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Bis 220 final exam


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Bis 220 final exam

  1. 1. BIS 220 Final EXAM Please click here to Download BIS 220 Final EXAM Correct 100% Grade (A+) OriginalTwo information systems that support the entire organization areA. enterprise resource planning systems and dashboardsB. transaction processing systems and office automation systemsC. enterprise resource planning systems and transaction processing systemsD. expert systems and office automation systems2) _______ is the direct use of information systems by employees in their work.A. Transaction processing systemsB. End-user computingC. Decision support systemsD. Management information systems3) ______ attempt to duplicate the work of human experts by applying reasoning capabilities.A. Expert systemsB. DashboardsC. Business intelligence systemsD. Decision support systems4) ______ issues involve who may obtain information and how much they should pay for thisinformation.A. PrivacyB. AccessibilityC. PropertyD. Transferability
  2. 2. 5) _____ issues involve collecting, storing, and disseminating information about individuals.A. PrivacyB. AccuracyC. PropertyD. Accessibility6) Your company’s computers have been taken over by an attacker and used to attack anotherorganization’s information systems. Your problem is which of the following?A. Poor security policies and proceduresB. Lack of due diligenceC. Downstream liabilityD. Poor service-level agreements7) You are the only person in your office to upgrade to Microsoft® Word 2010. Before you sharedocuments with coworkers, you should do which of the following?A. Print out a backup copy of documents.B. Run the Compatibility Checker.C. Burn all documents to CD.D. Create a document summary.8) Which of the following is detected by the contextual spelling checker?A. Duplicate wordsB. Irregular capitalizationC. Use of their when you should use thereD. Improper use of commas and other punctuation9) If your cursor is near the bottom of a page and you want to display the next paragraph you type atthe top of a new page, you should use which of the following?A. EnterB. Ctrl+PageDown
  3. 3. C. Ctrl+EnterD. Page Layout, Breaks, Line Numbers10) Your ______ is the collection of traceable data that is captured when you use various informationtechnologies such as credit cards or the Internet.A. data profileB. data shadowC. database fileD. database record11) No alphabetic characters in a social security number field is an example ofA. data isolationB. data consistencyC. data integrityD. data redundancy12) In a database, the primary key field is used toA. specify an entityB. uniquely identify an attributeC. identify duplicated dataD. uniquely identify a record13) Search engines and metasearch engines are examples of which network application?A. CommunicationsB. DiscoveryC. CollaborationD. Web services
  4. 4. 14) ______ portals are used to coordinate an organizations business information internally andexternally.A. PersonalB. AffinityC. CorporateD. Commercial15) Workflow, groupware, and telepresence systems are examples of which network application?A. DiscoveryB. CollaborationC. Web servicesD. Communications16) Which type of e-commerce does an organization provide information and services to its workers?A. Business-to-employeeB. Consumer-to-businessC. Government-to-businessD. Business-to-consumer17) _______ auctions are the most common auction model for large purchases.A. ForwardB. StaticC. ReverseD. Simple18) ______ collect data from many points over an extended space.A. Bluetooth® networksB. Ultra-wideband networksC. Wireless sensor networks
  5. 5. D. Wi-Fi networks19) Which type of satellite has the largest footprint?A. Low earth orbitB. GeostationaryC. Medium earth orbitD. Equatorial orbit20) Which of the following is the most appropriate wireless networking standard for creating personalarea networks?A. Wi-FiB. Cellular radioC. MicrowaveD. Bluetooth®21) If cell D15 contains the formula =$C$5*D15, what is the D15 in the formula?A. Mixed referenceB. Absolute referenceC. Circular referenceD. Range name 22) What should you do if you see a column of pound signs (###) instead of values or results offormulas?A. Increase the zoom percentage.B. Delete the column.C. Adjust the row height.D. Increase the column width.23) ______ feasibility determines if the project is an acceptable financial risk and if the organization canafford the expense and time needed to complete the project.
  6. 6. A. technicalB. economicC. organizationalD. behavioral24) In the traditional systems development life cycle, usersA. have no inputB. are important only in the testing phases of the projectC. are important only in the maintenance phase of the projectD. are limited to providing information requirements25) To create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation based on an installed template, click theA. File tab, and then click New.B. File tab, and then click Open.C. Insert tab, and then select Add Template.D. Design tab, and then select New.26) Which of the following demotes a bullet point from the first level to the second level in Outline viewin Microsoft® PowerPoint®?A. Shift+TabB. TabC. Decrease List LevelD. Ctrl+Tab27) ________ connects parts of the intranets of different organizations and allows securecommunications among business partners.A. A global networkB. An intranetC. An extranet
  7. 7. D. The Internet28) ______ is a system with universally accepted standards for storing, retrieving, formatting, anddisplaying information via a client/server architecture.A. FTPB. World Wide WebC. NewsgroupsD. The Internet29) A process that allows users to place information in multiple, overlapping associations is calledA. AJAXB. taggingC. a WikiD. blogging30) ________ are websites that provide collections of content from all over the World Wide Web.A. AggregatorsB. Social networksC. MashupsD. Really simple syndications