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TU Times is a monthly Newsletter highlighting events prominent at the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County, Liberia.

This Newsletter is compiled by the Division of Institutional Advancement.


Ambrose T. Wreh
Administrative Officer/VPIA

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TU Times October Edition

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 2 W I L L I A M V. S . T U B M A N U N I V E R S I T YTransformation for Worthy Service Inside this issue: Institutional Advancement TU signs Joint Articula- 1 Tubman University signs Joint Articulation with the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) tion with UDC & Thrust 80 Scholarship The William V. S. Tubman Univer- The agreement is to take effect sity (TU) on September 22, 2011 from the date of signature for two Student Intellectual 2 signed a Joint Articulation agree- years and shall be extended auto- Center ment with the University of the matically for an additional period Scholarships & Financial 2 District of Columbia (UDC). The of two years at each expiration Aid President of UDC, Allen Sessoms, date, unless either party gives Ph.D., signed on behalf of UDC ninety (90) days notice in writing Tubman University Farm 3 while Rev. Rita Townsend, Vice to terminate the agreement. Signing ceremony l-r: Mr. J. Brooks Project Stella Maris, Rev. Townsend, TU, Dr. President for Institutional Advance- Allen Sessoms, Pres. UDC, Cllr. ment, signed on behalf of the Presi- In a related development, the Vohiri, EPAL, Mr. Morris Koffa, dent of TU, Elizabeth Davis- William V. S. Tubman University AEW Inc. (photo by JEMS Photogra- also benefited from the invitation phy) Russell, Ed.D., Ph.D. proffered by Thrust 80. The presi- The Joint Articulation Agreement dents of the William V.S. Tubman the institutions. Dr. Dennis and calls for the development of an University, Dr. Elizabeth Davis- Dr. Tokpa reflected on their Environmental Curriculum, Joint Russell, University of Liberia’s education and aspirations that Research and Development of a Dr. Emmet Dennis, and Cutting- crossed at the universities of Libe- Special points of Certified Water Resource Manage- ton University’s Dr. Henrique ria and Cuttington. Tubman Uni- interest: ment Environmental Protection Tokpa, were to receive scholar- versity was also connected. Dr. Administration Laboratory, Faculty ship offerings at a lavish dinner in Emmet Dennis, is Chair of the  Leadership Retreat and Student exchanges and Joint Bowie, Maryland. Rev. Town- TU Board of Trustees.  Auxiliary Enterprise Research Activities of academic send, VPIA at Tubman University, import. represented Dr. Elizabeth Davis- Tubman University and Cutting- System Russell. ton University each received one  TU Farm Project According to Rev. Rita Townsend, full term scholarship. As alma VPIA, the parties will collaborate Thrust 80 is a humanitarian or- mater of Thrust 80, University of  Students Say-So in joint conferences and academic ganization founded by graduates Liberia received three. Recipients  Student Clubs & Activi- programs. The development, imple- of the University of Liberia in selected by Thrust 80 remain ties: Capacity Building mentation and administration of a 1980. The organization has grown eligible by maintaining a minimum Workshop final agreement on a program of in concept and, as its name indi- 2.5 GPA.  Department of Athletics activities will be jointly discussed cates, has thrust itself to give back Zachreyao Jalloh of TU’s College & Recreation and agreed upon in advance accord- to Liberia through scholarships of Engineering & Technology is ing to all legal and policy provisions and humanitarian endeavors.  Poem: Reflective Notes recipient of the Thrust 80 Gben- of each institution . Both sides are At the dinner in Bowie, it became yon-Kumeh-Victor Scholarship. expected to provide necessary sup- port to facilitate such activities. evident the interconnectedness of
  2. 2. Page 2 Student Intellectual Center (Palava Hut) Project The Student Intellectual Cen- grams marking the inaugura- 2011 and is expected to be ter Project was initiated by the tion of that leadership. Dur- completed in December, 2011. first democratically elected ing the launching ceremony, The construction is being car- student government of the the Cavalla Rubber Corpora- ried out by Family Construc- Tubman University under the tion made a pledge of purchas- tion Inc., a local construction leadership of Ms. Cora ing all the zinc required to company in Harper, Maryland Doryen. The purpose of the complete the building. Months County. The Palava Hut will intellectual center is to provide later, during her visit to have two offices, two wash a central gathering place for Harper in March 2011, the rooms and a gathering place students to get intellectually President of Liberia, H.E. for up to 1000 persons. engaged and also to provide Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf The total cost of the project isStudent Intellectual Center temporary shelter for the Stu- also made a donation of estimated at USD 12,004.00under construction dent Government Association. 10,000 USD towards the pro- and is under the supervision ject The project was launched on of DSCA/DSA and is moni- October 28, 2010 during pro- The construction began in July tored by Mr. George Kaicora. Scholarships Every year the William V. S. deserving students who en- Another important group of Tubman University awards a rolled in the College of Educa- scholarships at TU is the Need -based scholarships. The finan- number of Merit-based and tion each year. Recipients cial aid recipients may be stu- Need-based scholarships to must carry at least 15 credits dents who meet academic stan- deserving students to cover and agree to serve a two-year dards with a minimal GPA of partial or full tuition and fees. period in schools identified by 2.0 and from a family in poor financial position. Some Need- This is contingent upon the the Ministry in Maryland based scholarships at the Tub- Mrs. Viola Lassanah –Lincoln fulfillment of the eligibility County upon graduation, ac- man University are: Work- Director , Financial Aid criteria initiated by the scholar- cording to the Financial Aid Study, TU Board of Trustees ship donor and the Financial Director. Scholarship, Liberia Unity, Inc. Scholarship, Joetel Foun- Aid Committee. Selection is“There are many more Another important Merit- dation Financial Aid, etc. based on financial needs, thescholarships to be awarded based scholarship is the J.J. There are many more scholar- student academic achievement,at TU. Students can make Roberts Foundation Scholar- ships to be awarded at TU. and the criteria set by the do-inquiries about acquiring ship which is awarded to stu- Students can make inquiries nor. about acquiring scholarshipsscholarships from Mrs. dents at TU majoring in Agri- from Mrs. Viola-Lassanah-Viola-Lassanah-Lincoln, Primary among the list of culture, Education, Health Lincoln, Director of FinancialDirector of Financial Aid, Merit-based scholarships at TU Sciences, Technology & Engi- Aid, Division of StudentsDivision of Students is the Ministry of Education neering. This scholarship cov- Affairs.Affairs.” Scholarship. The Government ers tuition and fees. Recipients Contact the Division of Insti- of Liberia through the Minis- must carry at least 15 credits tutional Advancement to con- try of Education awards a and must maintain a GPA of tribute or make a scholarship. number of scholarships to 3.0 each semester.
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 3Tubman University Farm Project Rev. Joseph T. Theoway Farm ManagerRev. Theoway addressing Elders and Elders and Chiefs of Barrobbo Surveyors at the land siteChiefs of Barrobbo District District after Townhall meetingThe Tubman University Farm of Maryland County. Barrobo isProject is an initiative which is part the largest district in Maryland “The Farmof a vision of the William V. S. County in terms of land space. ItTubman University captured under has four(4) chiefdoms, eight (8) Management shallits business subsidiary styled and clans, three (3) county districts and endeavor to engageknown as the “ Auxiliary Enter- thirty three (33) towns. It has been and supportprise System” established for the established as an ideal site for partnership relationspurpose of mobilizing additional farming because it contains variousfinancial resources to supplement categories of vegetation including w i t h b o t hthe GOL annual budget appropria- secondary re-growths and primary governmental andtions. forests which indicates that the soil non-governmental still retains its qualities and fertility.The farm site is located on a corporations andstretch of five hundred (500) acres The enterprises and operations at organizationsof land in Glofarken, Barrobo, the farm will commence shortly participating indonated by the people of the Bar- with an initial budget estimated atrobo Statutory District. As an Ninety Thousand United States Agriculturalintegral part of the AES, the Uni- Dollars (USD 90,000.00) for FY Rev. Theoway demonstrates his development,versity farm will specifically be 2011/2012. At the moment, the ability as a true farmer. especially for jointengaged in Agro Business Enter- farm management is already inprise with a threefold objective: place: it comprises the Executive initiatives in the areas plots, rice fields and other food Director of the AES and the Farm crops. of cash/tree crops To serve as a revenue gener- Manager. (rubber, oil palm, ating initiative in support of According to Rev. Joseph T. The- the University. Modalities for the recruitment of oway, the Farm Manager, the farm etc.) cultivation and workforce needed to start land management shall endeavor to development” To support teaching, re- clearing began on the 31st of Oc- engage and support partnership search, learning and commu- tober 2011 after a two(2) day con- relations with both governmental nity service. sultative meetings with Chiefs and and non-governmental corpora- Elders of Barobbo Statutory Dis- tions and organizations participat- To share farming technolo- trict, in Glofarken, Barobbo. It ing in agricultural development, gies with the farmers of the has been proposed that 4/5 of the especially for joint initiatives in the Barobbo District. 