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10 reasons you'll like Windows Server 2016


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Presentation of ten reasons and new features introduced in Windows Server 2016.
Explain the concept of Hyper-converged infrastructure.

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10 reasons you'll like Windows Server 2016

  1. 1. • 09H00 – 10H00: Accueil des participants • 10H00 – 10H15: Présentation de RFC par M. Ramzi MOKADDEM Directeur des projets à RFC • 10H15 – 11H00: Présentation de Windows Server 2016 (Part1) par M. Aymen MAMI Consultant à RFC • 11H00 – 11H30: Pause café • 11H30 – 12H15: Présentation de Windows Server 2016 (Part2) par M. Aymen MAMI Consultant à RFC • 12H15 – 13H00: Démonstrations de Windows Server 2016 par M. Aymen MAMI Consultant à RFC • 13H00 – 13H30: Cocktail déjeunatoire Agenda évènement Windows Server 2016 Mardi 23 mai 2017 à l’hôtel Acropole
  2. 2. Présentation de RFC Consulting Formation Réalisation de Projets Assistance & Support Service global de la stratégie à l'implémentation technologique au support Activité Commerciale WWW.RFC.COM.TN
  3. 3. 3 Nos Partenaires
  4. 4. Nos Références Services Financiers
  5. 5. Autres Références…
  6. 6. Hyper-V Remote Desktop Services PowerShell Active Directory Security
  7. 7. Desktop Experience Graphical Shell Management Tools MinShell Windows Server with Desktop Experience MinShell Windows Server Core Minimal OS Nano Server
  8. 8. Host OS Host OS Kernel User Mode Binaries/Libraries Container App 1 Container App 2 Binaries/Libraries Container App 3 Container App 4 Container App 5 Docker Pull App 1 App 1 Host OS Bins/Libs Dependency Dependency
  9. 9. Host OS Host OS Kernel User Mode Binaries/Libraries Container App 1 Container App 2 Binaries/Libraries Container App 3 Container App 4 Container App 5 Base Image 1 Kernel User Mode Bins/Libs Container App 6 Hyper-V VM Base Image 2 Kernel User Mode Bins/Libs Container App 7 Hyper-V VM Windows Containers Hyper-V Containers
  10. 10. SAS SAS SAS SAS Cluster SMB3
  11. 11. Data Log Data Log
  12. 12. Physical Network DDoS Protection Firewall ACLs VM Firewall VM Guest Virtual Network Isolation DFW & NSG Virtual Appliances SDN
  13. 13. Virtual networking Physical server Physical network Blue virtual machine Yellow virtual machine Blue network Yellow network
  14. 14. Shielded Virtual Machines
  15. 15. *NEW* Administrators now have the ability to add or remove virtual NICs (vNICs) from a VM without downtime.
  16. 16. *NEW* Runtime resize: Administrators can now increase, or decrease VM memory without VM downtime. Cannot be decreased lower than current demand, or increased higher than physical system memory.
  17. 17. Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V High performance live migration (compression/RDMA) Zero downtime upgrades Automatic VM Activation Live VM export Guest backup improvements Enhanced VMConnect Dynamic memory host balancing First class Linux support – Dynamic memory, file system consistent host based backup RemoteFX over WAN Generation 2 Virtual Machines Secure boot in a VM User defined meta data for VHDX PowerShell for all Hyper-V operations Hyper-V Metrics Shared nothing live migration High performance auto tiered storage spaces Write back cache with spaces Storage QoS Shared VHDX for guest clustering VHDX online resize Storage deduplication with live VMs for VDI Hyper-V Recovery Manager (Microsoft Azure Site recovery) Azure Backup Inbox multi-tenant site-to-site VPN gateway for physical & virtual networks Protected VM Networks/Virtual RSS Enhanced LBFO performance with NIC teaming Hyper-V Extensible Switch 4K Sector support Hyper-V over SMB Hyper-V over Spaces & ReFS 64 VP, 1 TB VMs SR-IOV for 10+GB networking 64TB VHDX Hyper-V Replica Network Virtualization USB redirection over RemoteFX vGPU Hot add/remove of storage VHDX resiliency Dynamic & differencing VHDX performance improvements 384 LP, 4TB physical system 2+ Million IOPS to a single VM Resource Pools NUMA in a VM 1024 running VMs on a host Shielded VM support vTPM Key Storage Drive for Gen 1 VM Guest VSM (enable Device Guard & Credential Guard in a VM) VM Isolation Linux Secure Boot Distributed Storage QoS REFS Block REFS Fast Fixed Disk Creation RemoteFX improvements Discrete Device Assignment of GPU Headless mode support Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) Backup improvements Backup of Shared VHDX Nested virtualization VMCX configuration file Nano Server Host Support Multi-host management (WMI) Hypervisor Power Management (connected standby works) Virtual machine grouping IC Upgrade via Windows Update HvSocket (Guest-Host) TimeSync improvements 240 VP, 16TB VMs Support for Containers VM configuration version & upgrade Runtime Memory Resize Hot / add remove of NICs Production Checkpoints Storage Resiliency - All Paths Down Online Resize for Shared VHDX Hot add / remove of replicated VHD Rolling Cluster Upgrade Cluster Compute Resiliency Cluster Node Quarantine Device Naming of NIC 512LP, 24TB Host Direct Device Assignment
  18. 18. Capability Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 Standard and Datacenter Windows Server 2016 Standard and Datacenter VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus Physical (Host) Memory Support Up to 4 TB per physical server Up to 24 TB per physical server (6x) Up to 6 TB per physical server (12 TB for specific OEM certified platform) Physical (Host) Logical Processor Support Up to 320 LPs Up to 512 LPs Up to 480 LPs Virtual Machine Memory Support Up to 1 TB per VM Up to 16 TB per VM (16x) Up to 4TB per VM Virtual Machine Virtual Processor Support Up to 64 VPs per VM Up to 240 VPs per VM (3.75x) Up to 128 VPs per VM Source:
  19. 19. *NEW* Shared VHDX supports online resize. *NEW* Shared VHDX supports Hyper-V Replica and host-level backup.
  20. 20. 1. 2. 3. 3 02 11 20 3
  21. 21. Shielded VMs and Host Guardian Service VM Security Virtualization Based Security (code integrity, credential guard) Hyper-V Containers Nano Control Flow Guard Device Guard Credential Guard and Remote Credential Guard Privileged Identity Management, JEA and JIT Enhanced Logging Built-in Anti-Malware Nano