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Immune system disorders


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Immune system disorders

  1. 1. AllergyTransplant RejectionImmune DeficienciesAutoimmune Diseases
  2. 2. » Sometimes calledhypersensitivity.» Caused by immuneresponses to someantigens.
  3. 3.  Caused by humoralimmune mechanisms.Symtoms:Runny noseWatery eyessneezing
  4. 4.  Cell mediated Inflammation of the body tissue
  5. 5. The immune system recognizes and attacksanything different from the substances normallypresent within an individual, even substances thatare only slightly different, such as transplantedtissues and organs.
  6. 6. INHERITEDDiGeorge syndromeno thymuscannot produce mature T lymphocytesSevere combined immunodificiency (SCID)completely lack both T & B lymphocytes
  7. 7. ACQUIREDRadiation therapyreduce lymphocytes productionHuman Immunodeficiency (HIV)Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)highly susceptible to all infectious agents
  8. 8. Autoimmunity is the immune response of the bodyturned against its own cells and tissues.exampleType 1 diabetes – body cannot use sugarsmyasthenia gravis – weakness & paralysisrheumatic fever – permanent heart damageSystemic Lupus Erythematosus