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The AXRON team is present for over 20 years in the field of control, supervision and process management
of complex heat treatment processes to meet your needs

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Axron corporate profile EN

  1. 1. SWISS TECHNOLOGYPRODUCTS & SERVICESSKILLS & EXPERTISEThe AXRON team is present for over 20 years in the field of control, supervision and process managementof complex heat treatment processes to meet your needs in the following areas: Control Engineering: Instrumentation, software and services specifically designed to meet all the requirements of regulation and control. Controllers, probes, analyzers for measurement and control of temperature, atmosphere, flows, levels, pressures and vacuum. Reference : Danfoss, DANEMARK Retrofitting of equipment according to ATE: Risk analysis. Types of protection in explosive atmospheres with flammable gases. Retrofitting of equipment according to ATEX Standards and 94/9/EC Directive. Reference : Hispano Suiza, FRANCE Pyrometry: Instrumentation, software and services designed to meet the NADCAP requirements. Systems for high accuracy measurement and recording. Retrofitting of equipment according to AMS2750D Standard. Calibration service and adjustment on site. Reference : SAC, Shenyang Aircraft Corp., CHINA PRC Management of heat treatment process: Granular definition of the process (methods, docu- ments and objectives). Simulation tools and experiences database. Database of steels. Data archi- ving and reporting. Publishing and archiving of the laboratory controls. Reference : Sauer Danfoss, GERMANY Management of the production of automated equipments: Planning, scheduling and optimiza- tion of the production. Conflict management and detection of bottlenecks. Archiving and reporting of production data. Normal production and production anyway. Reference : Bosch Rexroth, GERMANY Energy optimization of industrial equipments: Instrumentation and energy optimization software. Total power limitation . Clipping of peak demand. Archiving of the supplies. Reference : FIAT Avio, ITALY Maintenance: Manual control, adjustment and diagnostic tools. Alarms archiving and reporting , remote signaling of failures (SMS, remote alarm) and remote takeover of the controlled installa- tions. Hotline services and emergency troubleshooting on-site. Reference : Saint-Petersbourg Mint, RUSSIA M.E.S. Manufacturing Execution System: You will have access to real-time production informa- tion (OEE, number of quenched loads, tonnage, downtime, running and maintenance time...) through a simple browser at any time and anywhere. Reference : GIMA (Groupement International Mécanique Agricole), FRANCE ERP Log-in: Data exchange between AXRON products and your information system according to ISA-95 Standard. Production orders, performance measures, Overall Equipment Effectiveness and availability indicators, equipment status. Total transparency and integration. Reference : the leading name of luxury watches, SWITZERLAND
  2. 2. SWISS TECHNOLOGY CORPORATE PROFILE AXRON designs and sets up control and supervision systems for complex industrial machinery in the heat treat- ment field. AXRON Swiss Technology SA was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of SOLO Industrial Furnaces SA. The 7 founding mem- bers are shareholders of the company. With its multilingual team consisting of 18 engineers and technical specialists AXRON works in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. AXRON software solutions are developed with the latest industrial standards technologies to simplify their upgrading, reduce their implementation and maintenance costs and facilitate an international setting up. They comply with ANSI/S95 standards of the ISA. The AXRON HMI interfaces are available in all languages, especially Asian languages (standard versions in Chinese and Japanese) and Cyrillic (Russian standard version). REFERENCES Many AXRON software solutions are located in Europe and Asia, particularly in China, with great names and small businesses of the metal industry in the following areas: Suturex & Renodex, Aesculap, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Renault, VW Heraeus, Synthes Thales, Ruag, Avio, OMA, Bosch, Bost Garnache Industries, Lisi Aerospace PB Swisstool, Facom Gardena, Felco, Wenger, Victorinox Bodycote, Metatherm, Metalografica Swatch Group, Hublot, Chopard, Manurhin, FN, Beretta, Glock, Patek Philippe Heckler & Koch Gima, A. Raymond, Danfoss, Bosch, Singapore Mint, Canadian Mint,  Shanghai Mint, Ukraine Mint, Mint of Finland Caterpillar, ABC Altenloh PARTNERS Siemens Solution Partner Microsoft Partner MEMBERSHIP AXRON is member of: CHTS Manufacturing Enterprise Instrumentation Systems & Associazione Italiana Chinese Heat Treatment Association Suisse du Association de Traitement Industrial heating Solutions Association Automation Society di Metallurgia Society Traitement Thermique Thermique et de Equipment Association des Matériaux Traitement de Surface AXRON IDENTIFICATION Company name: AXRON Swiss Technology SA with a capital of 100000 CHF Head office: Place Pury 3 • CP 1713 • CH-2001 Neuchâtel - SUISSE Offices and R&D Center: Grandes Vies 25 • CH-2900 Porrentruy - SUISSE Bank: Crédit Suisse, CH-2000 Neuchâtel - SUISSESOLO Swiss Group SOLO SWISS BOREL SWISS SA AXRON SWISS THERMIC SERVICE SA Industrial Furnaces Furnaces & Ovens Process Engineering Repair & Maintenance Tel. +41 32 465 96 00 Tel. +41 32 756 64 00 Tel. +41 32 465 10 20 Tel. +41 32 465 96 00