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Sl5.4 Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (sws)


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Genealogy & Year of the Elephant

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Sl5.4 Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (sws)

  1. 1. SEERAH OF THE PROPHET(SWS) Slides based on Seerah Series done by Yasir Qadhi SLIDE#: SL5.4 TOPIC: Genealogy & Year of the Elephant
  2. 2. PART I (1:01:47– 1:10:27)
  3. 3. • When all the sons reached adulthood, Abd-al- Muttalib said he had to keep his promise and sacrifice one of his sons • This is when 100 camels became equal as blood money to a humans death • The third story during Abd-al Muttalibs time was the story of the year of the Elephant • Abraha was the governor of the Najashi in Yemen • His people would go to do Hajj and he said that he wanted to build a house in his place and it was beautiful and said they can do Hajj there
  4. 4. • He wanted that to be the place for the Christians to do Hajj • One person went there to relieve himself • Abraha got angry • He wanted to establish his place • He had elephants from Africa and marched to the Kaba with 8-20 elephants • The chief elephant was Mahmud • The Quraish left the Kaba for Allah to protect it • Mahmud stopped moving towards the Kaba
  5. 5. Questions 1. What would the death of human being be equal to? 2. Who was Abraha? 3. Why did he want to destroy the Kaba? 4. What did the elephants do?
  6. 6. PART II (1:10:28– 1:17:21)
  7. 7. • Allah sent birds with stones from Jahannam and as soon as a stone hit each person, they would become dissolved • Abraha was also hit and he died right before he reaches his home in Yemen • The Prophet(sws)’s lineage is the most noblest • Allah defends the Kaba • Who lived in the area, Amina • She was pregnant with the Prophet(sws) • Allah protects the Prophet(sws)
  8. 8. Questions 1. From where were the stones that Allah sent with the birds? 2. Where did Abraha die? 3. Other than the Kaba, what else does Allah protect?
  9. 9. The complete lecture can be found: