An improved access to fdi official policy statements and resolutionsi dj12012


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An improved access to fdi official policy statements and resolutionsi dj12012

  1. 1. International Dental Journal 2013; 63: 1 EDITORIAL doi: 10.1111/idj.12012An improved access to FDI official Policy Statements andResolutionsFDI World Dental Federation official policy statements • Policy Statement on dental bleaching materials1.will now be published in the International Dental • Policy Statement on classification of caries lesionsJournal (IDJ), giving a wider visibility to these impor- of tooth surfaces and caries management systems2.tant reference documents. With this new development, • Resolution on global legally binding instrument onFDI policy statements will become available on Med- mercury3.line/PubMed and citable as bibliographic references. FDI Policy Statements are also available in German, One of the goals of the FDI World Dental Federation Spanish and French on the FDI website www.fdiworl-is to develop and disseminate policies, standards and related to all aspects of oral health carearound the world. It does this through the publication of THE WAY FORWARD: ORAL HEALTH IN ALLFDI Policy Statements; these are declarations that lay POLICIESout the current thinking on various issues related to oralhealth, oral health policies and the dental profession. FDI policy statements represent the global view of the The development of policy statements support fully dental and oral health communities and are a basis forthe main objectives of FDI: to be the worldwide, advocacy and policy development at the global andauthoritative and independent voice of the dental pro- national level. These documents offer an opportunityfession; to promote optimal oral and general health for members of the profession to become true leadersfor all peoples; to support the member associations in and role models. In line with the principles of theenhancing the ability of their members to provide oral Adelaide Statement on Health, we strongly advocatehealth-care to the public; and to advance and promote for the inclusion of Oral Health in All Policies, and forthe ethics, art, science and practice of dentistry. The the engagement of oral health-care professionals withFDI policy statements are a core deliverable of the leaders and policy-makers at all levels of governmentFederation and enable both the FDI and its member and NGOs (i.e. local, regional, national and global).national dental associations to advocate on key issues As emphasised in FDI Vision 20204, we have a signifi-with decision makers at both national and interna- cant role as health advocates, which involves educat-tional level. ing and influencing decision makers, including senior FDI policy statements are put together through government officials, national and international agen-consultation, discussion and consensus among leading cies, community leaders and the experts from around the world. Many state-ments are the result of projects carried out by theFDI Science Committee, while others are produced Jean-Luc Eisel and Orlando Monteiro da Silva ein collaboration with organisations such as the World Dental Federation, Geneva, SwitzerlandWorld Health Organisation (WHO) or the WorldHealth Professions Alliance (WHPA). These docu-ments are discussed, commented, amended by all REFERENCESnational dental associations and finally adopted by 1. FDI World Dental Federation. FDI policy statement on dentalthe General Assembly of the FDI, which takes place bleaching materials. Int Dent J 2013 63: 2–3.each year during the Annual congress. This process 2. FDI World Dental Federation. FDI policy statement on classifica- tion of caries lesions of tooth surfaces and caries managementguarantees a large consultation of all stakeholders systems. Int Dent J 2013 63: 4–5.and the inclusion of all sensitivities and national con- 3. FDI World Dental Federation. FDI resolution on global legallysiderations. In this issue of the IDJ one can find binding instrument on mercury. Int Dent J 2013 63: 6.important statements and resolutions adopted in 4. Glick M, Monteiro da Silva M, Seeberger GK et al. FDI Vision 2020:2011 and 2012: shaping the future of oral health. Int Dent J 2012 62: 278–291.© 2013 FDI World Dental Federation 1