CGD Profile
                       Consulting Group for Development (CGD)
                                  Turning Ideas ...
CGD is synergizing our diverse professionals and high expertise teamwork to deliver
consulting services in busine...
•       Advancing talented human capital to sustain competitive in the market place and
        lifetime learning experien...
CGD Relevant Management and Technical Qualifications

I.    Analytical support and networking in local community developme...
•      Provided technical competitiveness assessment for the Palestinian Federation Industrial Zones in
       selection o...
V.     CGD and its Consultants Key Achievements and Deliverables:
•      Introduced the first model of business incub...
operational appeal guidelines for the local committees in 15 operational districts for
    the ministry of social affairs ...
•      Contributed to various Development Gateways communities forums, reviewed
       researches pre-publications, p...
•     Drafted and finalized strategic manual and financial policies for the Palestinian
       Federation of Industry, spo...
o NGOs development;
          o Public relations and image building tools;
          o Business Incubation Management;
o NGO-Grassroots Organization, the Palestinian Association for Society
            Service, Gaza Strip.
       o Private B...
•   Developing Capacities of Disadvantaged Headed Household Women in the
    underserved Areas in The Northern Gaza, Gaza ...
•       Drafted project proposal study for Municipality Council in Beit Lahia and Beit
        Hanoun for Environmental Ef...
VII. CGD Organizational Structure:

                                       CGD Board of Directors

VIII. Our founders:
Chief Technical Advisor and Team Leader (Khaled Ayesh) is holding an MBA degree in
Management from dis...
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Consulting Group for Development, CGD Profile


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Brief about Consulting Group for Development, CGD

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Consulting Group for Development, CGD Profile

  1. 1. CGD Profile Consulting Group for Development (CGD) Turning Ideas into Advantages Background: CGD has been founded as a group of professionals and consortium expatriates synergized to respond for demand-driven business consulting services and won competitive calls for consulting services since 2004. CGD launched unique business development services and provided excellent consulting services in technical and advisory services; prepared evaluation studies, surveyed need assessments, delivered capacity building solutions, institutional building systems and business development innovations; delivered marketing strategies, business plans, business feasibility studies; initiated value added and supply chains development, oversight infrastructure construction, engineering design and supervision, created cluster development approaches and SMEs competitiveness initiatives, delivered banking training programs, financial assessments and business evaluation, assessed feasibilities for microfinance facilitation, NGOs development, etc. We served diverse clients: small business, community based organizations, ministries, public service providers, small agricultural cooperatives and strengthening poor’s capacities in the underserved areas. With our team, we have long experiences of projects funded and implemented by: DFID, The British Council, EU, UNDP, GEF, USAID, World Bank, GTZ, SIDA, DANIDA, CIDA, NAP, Private Sectors, Academic Institutions, UN organizations, US and Palestinian Small Businesses, Industry Zone (KIZ/KOZ), Banking Institutions, microfinance, Consulting firms, Ministries of social affairs, ministry of finance, ministry of labor, ministry of education, ministry of health, etc. We work in partnership with stakeholders in government, the private sector and NGOs and citizens groups. Much of this work receives support from the international development agencies. We combine innovation and creativity with a totally reliable pair of hands that is trusted to deliver the largest technical collaboration projects. End Results: 1. Providing competitive fast-moving business development services. 2. Creating high profile of trusted and high quality standard of consulting services development. 3. Positioning the Group to be the first choice in the field. 4. Contributing to sustainable development and business opportunities for all stakeholders. 5. Establishing a resource of talented professional bank and resource center for consulting business best practices. 6. Networking with key donors and winning contracts in technical cooperation/assistance, project design and deliveries in MENA region. Vision: CGD is working to provide high quality business development opportunities, delivering effective advisory services to ultimately create competitive advantage and sustaining human prosperity and development for all stakeholders.
