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BIOT Construction - hizliYOL Technology


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BIOT Construction is a project designed for the construction sector. We are using chatbots, beacons to manage workflows based on automated location based solutions.

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BIOT Construction - hizliYOL Technology

  1. 1. BIOT Construction = ChatBot + IoT Intelligent Workflow Management
  2. 2. AYDIN ÖZÇEKİÇ (CEO) • 2005 Civil Engineer (ITU) • 2007 MSc (ITU) • 2011 MBA (Koç University) • 10 years work experience • hızlıYOL Technology • infoTRON Technology • STFA Construction Company • Skills • Strategy Analysis • Project Management • Financial Management
  3. 3. TÜRKAN AYAR (CTO) • 2001 Computer Programming (SDU) • 2013 Computer Engineer (Yeditepe & Paris Sud) • 15 years work experience • hızlıYOL Technology • STFA Construction Company • Turkcell Global Bilgi • Skills • Software Development • Agile Project Management • Java, Android, PHP, SQL • Server Installation, ERP Implementation
  4. 4. TARGETS • %20 productivity increase in construction activities • %15 decrease in material lost • Increase cooperation between different parties. • %25 decrease in idle machinery usage • Real-time reporting • Productive machinery and subcontractor management • Health and Safety Management with real time notifications • Procurement and logistic management • Workflow by workflow development • Smooth workflows for Design, Planning and Construction • High ROI (Low investment, high return)
  5. 5. ChatBots + Smart Messaging + IoT • BIOT combines ChatBots, messaging platform and beacons with enterprise workflows.
  6. 6. What is BIOT? • BIOT = ChatBots + IoT • BIOT is a new way to manage business workflows. • In BIOT structure, we have three main domains, user (Human), Messaging BOT and Beacon (Sensors). Relation between those main domains creates workflows. • BIOT will be a user interface for industry 4.0. • In our project we are combining ChatBots with Beacons to manage workflows. • During the Project, preconfigured workflows will be prepared according to needs of different sectors. • BIOT will work on a messaging platform. The project will be an omnichannel project. • The most important point in BIOT concept is to create proper workflows in a user- friendly platform.
  7. 7. Why BIOT? • User friendly drag & drop interface, • Pricing by workflow according to number of used beacon and bots, • Creating community for different industries, • Integration with ERP and CRM systems, • Easy workflow related IoT implementation for the companies, • Step by step development (start with only one workflow) - low initial investment, • Sectoral partner program (partners will develop sectoral workflows on BIOT platform and sell on workflow market.), • Decrease technology investment for Industry 4.0, • Easy implementation for medium-sized companies, • Different messaging platforms can be used such as TeamChat, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp etc.
  8. 8. Which Problems? BIOT solves problems stated below; • It is not easy to find solution can cover all workflows in a company. • Employees don’t like to use different tools for control or reporting purposes. • Employees are using Whatsapp unofficially. • It is not possible to reach real time reports. • Employees and sensors are creating different outputs. • Companies lose time because of communication problems. • I couldn’t measure productivity ! • I don’t want to invest huge amount of money for different systems. • The technology I am looking for should be a direct solution for my real problems etc.
  9. 9. We Talk About Omnichannel Solution
  10. 10. Project Steps Phase 0 •Tailor made BIOT solutions for pilot projects in different sectors. In this phase, the main goal is to increase know- how to produce user-friendly platform. Phase 1 •To create BIOT platform with pre-defined general workflows. In this phase users can edit bots and beacon functions. Customer can order edited general workflows. Phase 2 •To create fully functional BIOT interface. At the end of this phase, you can create your own workflow using drag & drop items. Different BOTs and Beacons can be selected, linked to each other. Phase 3 •Workflow market and partner network for different sectors will be established. Customers either can create its own workflow from scratch or buy a template.
  11. 11. BIOT Construction BIOT Construction using beacons and messaging apps create a tool to manage the construction processes. • Construction Control • Health and Safety Measures • Technical Office Management • Inventory Control • HR Management • Real Time Reports • Equipment Management • Construction Logistics • Logistics etc.
  12. 12. BIOT Construction - Benefits Construction Site Real time info about machinery and team performance Construction site activity related photo and progress sharing Tracking real-time activity progress Easy access to location related drawings and info. Notification for urgent needs and requirements Easy sharing of contractor, warehouse and material info.
  13. 13. BIOT Construction - Benefits Technical Office Publishing daily progress report easily and accurate. Notification to the site engineers. Tracking real-time activity progress. Just in time procurement and contractor management. Fast update in construction planning tools. Easy multi disciplinary coordination.
  14. 14. BIOT Construction - Benefits Design Multi disciplinary coordination on chat apps. Easy sharing of location related drawings. Controlling construction site progress according to design. Fast communication with the construction site. Easy access to construction documents and drawings. Fast comment and approval process.
  15. 15. BIOT Construction - Benefits Headquarters Accurate and real-time reporting Easy announcement system. Increasing capability of HR activities. Central Health and Safety System Portfolio coordination between projects Fast feed-back and real-time response capability
  16. 16. We are Using Beacons for Physical Web • Beacons will be located to the important locations at construction site. • Beacons will provide project related information about the location. • According to type of the project, beacons can be used for different purposes.
  17. 17. Construction Location Management
  18. 18. Easy Finding Locations (70m range)
  19. 19. Send Notification According to Engineers’ Duty
  20. 20. Manage Your Material Stocks and Equipment More Efficiently
  21. 21. We Will Combine the Power of Messaging with Sensors in Smart Workflows…
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