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Social Media Advertising Handbook Preview


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This step by step guide to social media advertising will:
- show you how you can use personas to plan your campaign
- help you identify a social campaign journey
- guide you through the different types of content available
- give you a head start on tracking success
- and run through detailed targeting and ad set-up options on each platform: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Download the ebook here:

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Social Media Advertising Handbook Preview

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Using personas for social media planning. 4 Why is it important to have buyer personas for social media campaigns? 5 How do you start building personas and what bits matter for social media? 7 Identifying a social campaign journey. 9 Social content for different stages of your campaign journey. 11 Selecting social assets. 12 Ad copy. 12 Write for your audience. 12 Ensure the ad copy matches or compliments your visual. 13 Keep it short and to the point. 13 Graphics. 14 Videos. 14 How long should videos be? 15 How should video for social be formatted? 16 Tracking success. 17 Choosing your KPIs. 17 Conversion tracking with social media pixels. 18 Social advertising setup. 19 Social advertisements on Facebook. 19 Targeting options. 21 Building an audience from scratch (creating a saved audience). 23 Audience from existing customer file (custom audience). 24 Website traffic audience using Facebook pixel (custom audience). 25 Engagement audience (custom audience). 26 Lookalike audience. 28 Setting up a Facebook campaign. 28 If you are adding a new advert to an existing campaign. 29 If you are creating a new campaign. 35 Social advertisements on Twitter. 35 Targeting options. 37 Setting up a Twitter campaign. 43 Social advertisements on LinkedIn. 43 Targeting options. 45 Setting up a LinkedIn campaign. 53 Conclusion.
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING HANDBOOK AXONN MEDIA USING PERSONAS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNINGPAGE 4 / CHAPTER 1 In short, personas help you make better decisions about how to use social media platforms to maximise audience reach and performance. THE AVAILABLE TARGETING OPTIONS CONTENT THAT YOU USE TO ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE ON SOCIAL CHANNELS APPROPRIATE TONE OF VOICE THE BEST PLATFORMS ON WHICH TO ADVERTISE Having a thorough understanding of your audience enables you to craft tailored content that will be more likely to resonate with them on social media. This extends to the wider scope of a paid social media campaign, where in addition to deciding on the type of content and the core messages, thought must also be given to: WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE BUYER PERSONAS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS?
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING HANDBOOK AXONN MEDIA USING PERSONAS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNINGPAGE 5 / CHAPTER 1 HOW DO YOU START BUILDING PERSONAS AND WHAT BITS MATTER FOR SOCIAL MEDIA? Some of the audience information is going to be more useful than other when it comes to planning and setting up social media campaigns. If your brand is already well established on social media channels and has been using them for a while, this part can be easier, as you’ll have data from your existing customer base (social media insights, survey data etc.) that can help to pinpoint who is already engaging with you. Some of that information will already be available in the platform you intend to use for your advertising. For example, you may already be using a Facebook or LinkedIn pixel to collect information about visitors to your website that can be utilised in a variety of ways on each ad platform to create custom audience segments for targeting (more on this later). However, setting up a pixel is not the only route to acquiring persona information that you can use to plan your social campaigns. Consider speaking with your sales, customer facing teams or even current customers to identify the different types of people your company attract and their habits. For a more in-depth resource that includes a free buyer persona template and the questions you should be asking about your target audience, see this guide on “4 Simple steps: Creating your digital personas”. It can sometimes be helpful to have an idea about how social media campaigns are se tup in your chosen social media platform before you start asking relevant stakeholders questions, and we provide some guidance and tips on how to do this on each platform a little further on in this handbook. WHAT IS A BUYER PERSONA? According to HubSpot: “A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. A detailed buyer persona will help you determine where to focus your time, guide product development, and allow for alignment across the organisation.”