  2. 2. Mission: CGD is synergizing our diverse professionals and high expertise teamwork to deliver consulting services in business development, capacity building, health management, social safety nets, training design and deliveries, research and surveying, needs assessment, human capital development, institutional building, HRM, TQM, customer care management, client relationship management, marketing strategies and promotional plan, business plan, feasibility studies and pre-feasibility studies, financial analysis and control, accounting management, costing and price strategy, economic development program, business incubation system, grant management, non-governmental organization development, proposal writing and fund raising strategies, budgeting technique and applications, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment studies, image building, public relation campaigns, networking and advocacy programs, public administration, information technology and telecommunication, sales management, industry development, SMEs development, hospital administration and strategic health management systems. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results. We seek to be agents of change -for our clients, our people, and society broadly. We are committed to: • Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions • Building capabilities and mobilizing organizations • Driving sustainable impact • Providing unparalleled opportunities for personal growth • Succeeding together with passion and trust As the Partner of choice to transform business and society. Social responsibility: • Client-centered and respect high confidentiality. • Advocated to lift poor from poverty and empowering entrepreneurship culture. • Providing equal opportunities services for all. • Contributing to the civic development and advancing human capital growth. • Disseminating and sharing information and best practices in the consulting services industry. • Encouraging research and development in all fields. Long Term Goals: • Developing civic organizations to deliver high quality services in the filed of humanitarian actions, social, health, education, women, child and others. • Strengthening the competitiveness of the SMEs and industry associations to do better business and creating more business opportunity for the poor and women. • Contributing to build better governance in the public sector services and building systematic approach within public service institutions and capacity building. 2
  3. 3. • Advancing talented human capital to sustain competitive in the market place and lifetime learning experiences. Objectives and Stakeholders: NGOs • Synergies and networking • Capacity building and public relation and project management guides • Financial and accounting procedures • Management system and organization development • Monitoring and evaluation systems Private Sector Development: • Access to market • Access to know-how • Access to finance • Quality improvement and certification Public Sector Services • Good governance • Accountability and financial transparencies • Public administration • Civic and community development Human Capital • Recruiting and maintaining talented graduates • Advancing personal and professional competencies • Research and development • Professional certification 3
  4. 4. CGD Relevant Management and Technical Qualifications I. Analytical support and networking in local community development: The Consulting Group for Development, CGD have solid and strong capabilities and internal resource-based competence equipped with its high credintials personnel technical and professional people who worked intensively in the academic researches and development studies, the Group have built fundamental base for any community driven development initiatives and knowledge transfer projects, undertook several community development studies, rural and urban planning, coaching villages council leaders; contributing to local development plan for Gaza City, undertook disadvantaged areas sectoral needs assessements studies, utilized participatory social development analysis, capable in diverse sectoral evaluation and networking with community leaders and experts in local, regional and international public-private platform partnerships and dissiminating knowledge transfer through high involvement in Villages, Camps, Rural and Urban communities development in both Gaza and West Bank. II. Management of large community-driven development programmes: • The CGD has produced and managed local community committees for social safety nets in rural, camps and urban areas throughout Gaza Strip with Cooperation with field districts offices of Ministry of Social Affairs; • Strengthened the Northern Gaza underserved areas and villages in agriculture cooperatives capacity building, training in safe agriculture production for farmers in villages; • Undertook massive surveyes of items availability due ot the closures imposed over the supply chain and its impact of the small groceries, pharmacies and supermarkets; and proposed actions for improving their capacity to better serve the marginalized areas in villages and poor areas in rural neighborhoods residential areas throughout Gaza Strip and proposed mechanism to strengthen the community food and medicines availability in these areas sponsored by DAI-USAID PED project; • Coached leaders in Refugees Camps in addressing local camps blocks needs for improving the refugees daily life in maintaining water supply, sanitary and sewage cleaning services, electric power, community involvement in municipality decision making; • Designed job creation