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How hybrid integration changes API management


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New additions to the AMPLIFY Hybrid Integration Platform will have a positive impact on how you manage APIs. This session drills down into the specifics and lays out sample use cases to get you started.

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How hybrid integration changes API management

  1. 1. How Hybrid Integration Changes API Management Laura Heritage, Shawn Ryan
  2. 2. What is Hybrid Integration?
  3. 3. © 2018 Axway | CONFIDENTIAL Hybrid On-Premises Cloud Containers App Development MFT B2B Analytics Content Collaboration API Management Integration Specialist Digital Integrators Line of Business Legacy Systems Mobile Cloud Services Things People Four Main Challenges are driving Hybrid Integration Capabilities New integration patterns that go beyond traditional core integration Expanding number of Endpoints, applications and governance requirements Mixed deployment models with choices on what to leverage and what to deprecate Wider audiences, and the mind-shift to a network approach Enterprise Ready Integration For Innovation
  4. 4. Axway AMPLIFY: One Platform, One Experience, Multiple Integration Patterns 4 A Hybrid Integration Platform to; • Speed the discovery, use and deployment of integrations for new audiences • That combines traditional integration patterns with APIs • To provide Enterprise ready integration for Faster Innovation
  5. 5. 6 AMPLIFY Foundation •Restful API •Web service •MQ/JMS •gRPC •Folder •Cloud object store (S3, …) •DB •API •MFT •EDI Pipes (“Flows”) Interfaces (“APIs”) Files (“Shares”) Proxy / Mediation Identity, Authorization, Authentication, Endpoint discovery, Routing and rerouting, Load balancing, Scheduling, API translation, protocol translation, filtering, composition and orchestration AMPLIFY Unified Catalog Public and private Choreography Orchestration Closer look at the Unified Catalog and Control Plane
  6. 6. Application Integration: New iPaaS functionality 7 Business Benefits of Application Integration • Faster delivery of new integrations • New personas and easier to build and maintain apps • Build and deploy integration without installing any hardware or middleware Benefits with AMPLIFY Application Integration • Discoverable in AMPLIFY unified catalog right along side APIs, Microservices, and Flows • Orchestrate integrations with >150 applications • Get’s you started faster – hours vs. days
  7. 7. What makes Axway different from other HIP vendors? 8 Only independent HIP vendor with: • Unified Catalog – that speeds the process of discovery, building, and deployment of integrations and applications • Hybrid Integration Pattern Support – Leverage Axway’s strength in traditional MFT/B2B/Content Collaboration patterns, along with APIs & Microservices and prebuilt application connectors • Multi-cloud Hybrid Deployment with Data Sovereignty – Axway doesn’t force you to send your data to the cloud • Partner/Participant Lifecycle management – role based experiences for producers and consumers of integration services To build new integrations and expose them to partners/ecosystems with agility, self-service at a reasonable investment
  8. 8. What does HIP mean for API Management?
  9. 9. 11 HIP is an Enabler of Mesh App and Service Architectures Benefits MASA with Multi- Grain Services (micro to mini): • Faster delivery of new features or updates • Easier to build and maintain apps • Ability to scale to meet unanticipated or dynamic business demand • Challenges: • Directional API/Service traffic management
  10. 10. Securely Move Data Driven by Company Policy 12 Unified catalog Cloud- to- Cloud Cloud- to- Ground Ground- to- Ground Ground- to- Cloud API Builder Integration Builder
  11. 11. API Portal Unified Catalog Marketplace MonetizationExtend Analyze PredictiveBusinessDeveloper AppOperational Manage GovernancePoliciesTransformationSecurity Build iPaaS CI/CD Native Orchestration Choreography APIs Microservices Service MeshExternal Edge Gateway Domain Edge Gateway HybridCloud SaaS On Premises AMPLIFY API Management – Better Together
  12. 12. 14 Axway HIP is CI/CD Native
  13. 13. Unified experience providing controlled access to all endpoints Hybrid Multi-Cloud Governance Platform
  14. 14. HIP Use Case: Speed Discovery, Save Money, and Reduce Security Risks of Consumption 3rd Party Services 16 Speed up the discovery and integration of 3rd Party Cloud Services Save on operational spending with consolidated contracts and controlled access to 3rd Party Cloud Services Reduce security risks with control access to 3rd Party Cloud Services credentials AMPLIFY
  15. 15. HIP Use Case: Tame Your Shadow ITs and Securely Unleash Innovation • Enable everyone from the Tech savvy to Senior Developers • Increase speed of innovation to open new channels • Reduce risks of security breaches because shadow ITs become known and controlled innovators 17 AMPLIFY
  16. 16. HIP Use Case : API Traffic Management in All Directions • Mesh Governance • Visibility over all your services • Consistently apply policies • Monitor and Control Traffic • North South • East West 18
  17. 17. What can I more easily accomplish? 19 Start with core integration pattern Streamlining processes and reducing manual errors: Extending legacy applications and processes with new innovations and ecosystems Creatively combining endpoints, consumers and ecosystems for innovation API Management HIP enabled – Insurance Claims MFT HIP enabled – Service enrollment B2B/EDI HIP enabled – Partner onboarding Content Collaboration HIP enabled – PO process Application Integration HIP enabled – Leads-to-cash
  18. 18. How do I Add to my Existing API Management Solution? • Add Application Integration • API Builder • Integration Builder • Unified catalog • Beta Mesh Governance • Beta Choreography Engine • Automate by snapping into your current API lifecycle CI/CD process 20 Axway API Manager
  19. 19. How Do I Learn More? 21 • Stop by the Solution Expo and see the HIP enabled Insurance Claim Demo • Sign-up for a free trial of the Platform – Live April 2nd • Engage with your sales team
  20. 20. Questions and Answers
  21. 21. © 2019 Axway | CONFIDENTIAL Thank You