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Selangor scheme


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Published in: Technology
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Selangor scheme

  1. 1. SKEMA JAWAPAN SECTION AQuestion No.No. SoalanCandidate’s AnswerJawapanCalonMarksMarkah1(i) First Generation 1(ii) Second Generation 22 A 33(i) B 4(ii) C 54(i) Natural and Environmental threat 6(ii) Hacker 75 A 86(i) A 9(ii) C 107 Menu driven Interface 118 Fix the RAM 129 C 1310(i) Ring 14(ii) Bus 1511(i) Analog / Digital 16(ii) Digital / Analog 1712 Extranet 1813 Video OR Animation 1914 Linear 2015 D 2116 C 2217 High Level 2318 Structured 2419 Compiler 2520 Selection control structure 2621(i) Z 27(ii) Y 2822(i) Hardware or software 29(ii) Software or hardware 3023(i) Field 31(ii) Record 3224(i) Table 33(ii) Report 3425(i) Insert 35(ii) Delete 36
  2. 2. SKEMA JAWAPAN SECTION B27 a. S – Open source software/ perisiansumberterbukaT- Proprietary software/ perisianhakmilikb. DifferencesS- OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE T-PROPRIETARY SOFTWAREOpen source usually comeswithout warranty and after salessupport should the software failor malfunctionsoftware offers a stable systemwith support if the software failsor malfunctions.The source code are available tousers and they have the rightsto modify them.Customising the software isnearly impossible because whenusers buy proprietary softwarewill receive binary version of theprogram, not the code as thecode is the maufacturer’s tradesecret112No ANSWER M26 a) Name of security measure: Firewall 1Explain: Firewall is a piece of hardware or software whichfunctions in a networked environment to prevent some communicationsforbidden by the security policy.1b) Threat: Hacker/hacking 1Explain:It is defined as unauthorised access to the computer system by a hacker. 128. a) i) Client Server 1ii) Peer-to-Peer (P2P) 1b) Architecture X Architecture Y2Server has the control ability whileclients don”tAll computers have equal abilityHigher cabling cost Cheaper cabling costIt is used in small and largenetworksNormally used in small networks withless than 10 computerEasy to manage Hard to manageInstall software only in the serverwhile the clients share the softwareInstall software to every computerOne powerful computer acting asserver***[any one answer ,2 M]No server is needed
  3. 3. 29. (a) Consistency – interface design is in harmony and the same applies toall screen in a software programmarks]2NAVIGATION - Navigation means users can move around the menus,help files or other screens in a systemSEARCH -Search means the system enables users to search keywords orglossary. The user interface should have a search function.LEARNABILITY - Learnability means the system provides support informationand help files to make the system easy to understand.FLEXIBILITY -Flexibility means a user has the authority to navigatethrough all the sections without any limitations.[2 marks for one answer-choose one]230. (a) (i) Yes(ii) Values may change during the course of the program11(b) B“You go to Group B “11
  4. 4. SKEMA JAWAPAN SECTION CNO ANSWER31(a) primary key for SUPPLIER table = SupplierID [1 mark]primary key for STATIONERY table = StationeryID [1mark]Justify your answer.Unique value, /because no two supplier or stationery can have same ID.[1 mark](b) query design output.NOTA:i) ketiga2 field name betuldapat 1m.ii) semua data dalamsaturekodbetuldapat 1m. semunyaada 3 rekod.No. Answer Mark32. a) i) Topology A is Bus topologyTopology B is Star topology11ii)Topology A Topology B Markthere is a single central cable(backbone) and all computersand other devices connect to itthere is a central hostand all nodesconnect to it.Bothcorrect= 1Computers and other devices canbe attached and detached at anypoint without disturbing the restof the network.If one node fails, onlythat node is affected.The rest continue tooperate normally.Bothcorrect= 12b)Intraneta private computer networkan internal network accessible by authorised individuals within anorganisation111[1 mark][1 mark][1 mark][1 mark]
  5. 5. 33 (a) (i)name : string [1mark]score : integer [1mark](ii) average score : double / floating point [1mark](b)Outside border / box OR title [1]Input [2]Correct output [1]Program To Calculate Average ScoreName :Score Day 1:Score Day 2 :The average score is 9James108Calculate Exit