500 acres will be developed into areas of cash/tree crops (rubber, tree crops and the remaining 1/5 oil palm, etc.) cultivation and de- will be strategically allotted to velopment”. accommodate living quarters, pas-The farm site is about fifty (50) ture fields for livestock, vegetablemiles from Harper, the capitol city
  4. 4. Page 4 Leadership Retreat No organization thrives without a dor Gerald Coleman, Dean of the sources Director, Kla Wilson, plan. In the third year of opera- College of Engineering and Tech- gave statistics on human capital at tions, a Leadership Retreat was nology laid the ground rules for TU, showing diversity in country held at the Cavalla Rubber Corpo- discussions and decorum. Rev. of origin. And that the institution ration on 22 October 2011. The Rita Townsend, Vice President for is still heavily male-dominated. focus of the Retreat was to plan the Division of Institutional Ad- Sr. Facilities Director Gloria Wil- for 2012. vancement propounded on TU’s liams gave a report of physical Attendees eagerly partici- pating core values and principles of op- structures and fleet management. Dr. Joe Isaac, Acting President, erations. Exec. Director shared aspirations called the Retreat a Performance on the AES program, (also fea- Scorecard, to assess institutional Presentations on performance tured in this edition). A spirited performance by divisions and followed. The Division of Aca- discussion followed the presenta- offices. In his opening remarks, demic Affairs, represented by Rev. tion by Ms. Faye Callejo and Mr. Dr. Isaac expressed sentiments on Dr. Coker A.J. George, Jr, Dean Lawrence Chappy on behalf of the President, Dr. Eliza- of the College of Agriculture and “Confidentiality Matters”. At the beth Davis-Russell. Her message Food Sciences, gave enrollment crux of the discussion was clarify- to the vice presidents, directors statistics by semester, gender, and ing essential institutional files and officers of TU, is her expecta- attrition. Enrollment is up, and verses right-to-know information. tion to live the core values of the tends to rise at the beginning of Mr. George Zinneh, Budget Ana- institution, and work together as the academic year, while attrition lyst, reminded us to be budget an efficient and effective team is down, and tends to be low in conscious. After lunch graciously with intolerance for corruption of the second semester. He also provided by CRC Management, any sort. As Acting president, Dr. spoke of the need for specialized- the Legislative Officer, Ms. Massa Isaac’s message focused on the faculty. Rev. Dr. Anthony Dioh, Clemens, led group sessions in management of people, processes, Vice President for Student Affairs determining a legislative agenda. and programs, to see where the gave student profiles by gender, by Weaving fun into the day was Ms. institution is going. Rev. Ambassa- County, age range. Human Re- Klubo Kesselly who gave prizes. Students Say-So “William V. S. Tubman Univer- ferred student, TU has a very the latter of which will be helpful sity is a vibrant institution with a strong and experienced Faculty. in enhancing discussions/ good and cool atmosphere for Instructors/Professors present interactions of academic, political learning. In spite of the fact that topics to the understanding of and social nature between andName: Ms. Elaine Z. Brooks the university is still in its infancy students, encourage participation among students of both TubmanSex: Female and may not be up to the stan- and respect the participatory view University and other universitiesCollege: Management & PAdm. dards of other universities ( in of every student. in Liberia.”Major: Banking & Finance population and social potential), itAmbition: Banker However, I would like to recom- is hoped that as times go by, TU will rise up to be the highest insti- mend to the university’s admini- stration to carry on more renova- tution of learning in Liberia by every standard. tion and construction of build- ings on the campus, like the engi- As compared to other universities, neering building and the Student from my experience as a trans- Intellectual Center (Palava Hut),
