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Infographic: Is Your MFT Ready For Digital?

Ready to transform your MFT server into a powerful business enabler? Axway's approach to File Transfer technology is leading the way businesses prepare for Digital Business Enablement.

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Infographic: Is Your MFT Ready For Digital?

  1. 1. Digital Business Enablement >>>DATAENTERPRISE>>> Is Your MFT Ready for Digital? BY THE YEAR 2020the data universe is expected to expand TEN-FOLD COMPARED TO 2013due to increased interest in higher file traffic volumes and tighter data security. 44ZB 2020 DATA 4.4ZB 2013 DATA Enterprise file interchange is growing at 20% YEAR OVER YEAR What is Propelling MFT to be Ready for Digital? How Will Your Business Benefit from a Comprehensive MFT Solution? What Digital Transformation is All About Defeating cyber threats Complying with regulations and SLAs Cutting costs and boosting ROI Optimizing operational efficiency Increasing customer engagement How to Transform Your Business Digitally StartwithacomprehensiveMFTsolutionthat providesallthetoolsyouneedtotransferfiles quicklyandsecurely,insideyourbusinessandout. Rethink the Customer Experience An improved user experience that makes deploying and using Axway EASY Create a New Architecture for Virtual, Cloud and Big Data Enable your virtual enterprise with Transfer CFT’s ability to monitor and manage data flows Extend transfer capabilities to new data architectures with plugin Take a “Person-Centric” Approach and Propose an Alternative to Shadow IT Allows for person-to-person and person-to-file exchange Improve collaboration with desktop / shared folder synchronization on SecureTransport Integrate with DevOps Initiatives Central Governance Inter-operations control with APIs DevOps Automation for increased efficiency in building innovative web servicesStreamline Just-in-Time / Sequence Business Processes Synchronize file transfer steps across global enterprise with Just-in-Time/ Just-in-Sequence production schedules Prevent Cyber Threats CISO - Ready + Whitelist for additional level of security by limiting access to defined IP addresses and range of users Mission Control Axway’s Modular Design for General and Customized Digital File Transfer Axway Central Governance Data flow management APIs DevOps automation for integration with enterprise systems Axway Transfer CFT Advanced application integration scenarios with new sequencing and spooling functions Axway SecureTransport New web client for improved file sharing experience Whitelisting for improved security Powerful out-of-the-box file routing Axway Secure Client Folder synchronization to maintain compliance, security and accessibility BOOSTINGFILETRANSFER PAYLOAD&VELOCITY: MISSION STATUS Typical IT infrastructures cannot keep up with such rapid data growth MFT inefficiency & data loss cost BILLION$ each year in SLA violations, lost customers & labor costs Need for more stringent IT security & compliance is outpacing current infrastructures 2013 DATA 4.4ZB 2020 DATA 44ZB of critical business transactions today depend on file transfers, which make up 60%of all moving data. 32% 80%of businesses use FTP FILE TRANSFERS FAIL of transfers 8% Improved resource utilization & decreased costs with MFT as a shared service 73%83%Increase in total reliability and uptime 74%Compliance with customer and/or partner SLAs 450WorldWidelarge ITorganizationmanage rs - ©Ovum2014 Digital Business Enablement LEARN MORE! DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER: Managed File Transfer as a Shared Service – Be Your Own Cloud. Or visit