Integrated Communication Plan for Walker Display Inc.


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As part of MKTG 4721 - Advertising and Marketing Communications, myself and two others participated in the SBI (Student Business Initiative) program to develop business and communication objectives for a company located in Duluth,Minnesota

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Integrated Communication Plan for Walker Display Inc.

  1. 1. Thank You We would like to sincerely thank Keith Hildebrandt, Jason Holmgren, and Walker Display Inc. for allowing us to take the concepts and ideas learned in the classroom and apply them to a realworld situation for real-world experience. We would also like to thank Jim Vileta, our business librarian, as he helped us with discovering significant secondary data. Zach Allen Ashlee Finn-Bruhn Axel Rosar Amanda Althoff Kara Saemann Prepared with assistance from the UMD Center for Economic Development, the Labovitz School of Business and Economics, and the School of Fine Arts. Zach Allen Ashlee Finn-Bruhn Axel Rosar Amanda Althoff Kara Saemann
  2. 2. About Presentation Presentation: Monday, December 9th, 2013, 12:30pm Student to Business Initiative Fall 2013 Labovitz School of Business and Economics University of Minnesota Duluth Walker Display Incorporated Presented by: Zach Allen Ashlee Finn-Bruhn Axel Rosar Amanda Althoff (Graphic Design) Kara Saemann (Graphic Design) 3
  3. 3. Table of Contents 5 Company Overview Executive Summary --What is an IMC? Situation Analysis Objectives 6 7 13 Brand Character and Tone 15 Positioning and Market Segmentation 17 Target Audience and Key Customer Insights Key Messages 18 27 Communication Strategies 29 Recommendations and Tactics 30 4
  4. 4. Company Overview Walker Display Incorporated Walker Display Inc. is a manufacturer and dealer of art display systems that allow customers to stylishly display their art and also gives them the freedom to easily move their pieces around. The company was established in 1966 and has sold countless hanging systems worldwide in that nearly fifty year run. During the early years of production, they were known as Walker Systems and they focused on creating their art display system while increasing their product line to include wall hanging systems and eventually to the current line of exhibit systems. During the past twenty years, ownership of Walker Systems was transferred to Damar Company and the name was changed to Walker Display Inc., and as recently as 2012, Damar Company transferred ownership to the current owners, Charis Acquisition Inc. Products are manufactured in house and shipped to all 50 states, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. 5
  5. 5. Executive Summary Intro The general purpose of this marketing communications plan for Walker Display Inc. is to increase sales of new customers to over 50% of their customer base. We want to increase brand awareness and loyalty as well as differentiate their products from competitors by rebranding their logo, redesigning their website, catalog, and social media platforms. First, we will focus on Walker Display’s internal/external strengths and weaknesses to address business and communication objectives. We want to give Walker Display a facelift so customers view the brand on par with their products. By positioning Walker Display to differentiate them from their competitors through market segmentation, we hope to discover new markets as well as refine current ones. Finally, we will provide an implementation schedule for our recommendations as well as the budget required to accompany these proposals. What is an IMC? Integrated Marketing Communications is an approach to brand management where the goal is to make all aspects of marketing communications such as: advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, online participation and social media work together as a unified force, to create a seamless and cost effective experience for the client. 6
  6. 6. Situational Analysis External factors Walker Display Inc. is a B2B (business to business) business that targets industries such as universities and schools, museums, and interior design firms, are a few of Walker Display’s top buyers. Walker Display’s ideal customer is buying simplicity, subtlety, and convenience while using Walker Display’s hanging system to showcase their art. Customers buy from a particular brand because of the value, quality, and style they find in comparison to its competitors. People buy from Walker Display because they have high quality products, excellent customer service, produce all products in the USA, and are versatile and minimalistic. Customers tend to purchase from Walker Display in the first and second quarter of the calendar year. Walker Display product purchase cycle is dependent on the ultimate consumer’s penchant for change including: potential seasonality adjustments, modernization, or renovation. 7
