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API and Platform Transformation Patterns to Power Your Business


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Axway's Emmelyn Wang shows you how to use API design patterns to carry out digital agility for the business problems you’re trying to solve. Designing APIs that transform your business are crucial for thriving in the API Platform Ecosystem landscape.

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API and Platform Transformation Patterns to Power Your Business

  1. 1. API and Platform Transformation Patterns to Power Your Business lifewingmate
  2. 2. Hey Ya’ll! I’m from here. Image Credit:
  3. 3. Choose Your Own Adventure How did I get here? Non-traditional career path: (Design and Build) API Support, Tech Writing, Influence Design, Learn Patterns | 2014 Moved to DFW to lead technical marketing in commerce/distribution (Consume APIs)
  4. 4. “A catalyst is a substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction but is not consumed during the course of the reaction.” lifewingmate Catalysts are a spin off of the Center of Innovation or Excellence type of team distributed across the world. We help break down any silos or barriers both internally and as we serve customers.
  5. 5. Over 11,000 companies trust us from financial institutions to healthcare
  6. 6. Thoughtfully expose to the world Internal applications, customizations for customers and partners “We Don’t Have Public-facing APIs” Image Credit:
  7. 7. World's Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks Select losses greater than 30,000 records (updated 1st Feb 2019) How to overturn “Sorry we do not have a public API?” Are you sure? Do you have a mobile app? A website? All of those applications are built with APIs. How to prevent these kinds of breaches (not the only aspect) – design APIs and platforms with security in mind initially. Image / Media Source: David McCandless
  8. 8. What are you trying to do? (Jobs to be Done Concept) Did you know that you can create and make an API call in less than 10 minutes? Where should I start? Small businesses, SMB’s, and Start ups can compete with enterprises by using APIs and their respective platforms. It’s a great place to start to understand the possibilities of integrations.
  9. 9. lifewingmate The control and flow patterns of data, functionality, and resources determine how quickly the API shapes the landscape and vice versa. - Emmelyn Wang B2B Scenarios - To succeed, realize that digital cannot replace the relational human element. Experience quality relies on each layer. That’s how you build sustainably. Resources include the people and culture aspect of building APIs.
  10. 10. Project Program Platform Ecosystem Economy lifewingmate Landscape
  11. 11. Coworking and Office Space Partnerships Social Home Experience Business Networking Social Wellness Experience Business Development Events Creator Community Coding School Labs Incubator Meet Up platform Ecosystem lifewingmate Programs Image: High level, simple depiction of WeWork’s platforms, communities, ecosystems, economy, landscape
  12. 12. Powered by APIs
  13. 13. Regarding the Landscape diagram earlier: Everything isn’t equal : APIs are the “glue”
  14. 14. Network Bridging lifewingmate Combine the ability to reduce risk and get the most benefit from several network effects for your platform…sustainability “As the most successful platforms connect across more and more markets, they’re becoming increasingly effective at tying together industries.” -HBR
  15. 15. The Amazon Economy lifewingmate
  16. 16. The Amazon Economy The 7-Eleven Economy Managed distribution for fresh food, order fulfillment, supply chain strategy Franchise model with HQ and 7 Eleven & Holdings tightly coupled with Japanese origins and Tech Partnerships Compete directly with Amazon so use other cloud computing technologies lifewingmate What business are they NOT in?
  17. 17. lifewingmate Afterthought The more mission critical core business use cases are centered around an API, the more thought will be put into the API design. Justified The more a core business stems from the API (internal and/or external), the more thought should be laser focused on API design. Confident The more value the API exposes in a diverse way, the more the business relies on API design and execution as a core advantage. Maturity Digital Businesses that rely on platforms to automate their economy must focus on API design as their core advantage. Maturity: Its an afterthought to it caught our attention to we can’t survive without it.
  18. 18. The more complete the Platform and Ecosystem experience, the higher the Market Position lifewingmate Pixabay | Image Credit: DavidbyDesign
  19. 19. Platform Maturity Leads to Healthy Ecosystem Engagement lifewingmate The WeWork ecosystem blends hospitality, community, and service into the coworking and office space business model disrupting the model entirely. Fosters business development from within. Platform Traits Consistency experienced globally, serving locally. Balanced digital onboarding with human interaction. One card. One app. One way. WeWork Labs Nurtures start ups through incubation and acceleration. With founders and organizations from the start as a retention mechanism for the journey as they grow. Supports the Gig Economy and Digital Nomads. Focuses on Creators. In-between and expansion options for enterprises.
