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A Mercy for All That Exists


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A Mercy for All That Exist
Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the best role model for all humankind. Among his outstanding virtues and characteristics, he was an extraordinary husband, a perfect father, and a unique grandfather. He was also a great statesman, judge, and spiritual leader. His most distinctive quality, however, was the fact that he was a blessing to all in both word and deed.

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A Mercy for All That Exists

  1. 1. C$t-dttr"e*-;AMercy All Exists For That arFt &4eJAr.Ct+fJt 4g+r+ crt+Jt=Jt iuazt F:J44
  2. 2. @ Cooperative ofGuidance Callat Otfice and Tabouk,200g King ahd ational F N Library Catatoging-in-pubtication DataCooperative Oflice Calland Guidance Tabouk for at A mercy thatexits, Cooperative for Call for i Office and Guidance Tabouk Atteejani at : Muhammad -e a bo u k 0 0 8 Si d d i q u T ,2 2 8 P . ; 1 2 X 1c m . 7 ISBN: 978-9960-9526-5-9 1-Muhammad, Prophet, - Biography 632 l- Atteejani Muhammad (transtator) Siddiquie ll-Tiile239.7 dc 1429t4988 L.D. no. 1429/4988 ISBN: 978-9960-9526-5-9
  3. 3. A Mercy for all That ESistsTo: All our brothers in humanity; to thepeopleof the North.C/O: The Danish As the smoke of your bitter, dirty andhenceexpensivederision is still lingering inthe air, and as the insult- it implied for Islamand its Honourable Prophet Muhammad,may Peaceand Blessingsof Allah be uponhim, and may Allah the exalted keep himsafe from any derogative intention- shallremain gnawing at our minds; let us start ourarticle with the tbllowing English Ballad of a Soldier: The dovehastorn her wing ... So no more songsof love. We arenot hereto sing . . .. We arehere.tokill the dove. First of all, let us try and give You aconcise fragrant account from among hissealednectar;i.e. from his biography-maypeaceand blessings Allah be upon him- of I
  4. 4. for if we tried to give most- let aloneall- ofit, then we shall need big volumes. yetbefore we start, allow me to assureyou thatwhatsoever you do, we- and by we I meanallMuslims- will never,even,think of throwinga shadowof doubt at the miraculouscreationof Jesus Christ. Nay! But we shall notapproach him but with sincere love andsound creed that he was a MessengerofAllah (God) and His Word which Hebestowedon Mary. The One whom you triedhard to insult- yet to no avail- has taught usso from what has been revealedto him fromhis Lord- Allah, Glorified be Him- throuehJibreel (Gabriel). See how the Almighty (cod) Allah,Exalted be Him, stated this in His NobleQuran:- a c 7 / )t/ / ) ,t, ,LiJFruli,-tlU;.urF:.,l,* r:fyI lF . /r, ) . )"-C; V J) L^Ulifr.rlJ;--., L,-;,J 0 "r-r iJl /5n//. ))/ tjli< rrit r#rtui !l; t: #):aU f,U,-tr"lt,r)
  5. 5. . 171:"1-l{.Mt {O peopleof the Scripture(Christians)!Donot exceed limits in your religion,nor say theof Allah aughtbut the truth. The MessiahIsa(Jesus),son of Maryam (Mary), was (nomore than) a Messengerof Allah and HisWord, ("Be!- and he was ) which Hebestowedon Mary and a spirit (Ruh) createdby Him; so believe in Allah and HisMessengers.Say not: "fhree (trinity)!"Cease! is) betterfor you. For Allah is (the (itonly) One Ilah (God), Glorified is He (FarExaltedis He) abovehaving a son. To Himbelongsall that is in the heavens and all thatis in the earth.And Allah is All-Sufficientasa Disposer Affairs.) Quran,4:171. of Jesushimself was quotedto have said inthe Bible: (( Im not sent but unto the lostsheep the Houseof Israel)). of Mathews, 15:24 lnot (and the like); as some of you whotend to interpret and hence distort the word lll
  6. 6. of God accordingto their own desires,musthave added.lAnd he also said: ((And this isEternal life, that they may Know You, TheOnly True God and Jesuswhom you havesent.))John 17:3.Thesetwo Biblical versesshow clearly that Jesus ( gll*tr4") was aMessenger, not god! and Well! If the question:(Why am I insertingthese two Biblical verses here?- as they .might seeminappropriate-) still swimming isat the back of your minds; we shall answerassuch; the first Biblical verse confirms andconsolidate the above mentioned Quranicverse which statedthat JesusChrist (PeaceandBlessings Allah be on him), wasjust a ofMessenger Allah (God) to the Childrenof ofIsrael only; and not to all mankind.Secondly,the other verse also confirms thatJesusChrist (P.B.U.H.)called his peopletoworship Allah (God) Alone without settingany partnersor co-equals unto Him. So,Thisis the same and whole truth in Islam. Andthat is: thereis only one God (Whom we call lv