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 5Auxiliary Enterprise System (AES)The Auxiliary Enterprise System is Guest House, Office Build-the master plan to support the ings)creation of revenue to supplementthe Government of Liberia (GOL) 3. University Farm (Cash Crops, Livestock & Fishery)appropriations. It is the oversight Mr. Gbalee Grayunit to providing leadership and Executive Director, AES 4. Manufacturing (Raingear &directions for all university entre- Footwear)preneurial revenue generatingactivities. 5. Branch Banking (Retail Mr. Gbalee Gray addressing Elders & Banking Services w/ATM) Chiefs of Barrobbo Statutory District inSpecifically the AES three-year Glofarken, Barrobbo, Maryland County.master plan shall also provide 6. Copy Center (Office Sup-effect to the university’s ambitious plies, Copy, Print Fax) “At the Tubmangoals for revenue generation by: 7. University Pharmacy (A com- beds, deluxe king rooms with king University, we are size beds, deluxe double rooms Seeking investment opportu- ponent of the University with double beds, etc. very glad to nities for the creation of Clinic) capacity and sustainability. Our office buildings shall be con- encourage all well- The Tubman University through structed to meet international meaning Liberians to Promoting the university’s its revenue generating arm the standards-spacious and comfort- investment strategies for the AES has acquired twenty (20) able to reside. The beauty of the join us in achieving future. acres of land for use as its real offices is made very visible by the estate holdings. On this parcel of this goal. We are offspring of fine rubber trees and Enabling investments to land located on the route to the well-trimmed savannah grass. open to partnership improve the quality and old Episcopal High School of excellence of service. Bishop Ferguson, the University At the Tubman University, we are with all interested intends to build a guesthouse, very glad to encourage all well- Develop a mix of asset and hotel and an office building for individuals.” meaning Liberians to join us in infrastructure that responds commercial use. achieving this goal. We are open to the diverse needs of stu- to partnership with all interested dents, staff and greater com- When completed and fully fur- individuals. munity. nished, our facilities shall be the first of their kinds in in the city ofUnder the AES, there are specific Harper, Maryland County, andinitiatives identified and approved the entire Southeastern Region.by the President’s cabinet after Our preference shall be to alwaysserious deliberations. The cabinet create a satisfactory and pleasantbrilliantly approved seven (7) stra- atmosphere for our National andtegic initiatives which are to gener- International guests.ate revenue for the institution: In our hotel rooms, we envision to1. University Radio Station have traditional furnishings and (Commercially Driven Ra- luxurious bedding. Among the dio Station). guest rooms we shall have stan- dard double rooms with double2. Real Estate Holdings (Hotel,
  6. 6. Page 6 Student Clubs and Activities Schedules Students Capacity Building Workshop The Department of Student Clubs to conduct recurring leadership standing of their roles and respon- & Activities at the William V.S. and capacity building trainings for sibilities in the university commu- Tubman University, has a major student leaders in areas important nity in relations to those of the responsibility of ensuring a vi- to their needs and the university overall university administration. brant campus life that will attract community. They will also be able to employ students, encourage their partici- systematic thinking as a means of pation in student activities and “It is in view of these responsi- fostering the overall objectives of help cultivate an environment bilities that the department has the university and develop effi-Mr. J. Philip Augustus Theoway that enriches and supports holistic planned a two (2) day Capacity cient and effective models of com- Director student growth and development: Building Workshop for Student munication based on the proce- body, mind and spirit. Leaders on November 25 & 26, dures and channels provided by Students Clubs & Activities 2011, in the gallery of the Aca- the university. It is also expected The Department places emphasis demic Complex of TU beginning that student leaders will be able to at 10:00 a.m daily. view time budgeting and manage-“The Workshop is on building the capacity and lead- ership skills of students, giving ment as a fundamental and valu-intended basically to them a complete sense of citizen- The Workshop is intended basi- able leadership skill rather than ship and igniting in them a life- cally to provide and/or increase an absolute way of life