  20. 20. Prediction/Hypothesis To protect against networks effects, WeWork does not offer a developer program or any APIs to be consumed to protect its market position. However, WeWork tech does contribute to the open source community to show credibility in DX. lifewingmate
  21. 21. The following patterns used at scale by enterprises and multi-national corporations generate Value creation and balance are keys to market position lifewingmate
  22. 22. What players does your platform attract? Value creation and balance are keys to market position lifewingmate
  23. 23. What incentives keep platform members engaged in the ecosystem? Value creation and balance are keys to market position lifewingmate
  24. 24. Platform Strategy HBR | network effects and how businesses respond to them determine platform and ecosystem success Clustering Risk of Disintermediation Vulnerability to Multi-Homing Bridging to Multiple Networks lifewingmate
  25. 25. Clustering lifewingmate
  26. 26. Delicate Balance lifewingmate Due to the low cost nature of using multiple platforms or hubs, companies such as Uber and Lyft must work to overcome this network effect by incentivizing users and service providers. –Summarizing/Paraphrasing HBR Authors Vulnerability to Multi-Homing
  27. 27. Risk of Disintermediation lifewingmate “…network members bypass a hub and connect directly, can be a big problem for any platform that captures value directly from matching or by facilitating transactions.” -HBR Value that can’t be captured by API or platform, offline is potentially lost digitally despite terms & conditions. However, you can capture the value in other ways.
  28. 28. $30 billion health and fitness industry in the U.S. -IHRSA
  29. 29. lifewingmate
  30. 30. Ecosystem Strategy User Acquisition via Platform lifewingmate “ClassPass membership allows customers to hop around different studios and build a workout routine that is anything but, and allowing them to be untethered to one entity … except to ClassPass, of course.”
  31. 31. lifewingmate Mixed Results Brand Value Dilution or Network Effects via On Demand and Variety Overcomes clustering network effects by strengthening global clusters on top of local ones
  32. 32. Ecosystem Strategy User Acquisition via Platform lifewingmate
  33. 33. Ecosystem Strategy Lock Value in the Platform lifewingmate
  34. 34. Ecosystem Strategy Lock Value in the Platform lifewingmate
  35. 35. lifewingmate
  36. 36. Platform Strategy Balance Value from Digital and Human Elements lifewingmate
  37. 37. lifewingmate
  38. 38. Evolution of a Platform
  39. 39. Evolution of a Platform
  40. 40. Evolution of a Platform
  41. 41. Ambidexterity as Bimodal IT Decentralized, Diverse Navigating Network Effects How Ecosystems Achieve Economy Status API Culture Confidence through Delivery and Relationships lifewingmate
  42. 42. Overcome Clustering, Disintermediation, and Multi-Homing Network Effects Unique Incentive Offer value that no other platform does or will Retain value by consistently delivering a high quality experience whether or not you are cross-platform or linked to other ecosystems or economies lifewingmate
  43. 43. Key Takeaways What Innovative Businesses Do Differently Unique Incentive Offer value that no other platform does or will Retain value by consistently delivering a high quality experience whether or not you are cross-platform or linked to other ecosystems or economies lifewingmate
  44. 44. Key Takeaways What Innovative Businesses Do Differently Readiness and Incentive Innovative businesses navigate ambidexterity / bimodal IT by finding reuse opportunities and creatively navigating network effects of their platform to enrich their economy lifewingmate
  45. 45. Key Takeaways lifewingmate Diverse API and microservices matched with business capability and hybrid enterprise architectures Right types and degrees of engagement during real scenarios digital, secure, productive JTBD Responding to platform challenges and climate changes to level up your business’ ecosystem(s)
  46. 46. Partner Engagement lifewingmate Relationship Driven | 360° Value Understood | Healthy Digital processes and touch points are reflections of the relationship Both you and your partners understand the vision and long-term value you both bring to each other
  47. 47. Talk to me about... lifewingmate
  48. 48. For these scenarios... PartnersIP LicensingLogisticseCommerceERP Global Distribution Digital MarketplaceBig Data lifewingmate
  49. 49. Emmelyn ‘emma-leen’ Wang 王兆馨 lifewingmate
  50. 50. lifewingmate Event Driven Architecture Value and Advantages of API Diversity and Decentralization REST-based Architecture HTTP Protocol Request / Response Mature and widely adopted Messaging Protocol Agnostic Publish and subscribe, streaming, as real-time as your business requirements need (or want to discover) Adopted and expertise from OAS / API global community developing best practices, tooling, and support
  51. 51. lifewingmate Image Source:
  52. 52. lifewingmate Thank you
  53. 53. WORKS CITED Ecosystem-Based Business Models | Accenture Strategy Welcome to the API Economy The emerging API economy is transforming the way businesses are built and operated | IPG Media Lab Why Some Platforms Thrive and Others Don’t | HBR Transformation (is not just about) Technology