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Tips from a retired facebook app developer


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Talk I gave at the BarCamp 4 of Auckland (July 2010).

I talk about lessons I have learned during my facebook years.

I give tips about how to start a facebook application, how to grow and retain your user base and other various Facebook strategy tips.

I hope you will find it useful.

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Tips from a retired facebook app developer

  1. Tips from a retired Facebook app developer<br />Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli<br />
  2. Who am I?<br />French .Net developer<br />Readify consultant in Australia<br />Turned into an entrepreneur thanks to Facebook<br />current project: TaskArmy<br />
  3. Why I may have a (interesting || different) point of view?<br />I am French (let me explain )<br />2 years<br />6 languages<br />15 applications<br />3500 dollars a day<br />1m users a day<br />10m users reached<br />20m page views a day<br />
  4. Why ‘retired’?<br />Volatile market<br />Platform dependence<br />API continuous changes<br />Gaming business<br />There is a thin line between entertaining people and wasting their time<br />
  5. My mistakes<br />Business ‘friend’ story<br />Php story<br />Underused emails<br />Lost focus<br />Cheaters<br />Monetization/Optimization<br />Money is a mind twister<br />
  6. Strategy tips<br />Make a game<br />Listen and interact<br />Target on ‘fresh’ markets<br />Build a community<br />Ask for their email addresses<br />
  7. High potential apps<br />RPG-type apps<br />Fads<br />Event related apps<br />Poker app in French <br />
  8. Game features that worked for me<br />Level system<br />Progress bar<br />Competition<br />Against yourself<br />Against your friends<br />Against everyone weekly<br />Against everyone in group<br />In-app chat<br />Limited amount of actions<br />
  9. Watch out for cheaters!<br />People have more time than you<br />0.01% of the users can ‘pollute’ everyone else<br />Smart vs lazy design<br />Care for the community<br />Tough challenge<br />
  10. Launching your application<br />Friends and family<br />Ad networks<br />Facebook ads<br />
  11. Facebook ads<br />Cheap-ish<br />Avoid US, UK, Canada, Australia<br />Scandinavian countries are your friends<br />The power of the “Likes” criteria<br />Start small<br />Genetic algorithm<br />
  12. Growing your userbase<br />Email marketing is king<br />User wall updates<br />Page updates<br />
  13. Questions?<br /><br />@AymericG<br />