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N dex


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N dex

  1. 1. Concept of Operations Development Status, Capabilities and Scenarios - January 27, 2006 -
  2. 2. N-DEx At A Glance What is N-DEx and How Does it Benefit Law Enforcement? How Can LEAs Participate in N-DEx and How Will It Be Funded? N-DEx Vision To share complete, accurate, timely and useful criminal justice information across jurisdictional boundaries and to provide new investigative tools that enhance America’s ability to fight crime and terrorism. Please see Executive Con-Ops Page iii
  3. 3. SME Meeting San Diego CJIS Internal Review Ongoing Communication Produce Initial ConOps Draft Produce Draft For APB WG Ongoing Issues Resolution 12/8 01/10 01/11 01/20 01/30 02/03 Key Milestones for N-DEx ConOps Development Revise Per CJIS Review SME & TF Review Revise Per SME Review Revise Per SME & TF Review 02/22 02/23 02/09 ConOps Development Plan/Status APB Endorsement of Ex Overview December 8, 2005 SME Meeting – San Diego January 10-11 Revise With Input From SMEs January 16-20 CJIS Internal Review January 26-30 Revise Per CJIS Review January 31 - February 3 Task Force Meeting/Review February 6-9 Revise Per Task Force Review February 13-22 Produce Draft for APB Working Groups February 23 APB Working Groups February 28 - March 2
  4. 4. N-DEx Services and Capabilities Services relate and organize data into useful information for searching and querying in support of investigations and analyses: Entity Resolution Entity Correlation Incident/Case Correlation Service Automated Processing Service Capabilities that users can employ to benefit from the vast amounts of information available to the system: Search Subscription Visualization Analytical/Reporting Collaboration Data Management
  5. 5. Entity Resolution
  6. 6. Entity Correlation
  7. 7. Incident/Case Correlation Service
  8. 8. Search
  9. 9. Subscription
  10. 10. Visualization
  11. 11. Analytical/Reporting
  12. 12. Collaboration – Task Force
  13. 13. Data Management