programs for local villages councils to generate employment opportunities in various projects: land reclamation, paintings, maintaining public services establishments, health centers, environment, etc. for more than 5000 headed households in Gaza Strip; • Strengthening grassroots and women initiatives to start their own businesses through promoting marginalized targets in Villages and rural areas in Northen and Gaza City; • Establised market resource information center for the Chambers of Commerce in Gaza with full linkages and networking with overseas market intelligence studies and UN resources, the center produced technical studies and assessments, surveys, applied various tools and developed templates of surveyings, samplings, databases, data collection, and analysis as well as findings reportings for various decision making purposes; • Provided technical architectural design, sechematics drawings, land levelings, infrastructure planning, finalizing the heritage and tourism Village for the Ministry of Tourism implemented by Culture Arts & Popular Heritage Association, Gaza Strip. 4
  5. 5. • Provided technical competitiveness assessment for the Palestinian Federation Industrial Zones in selection of small businesses and managing industry clustering approach within the Industrial Zones in Gaza. • Proposed technical design and operational proposal for establishing Beit Lahia Public Parks for the villages neighborhood recreational activities, sponsored by Beit Lahia Municipality. • Helped, nurtured and incubated underserved targets of women, youth Initiatives throughout Gaza and delivered business plans and feasibility studies of establishing new businesses: Food Processing Units, Diary productions; bakeries unit; small fast food restaurants, plantations and green houses, foliage plantations, handcrafts and embroideries, wood and carpentry, food retails and wholesales, saloons and hairdressers; • Facilitated small and micro projects financing through providing feasibilities studies and with linking underserved targets with microfinance institutions and credit providers. • Prepared outreach program for special handicapped households, home-based nursing and speech and hearing impairment to serve underserved rural communities in South Gaza, and did oversight technical supervision for the Medical Sensory Rehabilitation Institute, sponsored by DAI. • Prepared and designed coordination mechanism for conditional cash transfer compliance for the poorest of the poor in West Bank and Gaza Ministries of Finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Affairs and UNRWA, The World Bank funded Social Safety Net Project. • Delivered various technical designs in architect, surveying, site supervisions, and infrastructure constructions of health clinic, kindergartens, nurseries, schools, private hospitals, water supply, UNRWA’s Shelters Rehabilitations, youth club, access road pavements and tiling. • Prepared cost analyses and tender technical contract and oversaw implementation of Construction Storm Water & Sewage Pressure pipeline (PWA) storm Water & Sewerage Pressure line: IE Access road Stage I & II (PIFEZA), Rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure in Bite Hanoun, the project budget $2,700,000, sponsored by UNDP. III. Access to local supliers/ networks: The CGD have accessed to all local, regional and international business development service providers, technical engineers, infrastructure contractors, community development stakeholders, rural development activists, mnicipal council leaders; microfinance providers; local community committees, civil society organisations, contents delvelopement agencies, portals rentals, networks managers, systems analyst, web disigners, e-commerce and e-solutions providers with fully respect to the Copy Rights and electronics laws applicable to international standards. IV. Experience of working with donor organisations: The CGD and the key professionals and technical consultants are all have very strong knowledge and familiar with all the donor organisations includes UNRWA, DFID, USAID, UNDP, GTZ, World Bank, EU, EC, SIDA, CIDA, GEF, other funding agencies and governmental bodies in implementing, designing, monitoring and evaluation multi donor-funded projects. 5
  6. 6. V. CGD and its Consultants Key Achievements and Deliverables: 2004 • Introduced the first model of business incubation system in Palestinian Territories and presented this model at the International Conference held by International Economic Development Center, IEDC Cincinnati-Ohio USA sponsored by USAID-Clinton Scholarship. • Designed and fine-tuned the technical proposal for establishing the Information Technology Incubator for the Islamic University and funded by InfoDev. • Delivered Train-the-Trainers in implementing the Social Safety Nets (15 Senior Officials from Ministry of Social Affairs) World Bank funded Social Safety Net Reform Project. • Developed Operational Targeting Intake Process Design and Implementation Guide to target the poorest of the poor in Social Safety Net Reform project and networked 15 districts operational areas with key ministries involved in West Bank and Gaza Strip. • Designed, testing and finalized the household’s consumption surveys for capturing poverty measures and determine thresholds cut off point and qualifies households eligible for cash transfer and social benefits in West Bank and Gaza beneficiaries. • Did oversight consulting services for Developing Agriculture Production and land reclamation in the villages and rural areas in the Northern Gaza for small cooperatives and privately owned poor farmers. • Representing