  7. 7. Situational Analysis 8
  8. 8. Situational Analysis Competitive Analysis Direct competitors of Walker Display Inc. include: AS Hanging ( Gallery System Art Displays ( Systematic Art LLC ( These competitors use similar communication strategies to Walker Display by actively participating on social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and blogs. They also have utilized Google AdWords to increase their reach and become more prevalent on the web. Each of Walker Display’s competitors convey a similar message to their consumers; this message consists of informing consumers about hanging art display systems that are simple to use and prevent holes in walls. Indirect competitors of Walker Display Inc. include 3M and traditional methods of picture hanging. 3M offers a wide variety of inexpensive art hanging solutions and the traditional solution to hanging pictures and art work is simply using a hammer and a nail. 9
  9. 9. Situational Analysis Internal Factors Previous promotional objectives of Walker Display targeted new customers and focused on retaining old ones. Previously, Walker Display determined their promotional budget to be six to seven percent of gross sales, which typically ranged from $60,000 - $70,000 annually. This budget was spent on placing print advertisements into 7-10 trade magazines, sending paper catalogs to professional architects every 14 days, as well as sending printed postcards to promote a 20% off sale that occurred bi-annually. After a change in ownership in 2012, Walker Display limited its promotional budget to its current total of 21,196.16. This budget is divided between Google AdWords, magazine advertisements, postcards, catalogs, sales, Better Business Bureau endorsement, and website updates and fees. 10
  10. 10. Situational Analysis Strengths Walker Display provides a high quality product and exceptional customer service. Walker Display allows its customers to choose from a variety of durable, high quality aluminum or wood moldings, rod sleeves, vertical rods, hooks and holders - all designed to save walls and to showcase the artwork, rather than the hanging system. Unique selling points to Walker Display’s product include the fact that all components are manufactured at Walker Display’s warehouse, located in Duluth, Minnesota. Walker Display also prides itself in having exceptional customer service. All calls and inquiries are directed to their business and all concerns are addressed by competent staff. 11
  11. 11. Situational Analysis Weaknesses Walker Display is weak in the following areas: brand image, social media participation, and visual support. Of Walker Display’s current promotional mix, the company has no way of measuring its results or sales resulting from its advertising campaign. Walker Display’s social media platforms are inconsistent in visual support and content. The pictures included display the current state of Walker Display’s online presence. 12
  12. 12. Objectives The Original Wall Hanging System Communication Increase awareness among potential clients by focusing on direct marketing and providing high quality perceived value by revamping Walker Display’s website to provide stronger visual support, to improve the functionality of e-commerce, and to increase overall web traffic. We would also like to update Walker Display’s social media presence, which engages both prospects and existing buyers to keep them interested in and loyal to the company. Lastly, we want to redesign the catalog to make it more visually appealing and easier to read. Walker Display is going to build awareness among new customers, by “creating interesting, informative, and entertaining content, optimized and distributed across online channels so it can be found by prospective buyers”. Walker is going to build and create interest by using inbound marketing, which is the process of helping potential customers find your company and turning that early awareness into brand preference. People are also more likely to trust and buy from a company they have a relationship with. 13 Life is all about change, and so are we when it comes to art presentation. The Walker system frees you to explore all options. No-More-Holes allows you to rearrange artwork with ease and speed. Embrace change. molding sleeve rod/cable holder/ hook
  13. 13. Objectives Business We would like to increase the company’s sales by targeting new customers and maintaining contact with current customers. Walker Display Inc. would like to improve their number of annual new customers to over 50% of their customer base. New customers: 50% of total customers 14
