The Future of Content Marketing #royalcontent


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Slides from the #royalcontent webinar presented by Axonn Media CEO Fergus Parker and head of marketing communications Karen Webber

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  • @kasirimajid Hi Majid - great to hear you found this useful. We hope to keep you updated with lots more interesting content in the future.

    All the best,
    Karen from Axonn Media
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  • Excellent presentation. It's really amazing to see how a company which is an expert in Content Marketing, applies it's Technics for it's marketing purposes. For example, I don't remember when I subscribed for emails from Content Plus, whether it was on LinkedIn or somewhere else but I always received emails regularly, mostly unread. It shows these emails couldn't engage me but definitely these emails with different subjects and useful content, unconsciously had some effects on my mind and increased brand awareness and some positive brand image. They couldn't encourage me to interact using Call To Actions but were useful enough to keep me subscribed. Finally in the right moment, I received the latter email with the link of this presentation. (the CTA wasn't very well designed but made me curious to click). With each slide of this presentation I was more thankful of myself clicking on the link.
    Now I'm a fan of Content Plus and will stay connected and expect more content. I'm not yet quite sure of what types of services I may purchase from ContentPlus in the future (or will I?), I don't even know well the list of their services yet, but I'm sure I'll be connected to it and the day will come. Good training of Content Marketing by example.
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The Future of Content Marketing #royalcontent

  1. 1. CONTENT MARKETING TREND WATCH: 2014 and beyond #royalcontent @axonnmedia Fergus Parker
  2. 2. #royalcontent
  3. 3. A way of creating and sharing content to promote an idea, engage an audience and spur them to action. #royalcontent
  4. 4. 90%of the world’s information today has been created in the last 2 years(source: IBM) #royalcontent
  5. 5. #royalcontent Just over a third of marketing budgets are now being spent on content marketing (source: CMI/MarketingProfs)
  6. 6. 54% of marketers will spend more on content next year #royalcontent (source: CMI/MarketingProfs)
  7. 7. #royalcontent
  8. 8. #royalcontent
  9. 9. #royalcontent
  10. 10. #royalcontent
  11. 11. #royalcontent WHAT NEXT?
  12. 12. #royalcontent Content is KING!
  13. 13. #royalcontent Image: SBS Content is NOT King
  14. 14. Content is the KINGDOM #royalcontent
  15. 15. By 2020... #royalcontent over 50 BILLION connected devices globally
  16. 16. #royalcontent
  17. 17. #royalcontent
  18. 18. Word cloud #royalcontent
  19. 19. #royalcontent
  20. 20. THE FUTURE #royalcontent
  21. 21. PERSONALISATION #royalcontent Customer content journey
  22. 22. #royalcontent (source: Mind Tools) VISUAL
  23. 23. #royalcontent
  24. 24. #royalcontent THE FUTURE
  25. 25. USER EXPERIENCE #royalcontent How do you make BIG data small again?
  26. 26. MOBILE #royalcontent 1.08 BILLION of the world’s 4 billion phones are SMARTPHONES (source: Microsoft)
  27. 27. MOBILE #royalcontent source: Microsoft
  28. 28. 91% of mobile internet access is S O C I A L MOBILE #royalcontent
  29. 29. #royalcontent #royalcontent
  30. 30. Questions? @axonnmedia #royalcontent