Clarion Counties Key Opportunity Zone KOZ/KIZ in the Middle East and North Africa Region, provided potential prospect with technical support and business relocation plan, logistics support to relocate into Clarion KIZ/KOZ in Pennsylvania, USA. Relocated 5 SMEs from MENA regions expanded and opened successful business subsidiaries in the US with support of the Small Business Development Center, Trinity Point-Clarion Counties. • Creation of Performance management and appraisal system for the General Personnel Council and the Ministry of Health; Creation of Personnel Management system for the Ministry of Health; • Strategic planning for Al Nada Hospital and other institutions; Strategic Planning for AL Bait El Samed Institution; 2005 • Delivered an Impact Evaluation Study of the DFID Technical Assistance: Strengthening Health Management Project, implemented by the British Council, East Jerusalem for the benefits of the Palestinian Ministry of Health. • Provided training programs in Strategic Management and Competing for Advantages with Cooperation with Academy for Educational Development, AED and Clinton Scholars Association in Gaza Strip for senior public and private officials. (Tow-week workshop, 40 training hours). • Organized and formed local committees to participate to review household’s poor appeals and local neighborhood assessment for identifying the poor and re- qualifying the targeted poor and delivered participatory training sessions and 6
  7. 7. operational appeal guidelines for the local committees in 15 operational districts for the ministry of social affairs in West Bank and Gaza Strip. • Delivered market analysis for the demand and supply of the Business Development Services, BDS in West Bank and Gaza Strip with coordination with Community College for Science and Applied Technology, Continuing Education, Gaza, funded by GTZ. • Undertook national Need Assessment Study for the Agro-industry Competitiveness Analysis and Clusters Development Approach in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with coordination with the Palestinian Food Industry Association and sponsored by the USAID Private Enterprise Development. • Provided oversight consulting services for Safe Agriculture Producers Association to design project proposals and monitoring and evaluation tools over a promoting organic farming in rural areas in Biet Lahia sponsored by UNDP-GEF 2005-2007. • Participated in Global Development Network (GDN) researches development, study tours, developing training programs, good governance best practices, civic development initiatives, sharing researches and studies in MENA Development forums. • Creation of administrative bylaws for ten NGOs and Creation of strategies for implementing the strategies and plans for several institutions. • Provided oversight consulting services for UNDP Emergency Support in the Field of Institutional Building and Organizational development and relief Assistance to the Deprived Communities Project. • Presented feasibility study and project appraisal for establishing Dairy Manufacturing Factory in Khan Younis Eastern Villages in cooperation with Dairy Farming Cooperatives sponsored by Italian Government fund. 7
  8. 8. 2006 • Contributed to various Development Gateways communities forums, reviewed researches pre-publications, provided technical audits of researches designs, hypothesis, data collections, data analysis, sample frame, survey design and testing, and findings reporting; The Group participated in drafting and fine-tuned various rural and urban development themes and community development pro-poor position papers. • Provided technical firm level assistance and designed and structured Electronic Recruitment System, Placement, Hiring, Employment operational strategy, intranet contents, templates and portal networking, web design and upgrading for the privately held youth company. • Delivered oversight consulting project design and implementation for conversion to organic farming in the Northern Gaza, in cooperation with Safe Agriculture Producers Society and funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) 2006-2007. • Assessed the impact evaluation for the Composting the Organic Residues of Markets and Farms, implemented by the Safe Agriculture Producers Society, funded by the French Consulate 2007-2008. • Delivered national studies series in food insecurity assessment surveys, vulnerability analysis and households coping strategy to living the current crisis in West Bank and Gaza Strip, funded by USAID. • Designed operational guides, technical training, selection criteria, placement, and recruitment, specialized training and coaching services for fresh graduates and proposed employment generation programs as part of the Palestinian Enterprise Development USAID funded project both in West Bank and Gaza. • Formed regional and local Agribusiness Cluster working groups, trained, coached them to undertake local/regional agro-industry clusters and competitiveness initiatives. • Proposed capacity building and institutionalized business development unit within the Palestinian Food Industry Association in West Bank and Gaza Strip, with cooperation with Stanford Research Institute International (SRI). • Surveyed the local consumption of pharmaceutical medicines and assessed the demand and supply for the consumed medicines in West Bank and Gaza Strip. • Trained key small businesses enterprises CEOs and seniors in the Palestinian Federation of Industry about Leadership Styles, Strategic Planning, Financial Control and Improving Business Performances. • Developed policy reform assessment tools, capacity building, baseline surveys, organizational development tools, code of conduct, board of directors management bylaws, image building and networking guides for the membership- based business associations. • Designed fundraising initiatives, controlled of donations allocation, costing centers, spending centers, control overall financings, budgeting, auditing, reporting, and ensured overall financial control and coherence with strategic goals of the Palestinian Forum Development, Gaza; 8
