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  1. 2. Introduction What is Movie Maker Program Why do we use it ? How do we use it ? Related Program Useful Websites Conclusion
  2. 3. By increasing the interest of the multimedia and need something can help people to show their work by creative way and make their own movies, many of the programs were appearing. One of these programs is Movie Maker for creating a movie by using pictures , motions and many other effects.
  3. 5. Movie Maker Program is designed to allow you to assemble and edit new home videos and movies from raw digital video footage.
  4. 6. 1. Creating Movies
  5. 7. 2. Creating Slide shows
  6. 8. 1. Insert Video and cut it
  7. 9. 2. Insert picture
  8. 10. 3. Add sounds
  9. 11. 4. Add text
  10. 12. 5. Add effects
  11. 13. 6. Add transitions
  12. 14. Create stunning professional slideshows with unlimited production control, powerful creative tools and time-saving shortcuts.
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