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5 reasons to put people at the center of your business

Serve the people at the center of your business.
Your customers, partners, and employees need your business to communicate with empathy and anticipate their needs. The right strategy and technology can help.

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5 reasons to put people at the center of your business

  1. 1. Even before everything changed virtually overnight, companies were already competing on experience more than any other criteria, even price. Speed, execution, ingenuity, and empathy across every interaction have never mattered more.1 Copyright © Axway 2020. All Rights Reserved. axway_ig_5_reasons_great_cx_en_040220 The EXPERIENCE matters more than anything else 5 people your business REASONS to put A great customer experience anywhere raises expectations everywhere Take a look at some eye-opening stats Auto manufacturers (mass market) How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth, 2019, Forrester Research, Inc., December 13, 2019 CX helps GROW the business It’s true that CX is about human connections. But those connections can also help businesses achieve their growth ambitions. $1.1 billion Retailers (general retail) $496 billion Auto/home insurers $215 billion Banks (multichannel) $107 billion Potential revenue impact of a one-point CX improvement in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) It’s PERSONAL CX starts with something that sounds simple: knowing your customer. But do you know how to use that knowledge to make customers feel known and heard at a personal level? Most companies aren’t MEETING expectations What your customers want and what you think they want might be two entirely different things. 33% of customers who ended their relationship with a company did so because the experience wasn’t personalized enough2 2 Accenture Strategy, Put Your Trust in Hyper-Relevance 3 Segment Survey, 2017 58% would switch half or more of their spending to a provider that excels at personalizing experiences without compromising trust2 44% became repeat buyers after they received a more personalized experience3 49% of consumers have made impulse purchases3 Zendesk, Searching for Self-Service Retail Minded Self-service is SELF-SERVING Delivering a self-service solution not only lowers costs, but also attracts customers — and employees. Especially the younger generation. 54% In the Axway 2020 Integration Platform Survey of 850 senior business and IT leaders: of millennials feel good about themselves and the brand when they can solve a problem on their own of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative of consumers say CX at most companies needs improvement How many are satisfied? BANKING55%HEALTHCARE50% Here’s where to start Stop focusing on your processes and start obsessing over your customers’ (and employees‘ and partners’) experience. To create a more personalized, relevant customer experience, you need to integrate more systems, people, and things than ever before. That’s where companies are struggling. Invest in self-service Make it easy, fast, and convenient for people to help themselves, whether they’re customers, partners, or employees. Are you READY? GET STARTED > PwC, Experience is Everything, 2018 Identified a more compelling CX as the driving force behind integration projects in their organization Identified integration complexity as the leading cause of delays in digital project delivery Strongly agreed that “integration projects will help us understand what our customers need from us” 67% 69% Break down app silos Unbundle data, processes, and services to marshal the best possible information for exactly the right customer at the right moment in time. Focus on each person's experience Be where people are on their terms, no matter what device, platform, or interaction model they choose. Omniexperience is the new omnichannel. 43% 44% 50% 1 4 2 3 5 1 Walker, Customers 2020: A Progress Report at the centerof