  9. 9. • Drafted and finalized strategic manual and financial policies for the Palestinian Federation of Industry, sponsored by USAID. 2007 • Provided technical monitoring and supervision for the implementation of Replanting Demolished Farms by Organic Agriculture Techniques, Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) 2007-2008. • Delivered and supervised the technical design, site selection, architectural drawings, infrastructure location planning, organizational structure, operational plan and prepared business plan for establishing the Heritage Village in Gaza Strip ($8 million budgeted project), Implemented by the Culture Arts and Popular Heritage Association-sponsored by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism. • Audited and assessed the situational analysis, SWOT and recommended course of actions for the Private Hospitals capacity building need assessment in West Bank and Gaza Strip, sponsored by DAI. • Prepared strategic business plan and marketing customer services strategy and supervised technical oversight business performance for the Medical Sensory Rehabilitation Institute in Khan Younis villages. Improved its operation and expanded its customer segmentations and provided business to business facilitation and networked with NGOs to better serve challenged people with specialized services in rehabilitation and home based nursing. • Provided the followings Business Development Services for more than 150 clients from local in regional institutions, NGOs, Public sectors and SMEs: Training design, material development, need assessment tools, pre-training evaluation and post training evaluation tools, coaching and mentoring, training guides, and coached trainers and delivered various technical training programs with client’s co-trainers: o Strategy formulation and deployment; o Community development; o Advocacy and use of media; o Residential and commercial planning; o Rural development and social cohesions; o Indigenous community integration; o Poverty reduction strategies; o Gender and vulnerability analysis; o Feasibility studies and project evaluation; o Human resource management system; o Total quality management system; o Balance Scorecards as performance management; o Leadership styles; o Effective writing skills; o Writing project proposals; o Fundraising campaign and strategies; o Project management; o Public administration; o Effective communication and interpersonal skills; 9
  10. 10. o NGOs development; o Public relations and image building tools; o Business Incubation Management; o Preparing Business Plan; o Clusters Development and Regional Competitiveness; o Marketing plan; o Financial management and budgeting; o Accounting procedures and costing; o Game theory and pricing strategy; o Customer services and client relationship management; o Strategic planning and operation management; o Monitoring and Evaluation techniques and tools; • Reviewed ELDIS various guides and proposed improvement actions. • Developed Microfinance training materials and shared microfinance tools and templates for the benefit of the poor; main materials were chosen for Microfinance MBA case studies. • Strengthened the establishment of capacity and institutional building of Sharek Youth Forum. One of the biggest leading youth organizations in Palestine, where it has over 15 branches and more than 30 employees. • Technically supervised construction and building activity and prepared progress reports for Agricultural College in Beit Hanoun and Al Azhar University. • Designed and oversaw the establishing of PALTRADE (The Palestinian Trade Center) Information Resource Center that providing an updated market intelligent studies and market researches about MENA markets and institutionalized the portal network in both West Bank and Gaza with access to International Trade databases sponsored by UNCTAD and USAID. • Provided oversight consulting technical monitoring over the Emergency Rehabilitation of Damaged Buildings & Municipal Infrastructure in Beit Hanoun (Value $2,828,989) with cooperation with UNDP. • Designed proposal assessment methodologies and grantee selection mechanism that ensure the distribution of fund, through a fair and transparent professional approach to the different counter parts from the different sectors e.g. private sector, health education, handicapped, youth, women, etc. for UNDP/PAP. 2008 • Working to build capacities and institutional systems with participatory clients in developing manuals and enhancing decision making capabilities in: networking and strategic management systems; non-profit project management system, board of directors bylaws, strategy formulation and deployment, business plan, human resource management guide, policy and advocacy tools, linkages, image building toolkits, networking, financial management and accounting policy guidelines, procurement system, and fundraising strategies and proposal writing skills. We provide our key clients with the above-mentioned capacity building systems/tools. We have contracted to provide the above mentioned services for: 10
