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ChatBot Based Solutions by hizliYOL Technology


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What is ChatBot? Benefits of ChatBots. ChatBot Development process. ChatBot methodology. ChatBot Strategy. Chatbot use cases. ChatBot Development Tools.

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ChatBot Based Solutions by hizliYOL Technology

  1. 1. ChatBot
  2. 2. What is ChatBot? ChatBot is a new interface to create conversational and structural interaction with users.
  3. 3. Why ChatBot ? Users don’t have tendency to download new apps. Hence, it is an expensive solution for the companies. On the other hand ChatBot working on messaging platforms can easily reach users.
  4. 4. ChatBots are Everywhere ! ChatBots provides omnichannel experience on different chat platforms. You can reach a ChatBot from web, app, facebook, skype, slack etc.
  5. 5. Where can you use ChatBot ? You can use ChatBot as B2B and B2C solution. - Customer service - e-commerce support - Website user support - Marketing and promotion - Lead gathering - Employer assistants - BI interface - PR and social projects - Custom projects as micro app
  6. 6. ChatBots are new Hype ...
  7. 7. But there is more than Hype !
  8. 8. AI & NLP Artificial intelligence and natural language programming are key technologies which provides an important power to ChatBots. But to create natural messaging experience we have way to go.
  9. 9. ChatBot Experience The key is to create a unique experience. But how? Working on scenario, creating logical flows and stating clear benefits for the user, it can be possible to reach success in the ChatBot projects
  10. 10. hızlıYOL Technology ‘s Methodology We are using structured and free text together in order to create best experience.
  11. 11. ChatBot Framework To understand ChatBot framework we should define the our targets clearly !
  12. 12. We are using the Best Tools for your ChatBot
  13. 13. We provide Omnichannel Experience
  14. 14. Integrations Make ChatBots Smarter ! - CRM Integration - Planning Tool Integrations - Other API integrations - DB Integration - ERP Integrations - IoT Integrations - Payment Integrations - Google Sheet Integration - Custom Integrations
  15. 15. We love ChatBots We have been working on different ChatBot projects. Continuous improvement is so important for the ChatBots. Hence, we call ourself as a ChatBot sitter.
  16. 16. Our References - Haberci : Turkish News ChatBot - EviminDeğeri : Turkish Housing Valuation ChatBot - Sales Bot : Sales Team Assistant ChatBot - Meeting Bot : Meeting Arrangement ChatBot - SwagBot: Petterson Brand ChatBot (Canada) - BIOT : ChatBot Based Workflow Management And new projects are coming...
  17. 17. Thanks Please reach us for your ChatBot projects. - We are located in Kadıkoy, İstanbul, Turkey - You can send us e-mail from - You can call us from +90 216 405 1032 -