and, willprovide and/or increase long drive for civic engagement, the knowledge and skills of 25 - develop basic skills in fundraising 30 student leaders in various and resource mobilization.the knowledge and community service and develop- clubs and organizations as well as ment.skills of 25 -30 student the SGA on how they can effec- Major facilitators of the workshop Considering how critical these tively and efficiently operate. It include, Dr. Joseph T. Isaac, Viceleaders in various clubs are, the department has adopted a also intends to help them define President for Administration, and meet their objectives in the Acting President and Professor,and organizations as strategic goal for the 2011/2012 University community, taking Rev. Rita Townsend, Vice Presi- academic year to “build the capac-well as the SGA on how ity of students and increase their into consideration current uni- dent for Institutional Advance- participation in student activities versity policies and procedures, ment & Associate Professor, Mr.they can effectively and at Tubman University”. principles of operation and core Abraham Kiazolu, Associate Pro- values.” fessor, Mrs. Viola Lassanah Lin-efficiently operate” coln, Director of Financial Aid Speaking to TU Times, the Direc- tor of Students Clubs and Activi- Mr. Theoway further stressed that and Adjunct Faculty, Mr. J. Philip ties, Mr. J. Philip Augustus The- at the end of the workshop, it is Augustus Theoway, Director of oway, said that a major objective expected that student leaders Student Clubs & Activities for the attainment of this goal is would have developed an under- amongst others. Department of Athletics & Recreation In an effort to strengthen the the Director of Athletics and The games will begin at 9:00 am soccer and basketball teams of Recreation, Mr. David Erskine with the College of Education the William V.S. Tubman Uni- said that each college will be taking on the College of Man- versity, and also to foster coher- represented by their respective agement in the day’s first match. ence and unity between and colors: White, green, blue, yel- Moreover, Tubman University among students of different col- low, pink, for the colleges of leges, the Department of Athlet- Management & Padm., Agricul- soccer and Basketball teams have invited the Ivorian Refugee ics and Recreation of the ture, Education, Technology and WVSTU has scheduled an inter- Health Sciences respectively. team from Little Wlebo and the Mr. David Hne Erskine Pakistani basketball team to college tournament for Saturday, Director November 19, 2011, from The faculty and staff of TU will participate in a friendly encoun- Athletics & Recreation also participate in the tourna- ter on November 29, 2011, in 9:00am—6:00 pm at the TU soc- cer pitch. ment with the designated color of commemoration of the Late red. Pres. William V.S. Tubman In an interview with TU Times, Birthday.
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 7 Poem Reflective Notes By Rev. Rita Townsend Be one to note One „man‟ one vote Determined by laws on the books If you care to take a look You‟ll see your right to vote; Our fragile democracy Our youthful populace Call for very sober thought That our vote was not for naught; Exercise freedom, your righteous mightBut remember yours should not snuff my light; Is that what you want Despite being warned? The good for us all Depends on our love One for another For our fathers and mothers For our sons and daughters; Love for our land Established by God‟s command Liberia lives Liberia is saved All hail Liberia hail!!
  8. 8. Transformation for Worthy Service William V.S. Tubman University History & Facts Chartered: 14 September 2009 Vision: TU aspires to be a center of quality and excellence Mission: Provide quality educational experiences that transform the lives of individuals for worthy service  6 Colleges:  Agriculture & Food Sciences  Arts & Sciences  Education  Engineering &Technology We’re on the web!  Health Sciences www.tubmanu.edu.lr  Management & Public AdministrationUpcoming Events:  Capacity Building Workshop for Student Leaders TU Times Newsletter  Students Clubs & Activities Strategic Planning For inquiries please contact: Seminar Division for Institutional Advancement  Mr. & Miss TU Beauty Pageant  Night of a Thousand Laughs William V. S. Tubman University  First Round of CPR Classes Email: publicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr awreh@tubmanu.edu.lr  Seminars with PakMed Level II Hospital Don‟t Miss out on these events!! Disclaimer!! TU Times is a monthly Newsletter from the Division of Institutional Advancement of the William V. S. Tubman University. If you wish to discontinue receiving emailed copies of this Newsletter, please email to: publicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr or awreh@tubmanu.edu.lr