  7. 7. Allah), the Creator and Sustainer of thewhole universe (Blessedand Exaltedis He). Not only that, but we were also told thathe- i.e. Jesus-gave the glad tidings of theadvent of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.).Allah saidin His Noble Quran:Jn q! Ul)C .rti: 1Joi5 p 3;irJ4 0r",," t,, . r r -rorr ". Zql q €.jat.# t.i qfl4" "rr^", "1^r , o ) , a /// a I:jrJ { "#".fu ii u3ruJ."q Ll,-J-L .6{And (remember) when Isa (Jesus)son ofMaryam(Mary) said:"O Childrenof IsraeMam the Messenger of Allah to Youconfirming the Taurat [(Torah) which came]before ffie, and giving glad tidings of aMessenger come after me, whose name toshall be Ahmad.* But when he (Ahmad i.eMuhammad&) came to them with clearproofs, they said: "This is plain magic.")Q u ran , 6 1 :. 6
  8. 8. Well! We know that most of you are tooobstinateto believe in the divinenessof theNoble Quran.Not only.that, but we are alsosure that you have indifferently obliteratedthe word (Paraclete) which means: [thepraised; and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) inArabic meansthe praisedone. i.e. ParacletemeansMuhammad],from the old version ofthe Bible. And you ask me why you woulddo this!? Why! The reason is veryconspicuousand it, simply, is to eradicateany good effect it will make on the righteousChristians;and hence guide them into theembrace Islam. of But, nevertheless, may refer to some weevidences-i.e. of the coming of ProphetMuhammad (P.B.U.H.)- in the OldTestament. Let us read the followingheedfully; Prophet Moses (Peacebe uponhim) was quotedas saying: {.. I will raise them up a Prophetfromamongtheir brethren, like unto thee,andwillput my words into his mouth; and he shallspeak unto them all that I shall command VI
  9. 9. him.) (Deuteronomy 17-18).The Bible l8:refers to the Israelitesas the brethrenof theIshmaelites (e.g.Gen. 16: 2 & Gen.25: 18).So,the Prophethere is Muhammad. And if we look closely, we shall tealzethat this revelationhas come to pass. Thewords of God (the Quran)were "put into hismouth." As the Quranitself described: , ,F.Vt ,Ju a...*lrl uIP 3l { 3 b6A I F r J; .4-3 :a-,t ;;. 4.4Y{Nor doeshe speak of (his own) desire. isItonly a Revelationrevealed.)Quran, 53:3-4. So no*, and before our (reading) shipanchoursfor early morning fishing- whichhere is to take a glance at the briefedbiography,I beg you to readneutrally so thatyou may benefitfrom it (Allah willing).A Brief Account from the SealedNectar:-a His Creationand ProPhethood: And now let us have a look at thebiography of the best of creatures- the ofman whom you have wrongedmonstrously. vii
  10. 10. Our first and sound creed is that he is ahumanbeing whosecreationwas naturallikethat of Moses; (like unto thee) [ may peaceand blessingsof Allah be upon them], andthen Allah senthim to all mankind.Allah theAlmighty says:I , t z z z t "(, 1;) *:. otu[iitru) !L) L:j ] :ju r d.-* Ji .28:v $1j;-Xu oAtSi;x(Ahmad) literally means:"One who praisesAllah more than the others"{ And We havenot sentyou (O Muhammad@ exceptas a giver of glad tidings and awarnerto all mankind,but most of menknow not.) Quran,24: 28. o t r( !-i; rr. ut c_{ S; ;, jt-Jj ,4 t, , } :*rlJu _e .93:t-!t viii
  11. 11. And the Almighty. said: {Say (OMuhammadW): " Glorified (and Exalted) ismy Lord [(Allah) above all that evil they(polytheists) associate with Himl! Am Ianything but a man, sent as a Messenger?)Quran, 93. 77: So, as you can see from the aboveQuranicVerses,he was sent to all mankind.Not only that, but he was also a mercy givenas a gift to man and the jinn as well; in orderto savethem from Hell Fire and henceguidethem to the Gardensof Delight (Paradise),and to the Pleasure of Allah throughworshipping One God; i.e. Allah. TheA lmig h t ys a i d : - ; .107:"Ulr{4*_*, r;-e uJiJulrli }-:JH Jtr {And We have sentyou (O Muhammad@)not but as a mercy for the Alamin (mankind,jinn andall thatexists))Quran, 107. 2l: And Abu Hurairah narrated that theMessenger (P.B.U.H) said: "I am only amercygiven asa gift." IX