  14. 14. Brand character and tone Based on first impressions, Walker Display’s brand is outdated and unclear. Their website and catalog appear strikingly drab and the overuse of gray, white, and, beige tones presents a lackluster personality. On top of the color tones, Walker’s website is not user friendly and both the website and catalog appear disorganized and cluttered. In addition, their colorless schemes and lack of involvement negatively impacts their social media presence. Since Walker’s products are viewed as modern and high quality, their current brand character presents incongruence. Because Walker’s products are perceived highly, we would like their brand to convey the same message. To combat their incongruent messages, Walker needs their brand character to complement the message of their products. To achieve this, we suggest that Walker implement a new color palette throughout all of their promotional tools, redesign their website and catalog layout, and update and maintain an active social media presence. 15
  15. 15. T h e O r i g i n a l Wa l l H a n g i n g S y s t e m (800) 234-7614 How it works Systems Shop Products gallery contact Picture Hanging System Acr yllic System Te x t i l e System Exhibit System 16
  16. 16. Positioning and marketing segmentation Since opening its doors in 1966, Walker Display has provided an outlet for artists and art enthusiasts to tastefully present their work. Walker Display offers the original hanging display system, which provides their clients with a subtle, minimalistic way to fashion picture perfect exhibits while at the same time minimizing damage to walls. Along with providing their time-tested display system, Walker continuously strives to meet growing customer needs and expectations by offering new, refined, and innovative products; Walker Display manufactures all of these products in house, in Duluth, MN. Walker Display also prides itself in having exceptional customer service and all calls, questions, and inquiries are directed to their business addressed by competent staff. 17 Walker Display promises to value each customer and to provide high quality products with every purchase. Customer testimonials, as well as a nearly half-century of sustained business can vouch for the adaptability, durability, and efficiency of both Walker Display and its picture hanging system.
  17. 17. Target Audience and key Customer insights Customers are able to purchase directly from Walker Display through mail orders and catalogs, through direct inquiries, and via the internet. Through our research, we identified the target audience of Walker Display and categorized them by percentage of sales based on individual industries, we identified the purchasing decision makers in each industry, and which states comprise the highest percentage of sales. Based on research from Reference USA databases, we found specific states that contain the highest density of our target industries. 18
  18. 18. Art Dealers and Galleries We discovered a total of 27,738 businesses in the United States classified as Art Dealers (Wholesale) and Art Galleries and Dealers. This industry was found to be 19.7% of Walker Display’s total sales for the year of 2012. We identified the gallery directors and gallery managers as the purchasing decision maker. Of these 27,738 total businesses, 2,735 reported to have registered emails with Reference USA which can be purchased for a direct email marketing campaign. 19
  19. 19. Schools, Universities, and College Academics We discovered a total of 28,345 businesses in the United States classified as Universities, schools, and academic colleges. This industry was found to be 18.1% of Walker Display’s total sales for the year of 2012. We identified presidents, art or other teachers, and student groups as the purchasing decision makers. Of these 28,345 total businesses, 3,855 reported to have registered emails with Reference USA which can be purchased for a direct email marketing campaign. 20
  20. 20. Institutional and Public Libraries We discovered a total of 25,231 businesses in the United States classified as Libraries (Institutional and Public). This industry was found to be 8.3% of Walker Display’s total sales for the year of 2012. We identified the Library Manager or Library Director as the purchasing decision makers. Of these 25,231 total businesses, 4,005 reported to have registered emails with Reference USA which can be purchased for a direct email marketing campaign. 21
