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2012 Energy conservation & alternatives for Pakistan


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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2012 Energy conservation & alternatives for Pakistan

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION :Islamic republic of Pakistan is a country which is gifted with all natural resourcesBy Almighty Allah ,but unfortunately living in 21st century we are not utilizing itIn a proper way .Pakistan is not a self-sufficient in energy production.With my presentation report I can prove and assure that the time is not yet passed. We still can use these these natural resources and can some how cancreate best source of electricity generations which can fix this huge problem forour country in very quick time. I just focuses on quick time energy genratorPlants not on the dams or else .Following presentation includes : Energy conservations(Renewable sources)Alternative energyUtilization of natural resources Important aspects of electricity generations
  3. 3. GEOTHERMAL ENERGYGeothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Thermal energy is the energy that determines the temperature of matter. Earths geothermal energy originates from the original formation of the planet (20%) and from radioactive of minerals (80%)WHY GEOTHERMAL FOR PAKISTAN ?Cost effective,Reliable SustainableEnvironmentally friendlyNon-Global warming
  4. 4. PLACES IN PAKISTAN FOR GEOTHERMAL ENERGY : Northern areas of PunjabNWFPKashmirChitral In these areas Pakistan can built & supply ground coupling heat exchanger units/systems for heating during the winter months which would save asignificant amount of electricity.BENEFITS FOR GEOTHERMAL :Available for 365 days a yearPakistan can generate 35000 MGW electricity through it. Can cost average 112$ i.e. Rs.10080 per MGW.It can fix the electricity problem guaranteed
  5. 5. BIOMASS-ENERGY A renewable energy source, is biological material from living,or recently living organisms. As an energy source, biomass can either be used directly, or converted into other energy products such as biofuel.WHY BIOMASS FOR PAKISTAN ?Renewable energyProvides opportunity to b more energy self-sufficientManage waste materialCost effectiveReduce climate changes
  6. 6. PLACES IN PAKISTAN FOR BIO-MASS ENERGYAlthough it generates electricity from mostly waste material soprovincesWith high populations i.e.SindhPunjabcan be good places for the power plant installations in order togenerate electricity efficiently and more conveniently .BENEFITS FOR BIOMASS :Available as alwaysLess expenditureCan produce 25000 MGW through it Cost 98$ i.e. Rs.8820 per MGW.
  7. 7. SMALL SCALE ALTERNATIVES FOR ENERGY1.)TIDAL POWER :Tidal power is the clean and white energy technology, which is available at noFuel cost and minimal running cost. Pakistan can use this as an alternativeSource in the future since this country is gifted for such kind of source .PLACES FOR TIDAL POWER IN PAKISTAN : The coastline of Pakistan, which is about 1,045km-long with dominant features,is the best resource for harnessing tidal energy. Further includes : Indus Delta Korangi creek Sonmiani and Kalamat (Balochistan)
  8. 8. 2.)SOLAR ENERGY:In Pakistan we can use solar energy in great amount at small scale .AlthoughIts quite expensive according to power plant aspect but still we can use it inOur street lights, government offices,govt, sectors. etcPLACES IN PAKISTAN FOR SOLAR ENERGY :Metropolitan cities likeIslamabadKarachiLahore n many more . .
  9. 9. IMPORTANT ASPECTS TO REMEMBER1. TECHNICAL2. COMMERCIAL3. SECURITY4. ENVIRONMENTALKeeping all these aspects in mind while implementing/launching the powerplant .Our government should focuses on these aspects in order to set up anefficient n convenient source to generate energy .CONCLUSION :If our government should work on all these resource and pay their attention to itInsha’Allah one day we will surely get rid off this energy crisis and soonBeing consider among the ruling countries of the world . PAKISTAN ZINABAD By : Member of Youth Parliament