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Koneksys Presentation March 2021



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Koneksys Presentation March 2021

  1. 1. Koneksys Offering Services to Connect Data using Link-Enabling APIs February 2021
  2. 2. Koneksys ● Created in 2012 by Axel Reichwein ● Located in San Francisco ● Focused on offering services to connect data by using open standards ● Composed of remote consultants located in Mexico and Brazil 2
  3. 3. Services and Solutions Created by Koneksys OSLC Solutions ● OSLC APIs ● Integrations with IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) 3 Engineering-related ● Integrations with Cameo SysML, Simulink, Modelica, FMI, PLM, etc. Pilot Projects ● To create new mashup apps for global-level data management ● UI Design Research ● NIST grant to develop new interoperability standard for FEA models
  4. 4. Koneksys Clients 4 ● Engineering organizations ● Software vendors ● Research organizations ● Universities ● Standards organizations
  5. 5. Koneksys CEO: Axel Reichwein ● Developer of multiple data integration solutions based on Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) ● Background in aerospace engineering ● Previously involved in standardization efforts related to SysML (Systems Modeling Language) 5
  6. 6. Data Integration Problem 6
  7. 7. Why Data Integration Matters 7 “When you have data coming at you from too many different sources, you run into a data integration challenge. As near as I can tell, that is what is causing problems for nearly every major enterprise on the planet. Most enterprises are siloed, meaning they have independently constructed data stores, perhaps for each business unit. The problem comes when these business units want to integrate their data” “Benefit we expect from Big Data depends on seamless data integration. Solving the problem of how to improve data integration is going to be key in getting the most benefit from all the data being created” Computer scientist specializing in database research. 2005 IEEE John von Neumann Medal and 2014 ACM Turing Award Winner. Michael Ralph Stonebraker
  8. 8. In Engineering: Many Data Silos 8 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)/ Mechanical Engineering Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)/ Software Engineering Business Intelligence/ Analytics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Manufacturing etc. How can I establish traceability How do I know what is related to what? How can I assess the impact of a change? How can I manage changes/updates?
  9. 9. Link Enabling APIs 9
  10. 10. Link-Enabling APIs For Humans To Connect Data Across Silos As Needed 10
  11. 11. Resource Discovery Through Hypermedia without Switching Applications 11 Application #1 can discover data of Application #2 and display possible link targets to the user within Application #1 Web API 1 can discover API Resources of API 2 and display possible link targets to the user within Web App 2 i
  12. 12. Hypermedia Example To Discover URL 12 What is the URL of the Web page describing a specific soccer game? As a user, I know the main entry point Web page (e.g. I also know the category of the game (e.g. Bundesliga) And then I can find the specific game and its URL (e.g. undesliga-4667193/spielbericht ) Entry Point List of data containers Resources of a specific type within a container URL of specific resource
  13. 13. Hypermedia Applied to an API 13 All OSLC APIs support the discovery of resources exposed by the API according to: ● Data container ● Version of data container ● Resource type ● Sometimes full-text search Entry Point List of data containers Resources of a specific type within a container URL of specific resource
  14. 14. Link-Enabling APIs help create Linked Data 14
  15. 15. Link-Enabling APIs help create Configuration-Managed Linked Data 15
  16. 16. Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Standard for Link-enabling APIs ● Based on Linked Data principles ● REST API ● Supporting resource and service discovery ● Generic data aspects and API discovery aspects described in a standard way ● Easily consumable by knowledge graphs 16 Schemas for Generic Data Aspects ● API entry point and services ● Containers of resources ● Shapes (and constraints) of resources ● Versions of resources ● Change events on resources ● Resource access rules
  17. 17. New Linked Data Applications based on Linked Data 17
  18. 18. Examples of Koneksys Solutions 18
  19. 19. OSLC APIs for Various Engineering Apps ● Cameo Systems Modeler ● PTC Integrity ● Jama ● Simulink ● FMI ● AMESim ● Ansys Minerva 19
  20. 20. OSLC SDK in Python (PyOSLC) 20 Data GET POST PUT DELETE OSLC API Client RDF Lib Python HTTP RDF
  21. 21. Consumer-oriented APIs for IBM Doors Next Generation (DNG) We go “underwater” to discover and use many different IBM DNG/RQM APIs with limited or no documentation We create simple, clean, approachable consumer-oriented APIs for developers wanting to access data in IBM DNG/RQM 21 OSLC APIs Reportable REST APIs DNG Module API DNG Private Header Requests RQM/DNG Incoming links endpoint DNG Locks API DNG Multi Request API DNG View/ SPARQL API Other endpoints called by frontend
  22. 22. Linked Data Applications 22 Link Prediction Algorithms Link Editors Linked Data Visualization Global Configuration Management
  23. 23. Thanks and get in touch! 23