  21. 21. Museums We discovered a total of 16,243 businesses in the United States classified as Museums. This industry was found to be 3.7% of Walker Display’s total sales for the year of 2012. We identified the Head Curator as the purchasing decision maker. Of these 16,243 total businesses, 2,014 reported to have registered emails with Reference USA which can be purchased for a direct email marketing campaign. 22
  22. 22. Buildings - Interior Design Firms Based on information received from Walker Display, the category “Buildings” comprises 19.9% of total sales. This category consists of interior designers, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, auto dealers, sports facilities, and office buildings. We found interior designers to represent the majority of this category. We discovered a total of 38,851 businesses in the United States classified as interior design firms. We identified the project manager and project consultant as the purchasing decision makers. Of these 38,851 total businesses, 3,261 reported to have registered emails with Reference USA which can be purchased for a direct email marketing campaign. 23
  23. 23. Tattoo and Body Piercing Parlors We discovered a total of 12,844 businesses in the United States classified as Tattoo and Body Piercing Parlors. Walker Display could benefit from marketing toward these businesses because it is a highly visual industry. Many business locations have artist designs hanging in the interior of the building to show the artist’s style of work. This industry was found to be 0% of Walker Display’s total sales for the year of 2012. We identified the Owner, tenant, and facility manager as the purchasing decision makers. Of these 12,844 24
  24. 24. TARGET AUDIENCE 5 Top States Based on Walker Display’s yearend sales report for 2012, we have identified the top five states in terms of total sales. These states are New York, Minnesota, Florida, California, and Texas. In these states, we identified the total number of businesses in each of Walker Display’s target industries. 1. New York Annual Sales: $78,358.37 8.48% of total annual sales Table Key: Tattoo and Body Piercing Shops Art Dealers and Galleries Museums Interior Design Firms Schools-Universities and College Academic Libraries-Institutional and Public 25 766 2,699 1,297 2,752 1,918 1,696
  25. 25. 2. Florida 3. Minnesota Annual Sales: $66,190.73 7.16% of total annual sales Annual Sales: $64,372.74 6.96% of total annual sales 935 2,067 596 3,416 1,387 867 166 469 313 579 4. California 563 5. Texas Annual Sales: $57,895.32 6.26% of total annual sales 554 Annual Sales: $44,498.66 4.81% of total annual sales 1,480 3,798 1,432 5,429 2,607 1,901 836 2,235 1,396 3,017 1,580 1,351 26
  26. 26. Key Messages Customer Value Walker Display’s consumer centric attitude stands testament to the high value they place on their customers and the quality associated with each product. Walker Display desires each customer to view their products as userfriendly, durable, and adaptable, while placing an emphasis on the fact that each component is made in the USA. The process we used to develop our key messages consisted of conducting multiple interviews with Walker Display, taking an objective look at the information we received, conducting secondary research on market preferences, and taking into account customer testimonials. in e ad M A S U 27 he t
  27. 27. High Quality Products User Friendly Adaptable Durable Friendly Relationships Feedback Social Media Highly Valued Customers 28
  28. 28. Communication Strategies Attract Traffic Walker Display will create valuable content on their new and improved website which will aid in attracting leads. This will be optimized through social media; currently, 75% of consumers use social media in some format to learn about products or services. Walker Display will also increase website traffic by engaging in search engine optimization (SEO) by implementing ideal keywords on its website. Search engine marketing (SEM) will be applied through the optimization of Google AdWords. Walker Display will also take part in the Uptown Art Fair in August of 2014 that will attract approximately 400,000 people. The Uptown Art Fair is the second largest attended event in Minnesota; sponsoring the event will increase Walker Display’s reach amongst ideal demographics. 29 Capture Leads Walker Display will capture leads by enticing potential customers to opt in to their email marketing list with special offers such as inviting them to “like” and “share” their Facebook page for a chance to win a $100 gift card. Potential customers may also opt in when they find blog content engaging and valuable to their needs. Nurture Prospects Walker Display will nurture prospects by sending personable emails, engaging followers on social media platforms, and writing captivating content.
