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Axex Dental Press Release JUL2013


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Axex Dental Press Release JUL2013

  1. 1. UniDent Software Company 234 E. Gaines Street Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 931.201.9853 PRESS RELEASE Unident Software Company Releases Universal Dental Software For Immediate Release Lawrenceburg, TN- Unident Software Company releases Axex Dental v1.0. Axex Dental is a hardware/software system created to help dentists manage their dental practice, regardless of what computer operating system they prefer. Axex Den- tal works on Mac, Linux, and even the classic Windows PCs. Portable OS, no problem; iOS, and Android systems are a viable choice as well. Axex Dental uses the SmartJobsQ hardware to serve the software throughout the dental office via local access network (LAN). Thanks to this novel approach any device connected to the network may access the Axex Dental program with zero software installation and zero network configuration. The installation of the small SmartJobsQ server is simple with only two cables to connect: power and network. The small SmartJobsQ is sufficiently intelligent to configure itself to the network and then broadcast its name to other connected devices. The Axex Dental software represents a universal solution to a paperless dental office. Axex in- cludes all the modules expected to manage a dental practice such as appointments, charts, and accounts. It does this with a simple, ele- gant interface designed to feel just as natural on a large screened desktop with a mouse as it does on a small portable tablet with a touch. Beyond what is expected, Axex offers a complete solution of patient forms including, but not limited to registration, medical history, consent, and disclosure forms. All are
  2. 2. ready to be digitally read, filled, and signed directly on a tablet. Axex Dental is also compatible with 98% of dental digital x-ray systems past and present. Axex Dental was founded by Gabriel and Kimberly Ruiz. Kimberly Riggs Ruiz DDS is a graduate of Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry . The duo decided to create Axex Dental after strug- gling to find an affordable solution to use in their own dental practice. “We kept waiting for some- one to come up with a solution that would be affordable and compatible with more than just Win- dows computers,” says Gabriel, now company CEO. “When no solution became apparent, we de- cided to stop looking and start creating. It hasn’t been easy, but we have accomplished our goal and are looking forward to continuing to innovate in the field of healthcare software.” Sincerely yours, Gabriel Ruiz Jr. CEO UniDent Software Company