  12. 12. Ja,b, [.ir# i;, -:1$ ji ui t1,J1 @,.urJr-, rt"t ,J. ,S *.l 5tltB:- His Miracles: Allah the Almighty provided HisMessengers (peace be upon them) withmiracles.In caseof Muhammad@ He gavehim two kinds of miracles: material andabstract.The latter was the Quran,of course,which He promised to keep safe from anykind of distortion,and that was exactly whatHe-Exalted Him- did. He said:- be , .. . t f:;udi}; rJ} -:Jr Jr .9 :ra-Ir i}rtl Aug {{Verily, We, it is W; ilho have sent downthe Dhikr (i.e. the Quran) and surely, Wewill guardit (from corruption).)Quran,:9. Yet the materialmiraclesbestowed uponProphet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) were somany that we will be obliged to mention afew of them only. We would betterstartr.viththe one which seemsto be incredibleyettrue; and that was the miraculous Night
  13. 13. Journey from Makkah to the FarthestMosque in Jerusalem, and the Ascentthrough Spheres of Heavens. This wasconfirmedby the Almighty Himself when Hesaid:- . .// a t.r,.Jtt S,*i 6f ;s:r3tPh -:,Jlr.1 i 1,L.-J,;rlv. r"l}; , : ,,, .,+3t rQ, i o.o q 6u.q lt,_? J) q .1:t-)t A.-:r, {Glorified (and Exalted) is He (Allah)[Above all that (evil) they associatewithHiml Who took His slave (Muhammad &)for a journey by night form Al- Masiid- al-Haram (at Makkah) to Z,l- Masjid- al- Aqsa(in Jerusalem), neighbourhood the whereofWe have blessed, in order that We mightshow him (Muhammad@) of Our Ayat(proofs, evidences lessons, signs, etc.))Qu ran 1 7 : l . , Now lets seeone of the Muslims scholarsinterpretation this Verse. Ibn Al-Qaiyim ofsaid, "Allahs Messenger & was carried xi
  14. 14. physically from the Sacred Mosque inMakkah to Bait Al- Maqdis in Jerusalem,riding on Al- Buraq in the company ofGabriel r)ur.J,. Then during that same nighthe ascendedfrom Bait Al- Maqdis to theHeavens."Another incredible,yet true, miracle was thesplitting of the moon. Once the pagans ofMakkah asked Prophet Muhammad to showthem a sign; particularly a moon that wassplit asunder into two halves, (ust likeThamudthe people of Saleh).He then raisedhis handsand askedhis Lord (Allah) to splitthe moon so that his people might see andhencebelievein (the Oneness) Allah and ofthe Prophethoodof Muhammad). After hehad brought down his hands and they alllooked up, they saw that the moon had beencleft asunder into two separateparts. Ofcourse, they claimed that, that was plainmagic. But after two days, a caravancame(from Sham)and testifiedthat they had seen-in a part of that night- the moon split into xii
  15. 15. two halves. Allah, Exalted be Himmentionedthis in His Noble Quranwhen Hesaid:- /, ;irttcuri!r|-:.iE,1EV;frV; ibqt F r,I t, :/! .2-1 42Y* 4rj1;{The Hour has drawn near, and the moon hasbeen cleft asunder.And if they see a sign,they turn away,and say: "This is continubusmagic.")Quran, l-2. 54: What do I hear with the ear of the mind?That you do not believethis, too!? Thenwhydont you ask the American Astronautswhowent to the moon in one of Apollo journeysto the moon? They told the interviewer fromthe B.B.C. that they had observeda crack going along the moon in a straightline; and that it was filled with rocks which were different from those near them. When the B.B.C man askedthem what they thoughtof that, rhey directly answered him saying, "Well! The only scientific answer-that we canthink of- is that: The moon hasbeensplit xiii
  16. 16. asunderone day. "Glorified and Exalted be Allah (God) Who createdthe heavensand earth and all that is befweenthem! Like I said before, we can only brief the miracles. They are too many, and from among them was the flowing of the water from his fingers to the extent that more than three hundred of his companions couldperform ablution from a small bowel. And from amongthem was his sitting in place ofthe Gazelle. He told the Arab. who hadcaptured her, to set her free becauseshepromised him to come back after beingsuckled by her young ones; and that hewould wait until she came.When the Arabsawher comingback,he couldntbelievehiseyes.So when the Prophet saidto him: "Willyou sell her to me?" He said: "Its all yours;O Messenger Allah!" So the prophetset ofher free and sheran into the desert. And theywere so many....;but it is beyondour limitsto mentionthem all. here.C:-His Moral Ethics:- xiv