  29. 29. Convert Sales Walker Display will convert sales through incentives, such as the monthly $100 gift card on their Facebook page. Walker Display currently converts sales by providing an online shopping cart and offering a physical catalog, at which point gives them a chance to upsell their customers. Deliver and satisfy Walker Display promises to provide a consistent experience; they will do this by continually delivering high quality products that keep their customers satisfied. Walker’s warm, friendly, and accommodating customer service is a competitive advantage that will create a positive experience for their customers. This warm and friendly experience will lead to repeat business and referrals. Thank You Come Again! Get Referrals By creating a positive and memorable experience, customers are more likely to be satisfied and share their favorable encounter with others. Rewarding customers for their endorsements with a heartfelt thank you is a sure way to invite referrals. 30
  30. 30. Recommendations and tactics Revamp of Social Media Platforms Objective addressed: Increase social media participation Total Cost: Included in intern budget Idea behind Revamp: We want to update Walker Display’s social media platforms to stay current, make them more visually appealing, create interest, and inform potential customers. Why it will work: Revamping Walker’s social media platforms will help in creating lasting first impressions which can help drive sales and nurture, grow, and maintain relationships. Facebook: Before 31 after
  31. 31. Twitter: Before after 32
  32. 32. Recommendations and tactics Rebranding of Logo and Tagline Objective addressed: Improving visual support to match product quality Total Cost: $0 Idea behind Promotion: Since the logo and tagline are considered to be the face a company, rebranding these for Walker Display will lead to better first impressions and better brand recognition and retention. Why it will work: A refreshed logo and tagline will showcase Walker’s professionalism and competence while giving them an edge over their competition. This will also give customers essential information about the company that allows them to identify with Walker’s core brand. The Original Wall Hanging 33
  33. 33. Branding and Design Choices Pantone 539 C C: 100 M: 49 Y: 70 K: 0 R: 0 G: 43 B: 84 Ostrich Caslon Pro Sans Inline Adobe Pantone 391 C C: 13 M: 0 Y: 100 K: 33 Logo Exploration Walker ART Display R: 163 G: 165 B: 16 W 34
  34. 34. Recommendations and tactics Direct Email with Facebook promotion of $100 gift card, every other month Objective addressed: Increase social media participation Total Cost: $600 Idea behind Promotion: An email marketing campaign offering a $100 digital gift card every other month for “Liking” Walker’s Facebook page and “sharing” their promotional post. Why it will work: Email marketing is still the most cost effective way of promotion. By consistently offering valuable content through email, Walker Display will build loyal followers and the more followers they have will drive repeat traffic through referrals and word-of mouth. By promoting social media through email, it encourages current readers to tweet their content, like them on Facebook, and otherwise use social media tools to demonstrate that they have quality content (Copybook). Since Facebook has a user base of 1.11 billion people, it provides a fantastic platform for expanding Walker Display’s reach. By incentivizing potential customers to visit, “Like”, and “Share” their Facebook page, Walker will increase their website traffic and will improve their system of targeted mass marketing. 35
  35. 35. Labovitz School of Business and Economics Intern for Social Media Objective addressed: Increase social media participation Total Cost: $1,300/semester ($8/hr.) Idea behind Promotion: An LSBE intern with proficient social media skills will be able to upgrade Walker Display’s social media platforms to their new company standards and will actively manage their social media accounts. Why it will work: Walker Display will benefit from hiring an LSBE intern for several reasons. Undergraduate business students have the skills and creativity required to maintain social media accounts while allowing Walker Display to focus on other aspects of the business. An internship would be a cost effective way to increase social media participation and would benefit an LSBE student looking for real-world experience. 36
  36. 36. Recommendations and tactics Uptown Art Fair Sponsorship Objective addressed: Increased awareness Total Cost: $6,000 Target Audience: Amateur and professional artists, art curators, art enthusiasts Idea behind Promotion: Approximately 400,000 people attend the Uptown Art Fair each August, making it the second largest attended event in Minnesota. By being a Mobile Website sponsor, Walker Display will increase their reach amongst ideal demographics. Why it will work: By taking part in the Sponsorship program at the Uptown Art Fair, Walker Display will be able to capitalize on the need for instant retrieval of information, while creating an excellent branding opportunity with a direct connection to their business. Also included in this sponsorship is the ability to include Walker’s name and logo on the Uptown Art Fair landing page, along with venue maps, artist profiles and event schedules as well as name recognition on all marketing tools and outdoor signage. Walker will also have its QR code with a direct link to their website positioned at various locations throughout the fair. 37
