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Fdi resolution on global legally binding instrument on mercury adopted by the fdi general assembly 31 august 2012, hong kong, sar chinaidj 12015


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Fdi resolution on global legally binding instrument on mercury adopted by the fdi general assembly 31 august 2012, hong kong, sar chinaidj 12015

  1. 1. International Dental Journal 2013; 63: 6 ORIGINAL ARTICLE doi: 10.1111/idj.12015FDI resolution on Global legally binding instrumenton mercuryAdopted by the FDI General Assembly: 31 August 2012, Hong Kong,SAR ChinaFDI World Dental FederationFDI World Dental Federation, Geneva, Switzerland.INTRODUCTION • National dental associations need to be aware of the consequences for dentistry and oral health in theirThe United Nations Environmental Programme own country’s legislative and regulatory systems.(UNEP) via the intergovernmental negotiating com-mittee is preparing a global legally binding instrument IT IS RESOLVED THATon mercury to be presented to UNEP GoverningCouncil in January 2013. The FDI World Dental Federation and its partners As a consequence of this treaty, the use of amalgam wish to work with national dental associations to sup-may be restricted, phased down, phased out or even port governments to:banned. Any restriction of the dental materials cur- • Improve the public’s awareness of the importancerently available to the profession would have serious of oral health and linkage to general healthconsequences; therefore the following resolution was • Increase emphasis on the three basic public healthpresented for consideration at the FDI World Dental principles of needs assessment, disease preventionParliament in Hong Kong, August 2012. and health promotion With this resolution position FDI and its partners • Ensure that health and the environment are pro-directly support the World Health Organisation phase- tected through health-care providers’ safe handlingdown of the use of dental amalgam1 through increased practices, effective waste management and appro-prevention, health promotion and research on priate disposal of dental restorative material (envi-advanced chemotherapeutic and restorative materials, ronmentally sound lifecycle management)to ensure that dental materials continue to be used in • Ensure that dentists have the full complement ofa manner that respects and protects the environment. dental restorative materials available and • Work with the dental profession in establishing a comprehensive global dental materials researchIT IS OF RELEVANCE TO NOTE THAT agenda, alongside expanded preventive approaches.• Oral health and general health are inextricably linked REFERENCE• Oral diseases are some of the most prevalent dis- eases in the world, even though these diseases can 1. Future Use of Materials for Dental Restoration’ report, WHO, 2009. be prevented or treated through safe and cost-effec- tive health care Correspondence to:• The profession of dentistry needs all currently avail- FDI World Dental Federation, able dental materials to provide safe and effective Avenue Louis Casai 84, oral health care to help address health and socio- Case Postale 3, economic issues CH–1216 Geneva, Switzerland.• The resolution is consistent with, and builds on those Email: passed at General Assemblies in 2009, 2010 and 2011• This is the final opportunity to advocate to govern- ments for keeping amalgam as a filling/treatment option and6 © 2013 FDI World Dental Federation