  17. 17. These were exactly the opposite of whatyou have strived hard-yet to no avail- torho* by your despicablecaricaturesAllahHimself negatedthe harsh,brutal savagenessand the other derogative attributes; andshowed that Muhammad was far from themThe AlmightYsaid:- , ti , 4?r, ) :rurti*;ryu6tiiar.i a "{ . .rure ?.,tt: fi;*rt & -Lv ,A; J r); ril ;r-5 with{And by the Mercy of Allah, you dealtthem gently. And had you (Muhammad&)been severeand harsh- heartedthey wouldhave broken away from about you; so passover (their faults), and ask (Allahs)Forgiveness them; and consult them in forthe affair..)Quran, 159. 3: Then in another Quranic Verse, The Exalted One confirmed his good conducts; whenhe said:- XV
  18. 18. .4 :rlitt{ Ftr ;g ,,I1} }-:Jt"; r rL* Ji Jtl_1 a2t {And verily, you (Muhammad @) are on anexalted(standardof) character.) Quran,68:4. Not only that, but He (i.e. Allah) alsoconfirmed that Muhammadwas full of pity,clement,compassionate merciful for the andbelievers. This is a very little part of the biographyof the best of creatures,the MessengerofAllah, Muhammad whose reputation youstrived hard- but in vain- to defile. The manto whom even the animalsusedto complain,to whom the poisonedbone spoke and toldhim that it (i.e.the bone)had beenpoisoned ;and to whom the stonesand the treesusedtogive greetings [by saying: (Peacebe uponyou O Muhammad!O Messenger Allah)l ofduring the first daysof his Prophethood. Again you are incredulous!Well! Whydont you ask one of your great writers; ImeanMr. Michael H. Hart. Lets seetoeetherwhat he said aboutMuhammad#:- xvl
  19. 19. {[In his book, The Hundred: A Ranking ofthe Most Influential Persons in History,Michael H. Hart stated: "My choice ofMuhammadto lead the list of the world mostinfluential persons may surprise somereadersand may be questioned others,but byhe was the onlv man in historv who wassupremelvsuccessful both the religious on@" Hart concluded that, "It is this unparalleledcombination of secular and religiousinfluencewhich I feel entitlesMuhammadtobe consideredthe most influential singlefigure in humanhistory"]) An extractfrom abookletby Dr. Naji IbrahimArfaj. You can also ask Sir George BernardShaw aboutthe idea which he conceived ofMuhammad qW. We, all, know that he isdead;but his books are still availablein thebookshops. his book,The GenuineIslam, Inhe- i.e. BernardShaw-said:"I believethat if a man like him were to assume leadership the of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its proble"tt a way that would i: XVII
  20. 20. bring to this world much neededpeaceandhappiness." Then he added: "He was by farthe most remarkable man that ever set footon this earth. He preached a religion,founded a state,built a nation, laid down amoral code, ...etc." If you are truth seekersand you read your scholarsbooks you willfind it obviously shown in their true writings.In other words, you shall find the real truthwithin the writings of those who used towrite truly. Allow me to attract yourattention- concerning this matter- to whatEarnestHemingwayonce said: "The problemwith every writer lies between him and hisown self. And it-simply-is how to writetruly!" But before our letter comesto an end, wewould like to mention two more things sothat Allah (god) the Almighty and Who is thedoer of whatsoeverHe intends (or wills),might remove the covering from in front ofyour eyes; and hence you may see theeverlastinglight! Well! The first is: in theNew Testament the Bible Jesus of (P.B.U.H.) xviii
  21. 21. declared, "...and He shall give you anotherComforter"(John, 14: 16). The question is: Who is this "otherComforter" to come after Jesus? you read Ifneutrallywith a clearmind what Jesus said inadditionto the aboveBiblical Verse,you willbe convincedthat this Comforter is no oneother than Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). InadditionJesus said,"..How be it when he thespirit of truth, is come,he will guideyou intoall truth: for he shall not speak of himself;but whatsoeverhe shall hear, [that] shall hespeak:and he will show you things to come.He shallglori$ me.."(John 16:714). The second point is that the aboveProphecydeclaredby Jesus(P.B.U.H.)hascome to pass;and the Comforter came afterhim and startedguiding all peopleinto all thetruth. For you (i.e. Christians)in particular,he saidthe following guidance:- 1t r{jJr-|,,.lrt!) 1JJil ! ,& I rtl.".,,r1 n J,-, JB ,J"- )r)ta "rl *4!.:rJ {r} k ;e ,A}; s,.ti t.t-.J ili ,l d,[r, ) xix
