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Marking scheme-trial-ict-2012

  1. 1. ICT TRIAL EXAM 2012Marking Scheme For Section AQuestion No. CHIPS Answer Marks1. C 12. False 23. i) J 3ii) M 44. i) Computer fraud 5ii) Copyright infringement 65. D 76. i) 2208ii) 1000000 97. i) B 10ii) A 118. i) LAN 12ii) Peer-to-peer 139. True 1410. i) N 15ii) Extranet 1611. i) Fiber optic 17ii) e-commerce, e-business 1812. i) L 19ii) N 2013. False 2114. B 2215. Clarity 2316. D 2417. i) P 25ii) Q 2618. i) Double 27ii) Area 2819. RM 240 2920. False 3021. i) Procedure 31ii) People/human/user 3222. C 3323. False 3424. Query 3525. Modify 36TOTAL MARKS
  2. 2. Marking Scheme Section BTrial Exam 201226. a. Cyber Lawb. Fraud – Having attention to take advantage over or causing loss to theother people, mainly on monetary basis through the use of computer egemail hoaxes, programme fraud, investment scheme, sales promotion,hacking1 markFraud – 1mDefinition of fraud – 1mExample of fraud – 1m27 a. A- PresentationB - Graphicb. 2 Characteristics of OS• software provided for use, modification and redistribution• software that any programmer can download from the Internet for• free and modify with suggested improvements.the onlyqualification is that changes cant be copyrighted1 mark1 markAny 22 marks28 a. B - Coaxial CableC – Fiber opticb. No cost for physical medium- Data can be sent to unlimited people – no network- Data can be transmitted faster- Wider area of coverage1 mark1 markAny 22 marks29 a. TestingThe multimedia developers will use a checklist to test themultimedia program. If there are any errors, the programmer willfix the program.b. Navigation/ interface / content.Navigation –navigation aids and consistencyInterface – casper principles are usedWhich are contrast, proximity, emphasis andrepetitionContent – the goals of the program, text, graphics, audio, video,animation, language used and how informative the program is.1 mark1 mark for descriptionAny one andexplanation2 marks.30 a. Approach A – Structured approachApproach B - Object –oriented approachb.A Differences BUses a top downdesign modelUses Uses objectProgrammerdividesprogrammingproblem intomoduleEmphasize The programmerpackages thedata andfunction intosingle unit ,objectMediumprogrammingprojectSuitable for Largeprogrammingproject1 mark1 markAny two differences(2 Pairs) for 2marks
  3. 3. Marking Scheme Section CTrial Exam 201231. (a) Someone – perpetrators- Category of perpetratorsCategory DescriptionHacker Someone who accesses a computer or networkillegally. They often claim the intent of theirsecurity breaches is to improve security. They haveadvanced computer skills.Cracker Someone who accesses a computer or networkillegally, but has the intent of destroying data,stealing information, or other malicious action.They have advanced computer skills.Script Kiddie Someone who has the same intent as a cracker butdoes not have the technical skills and knowledge.They are often teenagers.CorporateSpySomeone who is hired to break into a specificcomputer and steal its proprietary data andinformation.UnethicalEmployeeEmployees who break into their employers’computers for a variety of reasons.CyberExtortionistSomeone who uses e-mail as a vehicle for extortionor libeling.CyberTerroristSomeone who uses the Internet or network todestroy or damage computers for political reasons.Perpetrators -1 m1 category – 1m1 discription – 1mTotal = 3marks31. (b) Describe 2 ways how people to protect their computer (throughhuman aspects)• User should be identified and authenticated• Users should disable file and printer sharing on Internetconnection.• Users should implement physical access control (lookeddoors, windows and equipment)• Users should use passwords, possessed objects andbiometrics.• Any reasonable answer – action take by the human/user.Any two and givebriefly explanation.4 marks(what action shouldtake by the human)32.Input Processing OutputCustomer nameModel of the carPrice of the carDown PaymentNumber of Years forthe loanAnnual InterestpercentageLoan = Price – DownPaymentMonthly Instalment =(((Loan x (Annual InterestPercentage / 100)) xNumber of Years + Loan) /(Number of Years x 12)MonthlyInstallmentInput – any 4 input for4 marksProcesss – 2 formulafor 2 marksOutput – 1 outputFor 1 marksTotal = 7 marks
  4. 4. 33.33.(a)(i) Fill(ii) Mak(iii) WritFriend’Friend IDNameAddressDate of B(b) Create aFRIENAMADDDATin the fieldske relationshite PK and FK’s InfoD (PK)irtha formFRIEEND IDMEDRESSTE OF BIRTinto the tableip ( one to mKEND’S INFOTHA0HANoTa2515emany)PhoTeleFrieORMATION001ASNUL BINo. 3 Lorongaman Kg Pa5200 Kuanta5.05.1994ne Numberephone Numend ID (FK)N FORMN AWANGg 70,adang 2,an.berGField i(any 3Field i(all CorLabel PKmake relTotal =Form TAny 3 FSampleDraw forTotal =in table 13) – 1 min table 2rrect)– 1mK & FK andlationship –1m= 3 marksTitle – 1mFields – 1mdata – 1 mrm in box –1m= 4 marks