  11. 11. o NGO-Grassroots Organization, the Palestinian Association for Society Service, Gaza Strip. o Private Business-Medical Sensory Rehabilitation Institute, Khan Younis o NGO-Community-Based Organization, Safe Agriculture Producers Society, North Gaza. o NGO-Culture Arts & Popular Heritage Association, Gaza Strip. o NGO-Grassroots Organization, Association for Family Service, Gaza Strip. o NGO- Beit Lahia Development Association, North Gaza. o NGO- Assada Society for Family Support and Supervision, Gaza o NGO- Association for the Protection of Olive Trees, Gaza o NGO-Agriculture Cooperative, Beit Hanoun, Gaza. o NGO-Women and Child Rights Society, Gaza o NGO- Charity Society for Women and Child Development, Rafah • Prepared feasibility study and monitored the Medical Sensory Rehabilitation Institute to open new branch in Gaza City with customized Health Services in clinical psychology counseling, speech pathologies and hearing aids, physiotherapy treatment, rehabilitation services and health awareness programs. • Joint ventured with Coffey International to deliver Banking Training Programme: Small Lending Practices at key local Banks to provide loans for SMEs in Palestinian Territories funded by European Commission, KfW and the European Investment Bank. • Joint ventured with AdamSmith International and ALTI Consulting to deliver Technical Assistance Project of MICROECONOMIC REFORM AND QUALITY GROWTH PROJECT FOR AFGHANISTAN, DFID Funded. • Working in establishing a Communication Strategy and Promoting Awareness for the Avian Influenza and Influenza Pandemic with cooperation with Ministry of Health and UNDP. • Preparing project proposal for youth graduates development initiative sponsored by MEPI, US Department of State, US Consulate General, Jerusalem. • Providing technical oversight design and implementation of project proposal of providing and ensuring food security through animal production cooperatives over 3 years, sponsored by ICRC. • Designed and presented project proposal to strengthen the Palestinian family, child and youth psychological health, sponsored by Welfare Association • Designed and prepared a project proposal for Developing Capacities of Disadvantaged Headed Household Women aged 20-35 years in the Underserved Areas in Gaza Strip. NASEEJ funded $250,000 over 24-month duration, implemented by PASS. • Designed and prepared project proposal to Build Grassroots Capacities and Strengthening Entrepreneurship Initiatives for the Poor Women in underserved areas in Gaza Strip, SEED Grant proposal 2008. • Linking Small Farmers Producing Organic Agriculture Crops into Local and Regional Market in Gaza Strip, DM 2008 Award. 11
  12. 12. • Developing Capacities of Disadvantaged Headed Household Women in the underserved Areas in The Northern Gaza, Gaza City, Middle Areas, Khan Younis and Rafah, Gaza Strip, Belgium Technical Cooperation Jerusalem, BTC grant. • Drafted and finalized proposal of Dialogue Youth Club. NPA 2008 youth initiatives in Gaza City, • Initiated proposal for Developing Entrepreneur Youth Initiative “STARTING FOOD PROCESSING PROJECTS”, NPA 2008 Youth Initiatives in the Northern Villages of Gaza implemented by Palestinian Food Industry Association, PFIA, Gaza • Proposed project of Developing National Database of Graduates Youth, NPA 2008. • Designed Employment Generation Projects for Agricultural Land Reclamation in Eastern part of Gaza City and Rural Areas, sponsored by Welfare Association. • Proposed projects for Poultry Farmers and Avian Influenza Awareness for Poultry Farmers Owners Associations, Gaza Strip, sponsored by AFD. • Prepared project proposal for Integrating Indigenous people in rural and community development initiatives in Northern Gaza and South Gaza, sponsored by International Fund for Agricultural Development, IFAD. • Designed Technical Proposal for Recycling the Animal waste, plant waste and home disposals for Organic Compost Fertilizers used for Safe Agriculture Producers in Gaza Strip, sponsored by International Environmental Protection Grants, UK. • Proposed proposal for Community Approaches to coping with the Traumas of Violent Conflict for vulnerable in rural and underserved villages, sponsored by EU. • Participated in assessing the needs of the marginalized groups in Gaza: Poor Headed Household of Women, Farmers, Fresh Graduates, Unemployed labors, Challenged people, venerable aged people, poor neighborhoods: Sponsored by The Wellcome Trust-Engaging with Global Health Research. • Preparing for Gaza Human Development Report Human Security Grants, sponsored by the UN Trust Fund for Human Security, the Government of Japan. • Developing proposals for Women Equality Rights in Gaza Strip, sponsored by EU. • Delivered technical assessment study for the Palestinian NGOs working in the field of Women and Child Development. • Technical proposal for FARAH and MARAH DAYS sponsored by Save the Children Federation in Gaza Strip. • Proposed technical interventions project in Traumatic based Conflict and its Impact on Children Social and Psychological Welfare, sponsored by Welfare Association. • Participated in the 2008 World Business and Development Awards in support of the Millennium Development Goals sponsored by ICC, UNDP and IBLF, in association with the Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School, the UK Department for International Development and the Financial Times. • Delivered project proposal for Mobile Cultural Act Performance for Child Recreational Activities, sponsored by Switzerland Development Cooperation, SDC Jerusalem. 12
  13. 13. • Drafted project proposal study for Municipality Council in Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun for Environmental Effect Tout in the Gaza Strip and Waste Water Treatment in Beit Lahia Villages. On-going activities during 2009: • Designing and developing a specialized educational development TV Project in local market, sponsored by Bedaya Union: Consortium of key local 4-NGOs and seeking funding from Donors. • Development of Water Desalination Unit Operating on Solar Energy, For Energy Production Company, The Palestinian Facility for New Market Development Project (FNMD), Funded by DFID and World Bank and Implemented by DAI (6 months) • Undertaking organizational need assessments, providing consulting, coaching and training of board of directors, designing and developing applicable bylaws, administrative procedural system and financial management systems; providing 150 training and coaching hours for key constituencies of Agricultural Cooperatives Society and CBOs throughout Gaza, through PARC and funded by Netherlands Representative Office- Ramallah, (Three months). • Designing on-going and impact evaluation ToRs for Cooperative Agricultural Associations, directed by PARC. • Undertaking Labor force market study at macro level in West Bank and Gaza for PITA ICT workforce development strategy directed by Mercy Corps and PITA; • Delivering various statistics surveys for PCBS in West Bank and Gaza Strip. • Delivering project management cycle and fundraising strategy and designing and formulating project proposals of $2million for potential EC funding. VI. The organizational capabilities of the firm: The consulting group is independent foundation and has the capacity to host many clients and deliver capacity and institutional building and training programs with fully equipped various places in the central of Ramallah in the West Bank and Gaza and can expand its operations upon short notices, the group associated with key local and international consultants holding PhDs in Academia and professional consulting industry and administrative staff, they both are available to deliver high quality technical and managerial services when the need arises, The Group also have accessed to network with suppliers, sub- contracting with universities, international firms, NGOs, municipalities, local neighborhood committees and local village community and private businesses that entails ourselves the flexibility to cope with the needed consulting tasks and we have networking databases of high professional experts in all fields and it is easy to our associate international consultant relocated and deliver online home based consulting services promptly and accessed to talented local consultants to perform excellent jobs. 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. VII. CGD Organizational Structure: CGD Board of Directors Technical Director Director General Strategic & HRM Specialist Operations Officer M & E Specialist Accountant TQM Specialist Financial Officer Engineering & Project PR & Marketing Officer Management Specialist Capacity Building Specialist Clients Relationship Officer Public Administration Administrative Officer Specialist NGOs Development Specialist Procurement Officer Economist Supporting Officer IT Specialist Office Secretary 15
  16. 16. VIII. Our founders: Chief Technical Advisor and Team Leader (Khaled Ayesh) is holding an MBA degree in Management from distinguished USA business Schools with honor, with over 15 years of diverse professional, technical and managerial experiences, has been working with key donor funded projects: Institutional Capacity Building Expert, Economist/Statistician EU FWC Social Protection Program, Business Advisor for USAID Private Enterprise Development Project in West Bank and Gaza Strip, Training, Monitoring and Evaluation for the World Bank funded Social Safety Net Reform Project in West Bank and Gaza, Feasibility Studies Expert for InfoDev ICT Incubator; Business Lecturer in Business Communication and Writing Proposals at Community College for Science and Applied Technology, worked in the USA, Clarion Counties as International Marketing Consultant for the Biotechnology Center and Small Business Development Center at Clarion University, and Projects Officer for the British Council and DFID Funded Strengthening Health Management Project in West Bank and Gaza. Worked with UN with competent financial management and budgetary control, Solid knowledge of NGOs and Private Sector Development and Institutional capacity building, equipped with international best practices in strategy formulation and deployment, designing technical training material and deliveries; leading for legacies and sustainable development for all stakeholders. General- Director (Sufian Bahri) is US citizen and Palestinian expatriate, holding MBA in Marketing and Public Relations, with over 15 years expert in USA small businesses, establishing business ventures; owning a portfolio of US investment projects in food processing industries; Professional marketing strategy design and brand management, excellent team worker, interactive communication and public relation actor, knowledgeable of personnel supervision and human resources appraisal and performance management. Developing business plan and financial statements and operation advisor, expert in developing NGOs capacities, grassroots and community-based organizations; specialized in fundraising and project proposal writings and monitoring and evaluation, and speaking fluent English and Greece languages. Submitted by: Consulting Group for Development, CGD Turning Ideas into Advantages, 56-65 Building, 3rd floor, Shifa Tower, Shifa St. Rimal-Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories Telefax: 972(0)-8-2826171 +972-599-689-118 Email:; 16