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Removed Posts and Final Commentary


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Final commentary and posts regarding numerous insidious occurrences in Sellersville, Pennsylvania that were removed from the following online forum:

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Removed Posts and Final Commentary

  1. 1. Removed Posts and Final Commentary The below post was removed from the referenced online forum multiple times: See following pages for images from the two hyperlinks. (Note: Image quality is poor.) Images provided by, and purchased from, the Mercer Museum Library, Doylestown, PA. Newspaper source unknown.
  2. 2. Last sentence from above article excerpt: Consequently, the boundaries of properties, so long as they are not disputed, may be wrongly recorded for years and even decades, without anybody...ever knowing the difference. The below post was also removed after being posted. It was retyped for better viewing clarity. Some final information and closing commentary: RE: 1920 U.S. Census for “Sellersville Borough” Subject address: 215 Diamont Street (Diamond Street, but referring to the pre-realigned road that existed before the radium industry-related municipal reconfigurations took place). Note first that this pattern of listing "Diamond Street" along with a misspelled variation (i.e. "Diamont Street," "Diamind Street," etc.) to represent the roads' positions during that transition period when both placements were in existence (before the older was phased out) is seen throughout various local area history books and census- related documentation. Note also that, before the 26++ acres surrounding the physical AMETEK Plant #2 facility that contained the above-referenced address was conveyed (in gross) to the Federal Land Bank of Baltimore in the 1930s (tax parcels 39-008-366, 39-008-367, et al.), the land was sold circa 1913 by Zeno Frantz to a group of individuals (surnames of Webber, Hatch, et al.) operating under an unspecified business entity.
  3. 3. 1920 U.S. Census records list the industry for said individuals, located in the "rear" of 215 Diamont Street (i.e. east of Harvey Clymer's milk bottling facility, on and behind the Plant #2 tract), as "Home Farm." This description of "Home Farm" was handwritten (poorly) over the words "Radium Plant" on line 14, Sheet No. 2A of the 1920 U.S. Census form for Sellersville Borough. To be clear: This would be the land east of, and including, the Plant #2 tract--otherwise known as "a portion of the Sellersville side of the Wyckford Commons housing development." Other appropriate ways of describing this area are: • "The ground where the Mews' alleged 'condominiums,' along with a portion of the Sellersville single homes, are located." • "The portion of the renamed 'Wyckford' tract (which was not part of the approved 'Selsie Village' plans) that was never legally conveyed to the developers via recorded chain of title. Among other things, this is confirmed by 1) the aforementioned WPA real estate registry, 2) numerous approval-related omissions from Sellersville Borough's 'Wyckford Commons' subdivision file, and 3) historic Bucks County tax parcel maps (which the county refused to provide) that were found at the Mercer Museum Library." • "The land that, in addition to any radiation-related issues, is permanently impaired by a toxic underground chemical plume comprised of TCE, PCE, vinyl chloride, etc. and the gases that emanate therefrom." The literal size and truthful extent of the plume is still unknown by the general public due to the purposeful failure of AMETEK Inc. and the USEPA to accurately assess the extent of contamination through proper groundwater monitoring parameters. • "The area whose drinking water source--a groundwater well coded by the PADEP as 'AMETEK well #1' --was found (in 2013) to have substantial levels of contamination that had never been disclosed." • "The ground that was fraudulently purchased by the BCIDA in 2014 and--due to the severity of contamination--was simultaneously deemed unsafe/unsuitable (via a formal legal covenant issued by the federal government) for all human/residential habitation and any other uses that are non-industrial." • "The land about which the PADEP's Bureau of Radiation Protection refuses to respond to questions regarding elevated radiation readings and other related inquiries concerning what 'normal' background radiation levels are for the Sellersville area." • "The land that has been under previously-undisclosed Superfund remediation since 1990, before construction of the homes located on said land was even complete." NB: Said remediation efforts failed. • "The location of the original borough of Sellersville prior to said tract of ground becoming what was at the time the largest uranium milling facility in the world, after which the borough and its residents relocated northwest of said area." The realigned creek and railroad cut ensured them protection from the underground spread of any legacy contamination. This, in part, is why U.S. Gauge and AMETEK Plant #2 were built, and remained, southeast. • "A part of Sellersville's tapestry of 'common ground' that continues to serve legacy families in numerous--and various--ways." Pick whichever descriptor you like best. I personally think they are all equally as horrific...but in their own unique and special way. I hope the truth about all of this will someday be acknowledged for the sake of everyone affected. I wish each
  4. 4. person and family all the best.
  5. 5. person and family all the best.