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It's a model that I developed once I was working in Meydan Business Incubator to attract new ideas to the incubation program. It was so much fun to analyze the problems & challenges Meydan was facing and the opportunities we can make use of.

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Ideas Generating Manual

  1. 1. Ideas Generating ManualBy: Ayman Basheer
  2. 2. Ideas GeneratingManual The ModelA Model Based On Trust: Value Trust Transparency Ubiquity
  3. 3. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model This model concentrates on the trust as a key motivator Value that can be generated in the targeted audience to effectively communicate, engage, and yield the wanted results. This model connect the trust with a three perquisites; Trust Value, Transparency, and Ubiquity. With the strong existence of the three, the trust can be generated. Transparency Ubiquity Value What do you have and what I’ll get? Transparency I can understand you very well (thoroughly). Ubiquity Almost everyone knows that you do exist.
  4. 4. Ideas GeneratingManual The ModelA Model Based On Trust: - Offer Attractive Competences. Value - Show Positive Expected Results. Trust Transparency Ubiquity - Provide A Clear Incubation Process. - Get A Media Presence. - Provide A Clear Procedures. - Engage In The Community. - Provide A Clear Frame of Relations. - Get A Presence In Events.
  5. 5. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Provide clear Incubation Process: Value - Provide Clear Answers For The 5 W’s: 1. What are the different phases? Trust 2. Why should I go through each? Transparency Ubiquity 3. When should I go through each? 4. Where each phase will take places? Transparency 5. Who will escort & help my through each?
  6. 6. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Provide A Clear Procedures: Value Dimensions: 1. Idea Articulation. 2. Incubation Process. Trust 3. Pro-Incubation. Transparency Ubiquity - Idea Articulation: 1. Submission. 2. Preliminary listening session 3. Panel listening session. Transparency 4. Verdict.
  7. 7. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Provide A Clear Procedures: Value - Incubation: 1. Incubation options: a) Acceleration program. b) Labs program. Trust 2. Incubation Process: Transparency Ubiquity a) Detailed schedule. b) Mentoring & coaching. 3. Legal aspect: Transparency a) NDA. b) MOU. i. When to sign? ii. Place of signing? iii. Who involved? c) Shares. d) Investor. e) Liabilities.
  8. 8. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Provide A Clear Procedures: Value 4. Financial aspect: a) Seed Fund. a) Source? b) Amount options? Trust c) Payments (Process flow)? b) Investor Fund: Transparency Ubiquity a) Source? b) Shares? 5. Physical Aspect: Transparency a) Office. b) Amenities.
  9. 9. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Provide A Clear Procedures: Value - Pro-Incubation: 1. Pro-Incubation Relations Framework: a) Meydan role. b) Shares modifications. Trust Transparency Ubiquity Transparency
  10. 10. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Provide A Clear Frame Of Relations: Value - Obligations: 1. Meydan Obligations. 2. Pioneer Obligations. Trust Transparency Ubiquity Transparency
  11. 11. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Offer Attractive Competences: Value - Concentrate On Core Competencies: 1. Mentoring & Coaching. 2. Intimate Market knowledge. Trust 3. Startups Consultancy Services. 4. Growth Services. 5. We Ask For Small Company Share. Transparency Ubiquity Value
  12. 12. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Show Positive Expected Results: Value - Concentrate On Meydan Success Stories. - Concentrate On Market Opportunities. Trust 1. Local Market. 2. Regional Market. 3. Global Market. Transparency Ubiquity - Concentrate On Meydan’s Strong Relations Network: Value 1. Mentors. 2. Facilitators. 3. Investors.
  13. 13. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Get A Media Presence: Value Dimensions: 1. Targeted Audience. 2. Message. Trust 3. Channels. - Targeted Audience: Transparency Ubiquity 1. Define age range. 2. Define geographic range. 3. Define the socioeconomic basis. Ubiquity - Message: 1. Get an engaging message. a) Concentrate on the offered Value. i. Core competencies. ii. Strong success chances. b) Make it relevant to the targeted audience as much as possible. I. Age based. II. Socioeconomic based. III. Geographical based.
  14. 14. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Get A Media Presence: Value - Channels: 1. Utilize the mass media. a) Newspapers. b) Radio. Trust c) TV. Transparency Ubiquity 2. Use the social media: a) Facebook ads, groups, pages. b) Twitter. c) Blogs. Ubiquity d) Wikipedia.
  15. 15. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Engage In The Community: Value - Understand The Community: 1. What’re their problems? 2. What’re their aspirations? Trust - Get the Meydan message across by Transparency Ubiquity concentrating on providing solutions to the pre-defined community aspirations. - Sponsor any community event that has a Ubiquity potential to spread the awareness about Meydan and engage people in our business.
  16. 16. Ideas GeneratingManual The Model Get A Presence In Events: Value - Make sure that Meydan present in the startups & entrepreneurship events as much as possible. Trust - Empower our presence by performing an Transparency Ubiquity introductory speeches on Meydan’s concept. - Sponsor entrepreneurship-related events Ubiquity to spread the awareness of Meydan.