  22. 22. / . t a;ir- ,.FJntr t , u " . *4rj,, ,:C, )21.,, o., .r:r,i jtr ji . . t , 1 . ! e: ft J)",",, :# ill;.tfirwhoever,.,.inJ",#ibe worshipped but Allah Alone, wi"thoutpartner,and that Muhammadis His slaveandMessenger, and that Isa (Jesus)is the slaveof Allah, and His Messenger, His Word andwhich He bestowedin Maryam (Mary), anda spirit (created)from Him, and that paradiseand Hell-Fire are realities,Allah will admithim into Paradise, whateverhis deedsmiehtbe.]Agreed upon. Eventually,we would like to invite you-and, at the same time, remind ourselves-toworship One God Only; just as Jesustoldyou: (( ..that they may know you, The OnlyTrue God and JesusChrist whom you havesent.))John 17:3. And just as Muhammad & told us fromwhat has been revealedto him From HisLord (Allah); remember Jesus prophecy: XX
  23. 23. (..but whatsoeverhe shall hear, [that] shallhe speak)).w. ,(i.:KJl [rLl; J, Y,-F r aL* Ji -u(r F,Ju, ; , , i, , , , 7. lto .-,.,r... }r!{,i q t;. t:" :,!f1i nr!l .).:;i(+J :;r* .64 J,4:ryt UCVi;hiir,J,l The Exalted said: { Say (O Muhammad@): "O people of the Scripture (Jews andChristians)l Come to a word that is justbetweenus and you, that we worship nonebut Allah (Alone), and that we associate nopartnerswith Him, and that none of us shalltake others as Lords besidesAllah. Then ifthey turn away, say: "Bear witness that weareMuslims") Quran,3.64. Like I said before,may Our Lord (Allah)take the covering from in front of your eyes,removeyou from the darkness polytheism ofand henceguideyou into the light of IslamicMonotheism! Why is the yellow sarcasticsmile;as I can seewith the eye of the mind!?Why dont you ask the- many- Christian xxi
  24. 24. scholarswho embracedIslam? RecentlytheGermanjoumalist and Dr. Jermiahsof theIrish- American ethnicity, who- both- wroteabout their spiritual journeys in the globalmarket;i.e. the Intemet. But if otherwise-that is if you dont feellike coming into the light- then, at least,stopyour damned Satanic caricatures. By theway! I forgot to tell you that you haveunconsciouslydone us- Muslims- a bigfavour, for which we do not feel obliged toshow our gratitudebecause was insincerely itdone. First, you unconsciouslyinspired agreatreligiousvigilanceamongthe Muslims.They started checking their situations andtheir standinggrounds.Consequently, theirlove for their lenient,clementcompassionate.and merciful Messenger was immenselyincreased. only that,but they alsostarted Notto follow his teachingsclosely.The secondpoint is that you createda big publicity forhim- may Peaceand Blessingsof Allah beupon him! Peoplestartedto ask themselves:who is this man that causedall this row? XXII
  25. 25. Consequently, they startedreadingabouthimand his religion, and a lot of them embracedIslam thereafter. Havent you realizedthat heis a mercy for the worlds (of mankind andJinn);evenwhen he is insulted!? O Danish caricaturists!Dont you believein co-existence? Then live and let the otherslive! The earth is so wide and there are vastexpanses fertile soils for everyone,even offor your milk cows. Cease! It is better foryou; or you will turn us- Muslims- into an implacable enemy for whom just theboycotting of your milk productswill not be satisfactory. Thats all (what) I wanted to say for now, and may Peaceand Blessingsof Allah be upon him who has been sent as a mercy for mankind, jinn and all that Exists! Allah, Exaltedbe Him said:- KXIII
  26. 26. Ji;;Jl "F ,_J-r-J-J4 +A-ti;, ,-ri";sr, ( lSl F ,],:lt,*iu;4J80y$;. . 182-180:.r!La]l 182}.lJi}t {{Glorified is your Lord, the Lord of Honourand Power! (He is free) from what theyattribute to Him! And Peace be upon theMessengers! And all praise and thanks areAllahs the Lord of the Alamin (mankind,jinn and all that exists).) Quran, 37: 180-r82.At-Tij ani MuhammadSiddieque, A Tabuk Islamic Center.translator, xxiv
  27. 27. tV lr*l*itr..r.wffirett1lot/tr1ol: o/!Jrlirr rrf 1 11 : JtJ