor heart disease and stroke.The Solutions of SaltTo cut down the sodium intake for the Hypertensive, Obesity patients & health conscious consumers,Neu Medix Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. introduces to you first time in the world, Vege salt™ , which isrich in micronutrients and helps to reduce the sodium impact by approximately 25 percent.Vege Salt™ is extracted from the plant of Salicornia branchiata with a goal of providing low sodiumsalt which is the need for Hypertensive & Obesity patients and for the present life style. It helps us torestrict sodium intake. Since Vege Salt™ is obtained from a plant source, it is free from the impuritiesusually encountered in the sea salt owing to the water pollution.Benefits of the Low Sodium SaltFor individuals who are sodium-sensitive, an increased intake of sodium may contribute to highblood pressure. Therefore, people with high blood pressure may be advised to reduce sodium intake.Reducing sodium can also reduce the side effects from certain prescribed medications. In addition,sodium leads to fluid retention in patients with congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, or kidney disease.These patients should be on strict sodium-restricted diets as prescribed by their doctors.
  3. 3. Vege Salt™ offers» 100% Vegetable» Low Sodium» Contains no Additives as naturally free flowing» Contains Natural Micro Nutrient such as Fe, Zn, Cu» Better taste» Has natural minerals» Research Product of India.Vege Salt™ is the Essential Salt Substitute for Hypertensive Patients» It Reduces Na+ Intake & Hence Blood Volume.» Its Supplements the potassium which is lost in urine.» It has anti-oxidant Property.» Much more saltier than usual Salt.» Controls Pregnancy induced hyper tension.Every plant contains its own important nutrients which are not found in the sea salt. Thus, VegeSalt™ is the purest form of salt on earth …promising as a Health salt!
  4. 4. Vege Salt™ Nutritional Chart Sr. No ELEMENT VEGE SALT 1 NaCl (%) 73-77 2 KCl (%) 23-27 3 Ca (%) 0.2-0.4 4 Mg (%) 0.02-0.08 5 SO4 (%) 2.2-3.4 6 Iodine (ppm) 7-10 7 Copper (ppm) 1-2 8 Iron (ppm) 3-10 9 Manganese (ppm) 0.2-1.0 10 Zinc (ppm) 0.5-5.0 11 Nickel BDL 12 Cobalt BDL 13 Cadmium BDL 14 Lead BDL 15 Antimony BDL 16 Arsenic BDL 17 Mercury BDLNote : The Marginal variation in chemical composition is due to Vegetable origin of the Products.BDL Below detectable limit [ISP-OES Method]
  5. 5. If you’re interested in getting more free content and information, just access the Vege Salt™ page Your Savings Ladder Vege Salt™ Quantity Amount 1 Bottle 25 USD 2 Bottles 23 USD 4 Bottles 21 USD 8 Bottles 19 USD 16 Bottles 17 USD 32 Bottles 15 USD  Door to Door Service  Free Shipping anywhere in the world
  6. 6. Contact:Dr. Harendra Joshi ( MD )Email : harendrajoshi@hotmail.comMobile: + 91 98200 80584Mr. Sandeep Trivedi ( CEO )Email : sandeepjri@hotmail.comMobile : + 91 98 1986 1986Corporate Office:Joshi Research Institute3, Devchaya,Bharucha RoadDahisar EastMumbai 68IndiaTel : + 91 22 2891 8149Fax : + 91 22 2891 8149Efax:Email: