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The future of IT Process Automation by ayehu


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The future of IT Process Automation by ayehu

  1. 1. The Futureof IT {Process}Automation IT Automation made Simple!
  2. 2. What IT Process Automation is? IT Process Automation (ITPA), a.k.a Run Book Automation (RBA), is the ability to orchestrate andintegrate tools, People and Processes through workflow  Help IT meet its goals and improve operation efficiencies  Replaces manual scripting and daily routine IT tasks  Reduce incident resolution time and improve service levels (SLA’s)
  3. 3. What can I do with IT Process Automation? Incident & ITIL operations  Virtual & Cloud Management  Incident response  User & Service Provisioning  Notifications  Closed Loop Compliance  Problem Remediation  Troubleshooting  Task Automation  Event Management  Server Maintenance  Problem Management  File System Maintenance  Change Management  Database Maintenance  Configuration Management  Service Maintenance  CMDB Consolidation  Backup/Recovery
  4. 4. Use Case #1 Online Bank ServicesReducing Operational Costs by 50%Company Large banking group with over 300 branches worldwideChallenges (pain • Inefficient and slow handling of routine IT eventspoint) • Response to critical events during off-duty hours & weekends • Manual processes consume IT scarce timeResults • Automated processes interface with multiple IT systems (Patrol, Siebel, MQSeries, TSM, telephony..) • 430 hours of IT work eliminated on a monthly basis • Response time to failures in a critical system reduced from 15 minutes to seconds • Enforcement of event handling procedure with consistent performance
  5. 5. Use Case #2 - Cloud based SaaS CompanyAccelerating IT Operations ManagementCompany SaaS: web & mobile app toolbarsChallenges (pain • Operate 150 web apps in live production serverspoint) • Small operations team becoming bottleneck • Ensure rapid response to critical incidentsResults • Automated IT production operations, 90% faster • Manage servers, DBs, disk space… • Automate hundreds of daily tasks vs. 10-15 manual processes • Full control over automation with notifications
  6. 6. When it’s a time for IT Process Automation? You keep chasing your tail - fixing broken scripts Too many scripts, no documentation – “massy environment” Your budget and your IT staff keep shrinking Too many calls, too many tasks – no time for lunch SLA breaches
  7. 7. What to look for in IT Process Automationproducts?
  8. 8. The future of IT Process Automation Core lessons  IT Process Automation is a key discipline for IT operations in today complex environments  The is no one best solution for everybody  Simple to implement and ease of use are a must  Cost is one of the core consideration What’s the future?  IT Process Automation-as-a-service (ITPAaaS)  Cloud enabled  Predictive analytics  Mobile management
  9. 9. About Ayehu IT Process Automation software platform for incident management & IT task automation: connecting between people, process and technology Ayehu was founded 2007 by  Gabby Nizri, CEO & Yaron Levy, VP R&D Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Sales Operations Israel, NY and CA. Large customers in production (across verticals/countries) Targeted at IT Ops in mid to large enterprises
  10. 10. Watch online Video Tutorials:Ayehu eyeShare on Thank You! Gabby Nizri, CEO