  37. 37. Revamped Website Objective addressed: Creating a consistent brand image Total Cost: $500 Idea behind Promotion: Redoing Walker’s website will enhance their appeal, make information easier to decipher, and will improve the efficiency of e-commerce. Why it will work: With an updated web site, Walker Display will be able to reach a whole new segment of potential clients that may have missed their previous ad campaigns. A good, informative web site will attract many people who may not have heard of them otherwise. Improving their website will provide consistency between the product and the brand and will allow the customers to feel more comfortable purchasing from Walker Display. As a part of improving the efficiency of e-commerce, Walker will include a step in the buying process where customers will record how they discovered Walker and what they plan to use the product for, this will help improve Walker’s record keeping and will allow them to refine their target audience 38
  38. 38. Recommendations and tactics Optimize Google AdWords Objective addressed: Optimized online presence and increase awareness Total Cost: $0 Idea behind Promotion: Optimizing AdWords will make Walker Display more prevalent in search results. Why it will work: All purchasing decisions begin with a search. If the target audience is aware the business exists, brand awareness has been created. Walker Display puts their message in front of potential customers when they are searching for a relevant product. People use keywords (or search terms) to search for specific products and services. If the keywords you’ve chosen match what people search for, your ad appears next to or above Google search results. AdWords makes it easy to put your message in front of people anywhere in the world. Compared to traditional marketing channels like TV and magazine advertising, online marketing is highly measurable, and AdWords pay-per-click is one of the most measurable of online channels. 39
  39. 39. Revamped Catalogs Objective addressed: Creating a consistent brand image Total Cost: $590 for 2,500 catalogs (at Idea behind Promotion: Redoing catalogs will create a consistent brand image with Walker Display’s font, color, size, and image. Why it will work: As with Walker Display’s refreshed logo and tagline, redoing their catalogs will showcase Walker’s professionalism and competence while giving them an edge over their competition. This will also give customers essential information about the company that allows them to identify with Walker’s core brand. 40
  40. 40. Budget Estimates Total Current Promotional Budget: $21,196.16 Post Cards – $250.00 Better Business Bureau – $500.00 Website Updates – $500.00 Website Fees – $600.00 Catalogs – $792.40 Bing – $1,200.00 Thank You Sale – $1,353.76 Snap Magazine – $4,000.00 Google Adwords – $12,000.00 Total Recommended Promotional Budget (given $10,000): $8,990 Website Updates – $500 Catalogs – $590.00 Facebook Promotion – $600 LSBE Intern – $1,300 ($8/hour) Uptown Art Fair – $6,000.00 41
  41. 41. Recommended Promotional Budget (Total) = $22,090 Better Business Bureau – $500 Website Updates – $500 Catalogs – $590.00 Website Fees – $600 Facebook Promotion – $600 LSBE Intern – $1,300 ($8/hour) Uptown Art Fair – $6,000 Google AdWords – $12,000 42
  42. 42. Measurement and Evaluation Where To Go From Here AdWords pay-per-click is one of the most measurable of online channels. AdWords is transparent, providing tons of PPC metrics that allow you to see at a granular level what works and what doesn’t. You can pretty quickly determine if your campaigns are sucking or returning ROI (Gabbart, Elisa). The number of social media followers a company has is an easy way to determine if their message is reaching their target audience. Generally, the greater the number of followers, the greater the effectiveness of the campaign. Comparing current sales to previous years is a foolproof way to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. An increase in sales should reflect an effective marketing campaign. Being an E-commerce business, creating an inquiry during checkout of how your consumer discovered your business is good way to measure exactly where an impression made an impact. Number of updates/activity on social media accounts is an easy way to track how effective the marketing campaign is. By connecting with customers, sharing news about their products/company, and getting a good feel for their competition, Walker Display will be generating a loyal fan base. 43
  43. 43. 2014 Calendar Year Plan Implementation January February March April May June July August September October November December Intern Google Adwords Redo Website/ Social Media Platforms New Catalogs Social Media Participation Email Marketing with Promotion Uptown Art Fair *Shaded cells indicate time of implementation 44
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